I would recommend this color for guys who wants to go fast. White car paint hides dirt and grime very well overall.

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White car paint still remains the most popular car color. Just like in the fashion world, white makes things look larger as opposed to the slimming and reducing color of black. Most forgiving with heat/temperature factors.

Easy on heat build-up from suns lighting.In fact, all the colors of this vehicle are pretty good and it is just a very subjective choice. White : reflects large amount of heat leaving the metal body at temperature pretty high compared to black, at least it doesn’t allow much heat to penetrate in. I own white baleno, honestly in my choice granite gray is better looks premium like luxury car. I bought white because in case of any scratch it is easier and cheaper to repair white as matching colour and shine of granite gray is going to cost more every time parts would have to be removed and repainted in case of white it can be done when parts are intact ( only in case of minor scratches only ) so choice is really yours both look good either way as you like. White will need more maintainence, especially in the monsoons.

So go for it if you’ve a dedicated cleaner or you like cleaning.

Baleno Granite Grey | The Best Hatchback In India

Maruti Suzuki Premium Hatchback Maruti Baleno Delta Granite Gray | the best Hatchback in India.

Is the color gray closer to the color black or white? Which is best color for baleno white or silver? A sub-4m sedan or a premium hatchback – which is a better choice for you? I was always comfortable riding a bike rather than driving a car. I do not drive the car daily and the monthly run on average would not be more than 1000kms.

I went about the used car market to check out the options.

The car was neatly maintained and had a very comfortable drive. The interiors were very neatly maintained and there were no known defects in the car. The interior quality was unmatched in the segment. Lack of availability for a car which had been used for around 20-25k kms.

Price was pretty high in the used car market for a 2013 vehicle. The i10 lacked the basic safety features.

And without even looking in the market for these cars, they were struck off the list. I did not want to end up buying a used car which would later turn out to be a lemon. I went about checking the options available in the market. Low end torque in the city had a bit of lag. Driver armrest, sunglasses holder, amazing interiors and what not. I wanted to check this out and took a good long test drive in traffic and open roads.

The steering felt lifeless and the car felt very sluggish even though it was a test car that had run around 3000kms.

The features were top notch, interior quality was exceptionally good and comparable to cars one segment above atleast. Safety features only available in the top end variant. The feature list was long to make sure the car would be high on the shortlist. But then again, the big miss was the absence of airbags except for the top variant. The seats were not too comfortable and the drive left a lot to be desired.

which best color maruti whitbaleno granite grey th 1

The engine felt very sluggish and the interiors had absolutely nothing to talk about. Within a couple of days, this was out of the list as well. The wafer thin front seats did not have any support. They had to price it right for me to go for the car. This could probably be because the number of people in the showroom was less than what it is now. There was a swift parked near it and there was a quick comparison done. Even though the headlights looked similar, there was quite a lot of difference and this car stood out because of its width. The rising lines highlighted by the silver accents made the first impressions pretty good. The next thing which caught my eyes was the blue lit console. It is lit even without the headlights switched on and looks even more amazing at night. I took to the wheel and was pretty impressed with the initial pick up of the car. There was absolutely no engine noise while the car was idling even though it came without the engine cover. I came back to the showroom satisfied with the initial impression of the car. Here is the break-up of the price for the car. The car has an amazing road presence because of the width. No doubt it looks similar to the swift but the frontal view gives it a big car look 2. At close to 7 lakhs on-road, this car felt the most value for money. Though the earlier i20 had this, the one in this car definitely stands out. I would not call the quality of interiors as premium.

My First Car

Though the space is good, there should have been more support at the rear. I left office and reached directly to the showroom while my family came from home. There were a couple of instances when customers barged out of the doors because there was not a single person who attended to them even after repeated requests.

I like the overall looks of the car from front. Notice how the bonnet line meets the drill. The side profile is where the car actually looks big for a hatchback. Also, large windows and the rear quarter glass add to the feeling of a big car. The rear spoiler which extends from the top looks nicely integrated along with the high mounted stop light. Because of the rake of the hatch glass, you cannot see the spray that is neatly hidden from view. The front seats offer good support overall. A very comfortable place to be inside the car.Notice the absence of the height adjustable seat. The position of the bluetooth buttons might not be for everyone’s convenience but we get used to it. The blue lit console is always on while the ignition is switched on. Looks amazing while on the move and absolutely stunning by night. The arc on the top adds a bit more class to it. Easily one of the better looking consoles in the market at this price point.

Baleno Delta Delivery Granite Gray

Maruti Suzuki Premium Hatchback.

I expect it to reach 16kmpl and give me an average of around 17-18kmpl overall. Two individual map lights up front provide good amount of light to the occupants.

The other light is at the center of the roof and has a theater dimming effect. The division between the storage area on the front of the gear lever can be removed to accommodate large items.

And used as a bottle holder to hold two one litre bottles when required. Another storage cubicle right above the bonnet release lever. A smartphone is not welcome here since the depth is not too much. Reversing becomes a little difficult with the rake angle of the hatch glass.

Parking sensors can be disabled (not recommended). Vanity mirror without any lights only for the passenger side. The driver side sun shade gets a ticket holder. Coat hanger only available on the rear right side. I would have preferred them to be silver finished.That would have looked much better on the doors.

There is only one button which is back lit. I believe the knob to change folders and volume control should have been interchanged. Makes sense putting it in closer to driver considering that the other buttons are available on the steering. Showing the minimum and maximum leg room for the rear seat occupants.

Yes, the under thigh support is not adequate. May be a good seat cover work can make it better. The driver seat pushed to my preference (5’10”). Lap belt for the 3rd occupant in the rear seat. Wonder when the budget manufacturers will come up with 3 point seat belts for the middle passenger as well. Parcel tray moves as you open/close the hatch. Is it to access the fuel tank from inside? Fuel tank lid has a space to hold the knob. The car would probably be used for traveling to work just about twice a week and the regular weekend runs.

Most of the below details might already have been covered along with the pictures.

But put both of them facing each other and the differences start to be visible. The angle of the windscreen and the rear hatch make the car look very sharp. The 185 section tires look good but the 195 on the top variant complete the car. The tires have wheel caps with their wheel nuts attached to the wheel cap.


I did not have to go for an after market accessory which would have not provided me the body colored sensors.

The sharply raked rear window looks good and has the spoiler on top of it. The size of the steering wheel is just perfect. The toggle buttons are easy to operate and the display is visible even in bright sunlight. The blue light is just perfect with an arc running on the top. All 4 doors have proper bottle holders with space left for other oddities.

The glovebox though small is good enough to hold the required documents.

There are 2 cup holders ahead of the gear lever along with another compartment enough to hold a smartphone. There is another cubby hole above the bonnet opening lever where keys and coins can be accommodated. I wont have tall adults sitting in the rear most of the time. It could not even hold a smart phone there. The boot is nicely spaced and though high works well for me. Yes, the doors are actually a little more thin than the other cars.

The doors need be closed firmly to ensure that they are closed and not half open. The hatch door though seems to be pretty sturdy. The bonnet also feels a little bit on the lighter side. The paint quality is as expected across the segment. Also, my brother who is 6 feet tall could not adjust the mirror any higher to have a proper view of the rear from inside. The rear headrests do reduce the visibility along with the angled rear windscreen. They somehow lack in the sound quality of the ones that are available in the market. Helps in saving the compressor as well when the required temperatures are reached thereby saving fuel. There is no lack of torque even at lower rpm’s and it has been a delight driving the car in the stop go traffic in the city. The engine feels eager to build up speed. I can operate it with just a single finger at times when moving from 2nd to 3rd and then to 4th. The car can comfortably cruise at 100kmph in 5th gear at less than 2500 rpm. The braking is predictable and the 185 section tires hold well on the road.Makes the braking much more confidence inspiring. I think the 195 section tires would have much better grip on the road. This car has a lower center of gravity which gives it an advantage in the handling department. The steering is well weighted as well giving a sense of confidence while moving around in the city. The suspension absorbs the small to medium pot holes with ease and the 170mm of ground clearance is sufficient for the regular city driving. All 4 power windows with auto up-down for the driver side window 2. I believe that the car is as safe as the person who drives it. But just in case of an unfortunate event, the safety features are required in a car. This along with the rear defogger and wiper has made this car a safe pick. Maruti claims to have put in high tensile strength material to give it a rigid structure. But cant comment on this unless the safety ratings are out in the open. Any other car could have also met a similar fate. The showroom manager had just one question to the customer, have you seen this report on any site (like regional news, daily news etc) other than automobile related sites.

The store manager believed it could be done by someone to malign the company. The wide network is always a helpful thing. They called me back once again a day before the service date and arranged for a driver who promptly reached home on time to pick up the vehicle. The general check-up was done at the service center and the car returned home at the time mentioned in the morning. It came in 3 pieces (one each for the front seats and a long one for the rear seat). Someone please produce one which can be fit in without any drilling!! The width of the car takes some time getting used to. The wiper in front of the driver must be raised first while cleaning. If the other one is raised first, it cant be raised without bending. I need to see how the gear shift indicator works.

Difficult to access without any lights in the area. And adds on to the beauty as night falls.

The volume settings for each source is different in the music system. The button to receive/make a call using the steering mounted control is a little more thicker than the other two buttons.

Makes sure that you keep your eyes on the road and not look down if you need to take a call. Like the option to press the unlock button twice to unlock the doors (this can be done for each door individually) etc. There is an empty slot in the boot where the higher end variants get a boot light. The mirror glasses are thin and do not allow much protection from the harsh sun. All these making sure that the cost of the car was kept below the competition.The recommended air pressure in all the wheels is 29psi. I checked during the first fill up after the delivery, and it was around 42-44psi. But the first few days that the car made its way to my office, it was the center of attraction for everyone. Your review gave a lot of insight to the car. On the higher trims it would be possible to keep your seats even lower. You have made an excellent choice among the options you considered.

I would recommend this color for guys who wants to go fast. White car paint hides dirt and grime very well overall. White car paint still remains the most popular car color. Just like in the fashion world, white makes things look larger as opposed to the slimming and reducing...