We offer fancy surface finishes such as leathered and honed, as well as numerous edge styles. As we often say, “there is no artist like mother nature”. For the past few years, the color pallet of the kitchen has turned to mostly white and gray. I wanted to share one of the homes that we’ve installed the natural marble in- and yes this is in the kitchen! It was hand selected and shipped to our store. And they got just that- the finished project looks absolutely stunning.I love the open space and how the light colors make the seasonal decorations easier to match and standout. Snow-white marble tile floor, was cut in our shop to custom size and was installed in herringbone pattern. Mitred waterfall edges going all the way to the floor on both sides. However, like most materials, excessive force and/or pressure from objects can damage the surface. YouÂ’ll never need to use any sealer or wax, maintenance is virtually care-free. However, any stone material can potentially be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes, especially near the edges. Modern Marble Flooring Design.Granite & Tiles Floor Design India

FlooringSpecialist ##RamContracting Modern floor Design. We fabricated and installed the countertops. While it was a fairly large space, the layout was cramped and awkward. The cherry accents nod to wood flooring in other parts of the house. The kitchenÂ’s central island became the hub for food prep, cooking and hanging out. We dropped a soffit over the island to better define the space. The amazing granite countertop inspired all of our other material selections. They allowed us to be code compliant and not mar the islandÂ’s cherry bases with electrical outlets. These amazing pendants reference the countertop material and have a hip 60Â’s vibe. It took a heroic effort to get it into the space in one piece. We modernized the fireplace, using the same textured tile as the kitchen backsplash with a custom cabinet above the wet bar. A big and heartfelt thank you to our clients who pushed us to be creative for them. That is such a great gift and so deeply appreciated”. Classic natural stone that will last you a lifetime. Every detail of the house was thought out and the end result is spectacular. Kitchen countertops fabricated out of quartz material, flat polish edge. The round top countertop is all natural onyx- which is a translucent material allowing light to go through it, has builtup mitred edge and is lit-up on all sides, gives a beautiful glow. The inside lower bar is out of natural stone- granite (which you can barely see). The mitred edges are clean with very tight seams. The flexibility of this material allows for a curve of the bar be from a single sheet, creating a seamless, timeless look. This bar is a bold and dynamic statement in the room- second to the collection car ofcoarse. It was a very happy moment for all of us, we enjoy working on large and challenging projects. We have built a reputation for excellence in quality, customer services and reliability. Our in-stock slabs are available to view online. Come check it out and enjoy a cold beer and maybe some great food.

We work with all natural stone and man made quartz. We both came from the background of the business working for other companies and decided to team up and start our own business together so we could provide a better service and better quality. So if your looking for quality and exceptional service than give us a call. And since my dad was a brick and stone mason it was ground into me that working hard will get you far in life. I got the chance to tour their stockyard, worked with them to pick out a sink and faucet, and had them complete the stone edges to my liking. Great customer service from the beginning to the very end. Josh(the installer) and his crew were great to work with and did a great job. In the end my kitchen wasn’t finished, and we are having to go elsewhere. I would warn anyone from using this company. Once we got into fabricating the top we had a question about the details of her top. So we proceeded to fabricate and install the bar top and other tops. The customer wanted us to replace the top because she didn’t like the way it turned out even though we gave here what she asked for. We offered to split the cost with her father, but he refused and he refused to pay the balance of the work we completed. The bottom line is we can’t read peoples minds and if a person doesn’t know the difference between an edge versus a corner how can we be held responsible.

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We offer fancy surface finishes such as leathered and honed, as well as numerous edge styles. As we often say, “there is no artist like mother nature”. For the past few years, the color pallet of the kitchen has turned to mostly white and gray. I wanted to share one of...