Our materials include granite, quartz, marble and limestone. We cater for all types of projects, both residential and commercial, including new-build and existing buildings, houses and apartments.

Installing a new granite or quartz worktop, upstand, window board and hob panel is a great way to create a new look in your kitchen. When replacing your worktop, there are a number of aspects to consider. We also only buy our slabs in sequential order, which ensures they have been cut out of the ground and processed side-by-side, ensuring the best possible consistency as we move from one slab to the next. In addition, all our worktops are sealed with the most advanced sealants on the market, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 15 years.We would always recommend customers to look at stone samples in person, as colour cards and internet samples don’t always capture the complete spectrum of colour in each stone. This ensures an absolutely perfect cut-out, as determined by the sink manufacturer. We can overhang the stone over the edge of the sink, keep it flush with the sink edge or recess it back from the edge of the sink, depending on our customer’s requirements.

This means that unlike some other methods which leave small grainy lines, our flute lines are perfectly profiled and polished to the same level of polish as the worktop surface. The advantage is that water is contained within this area, preventing spillage to other areas of the worktop. A full recess involves dropping the sink and drainage area, while a half recess drops only the drainage area.

Granite Worktop Installation Guide

Granite worktop Installation guide.

With modern day paints now catering for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms, there is no need to tile once the upstand is installed. The standard upstand height is 100mm (4 inches), however we can custom cut your upstand to the required height, from 20mm all the way up to full wall cladding with socket/switch cut-outs.

Upstand can also be profiled, shown is a simple but effective quadrant removed from the end of 100mm upstand. This can be done in either 20mm/30mm stone to match your upstand, or it can be fully profiled to match your worktop. By “thick,” that means that this is not film printed with the image of granite. Engineered stone , natural granite, and concrete. Concrete is not a big market for overlays, but there are currently one or two that offer this.

That is one of the attractive qualities about mini-slabs.

The idea behind mini-slab overlays is to fully cover the depth of your counter (front to back measurement), minimizing seams.

The two tricky spots are around the sink and at the corner. As for the sink, you can buy sink kits of pre-cut stone, so that you only need to install the stone and set the sink in place with no cutting involved. Corners can be approached in at least two ways.

You can lay a two perpendicular slabs and fill in the square with a like-size slab of granite (see photo). By default, the front edge should be flat and polished. If you prefer an overhang (apron), it’s possible to purchase slabs with an apron attached, or you can purchase extra-deep slabs and cut off the back inch and reattach as an apron to the front. The missing rear inch is filled in with similar material backsplash . The first—and most obvious answer—is to plan well. Make sure you are dealing with full slabs as much as possible. Second is to eliminate lippage when installing. Lippage is a vertical difference between two slabs.

This is because the distinctive patterning on one side will not be matched on the other side of the seam. They also say that colors like dead black or other uniform colors will show seams.

Recommended is “something like mint brown granite” or other stone that has a consistent grain. After awhile, though, homeowners do not notice seams so much.

What Are Granite Counter Overlays

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Many of the overlay companies we surveyed charged as much for shipping as they did for the product. Overlays are less expensive than conventional engineered stone or quartz countertops if only because they yield to do-it-yourself installation. Their ordering system is top-notch, and they are one of the very few companies that gives you an on-line estimate of product and shipping costs.

Our beautifully polished quartz work surfaces fit over and around your existing worktops or can be specified on a new installation using a sub frame. Nothing comes close to the fantastic quality and stunning looks of our quartz work surfaces.

Because our work surfaces are so light weight, they can be used in ways and places granite never could. You can match them to floors & walls in any room and can used as splash backs, upstands and shower walls.

The real beauty is not just their amazing appearance and practicality but the ease of installation. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay, no hidden extras.

Our fitter/s will arrive, disconnect and remove any sinks & hobs, install your new worktops, reconnect and test the services.

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, it is also one of the toughest. For this reason it ranks as one of the toughest stone worktops on the market. Based on this scale only diamonds, sapphires and topaz are tougher, making quartz a highly scratch resistant surface! How does granite compare to our overlay worktops? Slab granite is obviously a completely natural product from the earth. It’s extremely beautiful but unfortunately it does come with faults and imperfections that, at best can harbour bacteria and at worst crack or chip. Do my new quartz worktops need regular maintenance? No, due to the fact its non porous, unlike granite and marble it doesn’t need routine sealing or maintenance. Our surfaces are ideal for commercial work due to being light weight and the ease of transportation as opposed to using solid slabs of granite or marble.

Granite Cladding For Counters

No, we’ll install our surfaces over and around your existing worktops.

Cutting new holes for sinks, taps & hobs.

No problem, we will fabricate complete worktops bonded to a waterproof sub frame, offering various front edge thicknesses.

We’re so confident in our worktops, every install comes with a 10 year warranty! What other applications can our surfaces be used in? You don’t remove your current countertops and it goes right in. In the early 90’s, when granite was brand new, there were only literally 1 to 5 granite countertop factories in a major city. Because there were so few people doing it, they were backlogged. They would take off people’s countertops, leave them literally without a kitchen sink, and use the countertops for six to eight weeks, then come back in and install them. They’re just doing two days in the shop, one day install, and all this lag in between due to backlog. It had to be thinner because you can’t put the same thickness of three centimeters and carry it over.It’s just too heavy, you can’t even carry it in. A quarry uses the finest looking granite and they’d use three centimeters.

Never mind the structural capabilities of the two centimeters material. Well, the response to this new idea kind of dominated for awhile was very popular. As it gets towards 2000, they were going to adjust to making real, actual granite countertops, and they did. It took awhile to really perfect it but, by the time they got to me, that’s the only way people do it these days, unless you do new cabinets.

How To Cut Granite Countertops

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My family and other granite companies knows how to do it, which is you have to work with people’s existing countertops.

We do a lot of adjustments in the install and are very good at what we do to make it work. One or two days of you without your kitchen or without use, not the lag in between. Because there are 150 companies, there are only four to six weeks backlog. And we’re always just two to three weeks because we keep a nice, steady flow, but not too much work coming in to where we’re just too busy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit nicer. So you kind of add everything together, lower quality material, thinner, and you still don’t save any time or money. If not, you can still ask me on the phone anything you like about more detail on the subject. Thanks again for watching and have a fantastic day! The veneers come with a lifetime limited warranty on the material, compared to granite warranties which are hard to find. It takes the professional team hours, not days or weeks, to install your new countertops.

Fabricating professional measures your space and based on these measurements, a project estimate is provided. Please note, installation in hours but order entry to installation takes a minimum of 10 days.Granite is an ideal choice for a kitchen countertop, its timeless beauty and durability will add elegance and value to your home. There are hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from in the granite range. There’s a radio ad on my local station for a company that will “clad” your kitchen counter and make it look just like a solid granite counter – for 1/4 the price of granite. It was a liquidy paste they spread over the existing counter top. The edges could be faced with the same 2cm and look like a thicker slab. We were worried that 3cm granite slabs would be too heavy for our old house and, in our rural area 3cm slabs were too expensive for us.

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Our materials include granite, quartz, marble and limestone. We cater for all types of projects, both residential and commercial, including new-build and existing buildings, houses and apartments. Installing a new granite or quartz worktop, upstand, window board and hob panel is a great way to create a new look in...