I may be misunderstanding your post, not being a contractor but only a homeowner. We have had extensive work done on both bathrooms in phases over time, as the funds were available, and it was always our contractors’ responsibility that the joists, framing, and greenboard/concreteboard were properly installed. It is not an obvious sheen; it does not look plastic-y and blends very well w/ our tile. I have heard of plumbers mistakenly blocking weep holes with plumbers putty because they did not understand what they were for.

Humans simply cannot manufacture anything that matches what nature creates and trying to fake it just looks cheap. Know what kind of shampoo nook(s) you will want, and if you want trim around the outer edge. We are looking to put travertine walls with frameless shower doors.

Cultured Materials Marble

cuitured materiais marbie

I have read all (most) of your posts comparing cultured marble with other materials and am happy that it will be durable enough. Are you not worried you would stain the white grout of your subway tiles? We don’t even bother squeegeeing the shower any longer; just spray with cleaner to dissolve any soap scum. The tray needs to have a flange where the wall material is suspended over the edge of the tray, to ensure that water goes onto the tray.

What Material Is Cultured Marble

It comes in many color variations and patterns with a matte finish.

You can also clad bathroom shower walls with either product to create decorative cohesion. Should the material become scratched or broken, solid surface can, in most cases, be repaired quickly by a certified solid surface repair company or trained fabricator. They said they had done them and then told me how it had to be 3-1/2 inches deeper than the floor with center drain, so we had the foundation poured to meet that requirement. I’d use cultured granite before onyx or marble; neither of the latter two would look very good against real travertine. Buy the top you want; alterations to plumbing are fairly simple and inexpensive if you do it yourself. I have an old steel/fiberglass shower set that is horrid and want to replace it. In other words, our shower dimensions are ~3′ x 6′, but the base is only 54″ long, w/ the bench taking up the remaining length. That means that water can easily flow between the tray and the wall, down into the waterproof area under the tray. With the extra space we were going to frame in a bench and have a slab of material cut for the bench top. You also caulk the joint between the floor and the pan, so the shower pan is surrounded by caulk. The fabricator tells me no staining, he doesn’t know of one cracking as long as they are installed properly, and that if the water temperature is not set too high there is no crazing. I also suspect onyx collection pricing has gone up a bit in the last 2 years.

Yes, real requires more maintenance, but they hold up equally well and there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to the beauty of the product. Learning the differences between them can help you make the correct decision for your bathroom. Ease of installation, product performance, maintenance, or maybe even experience with the company? Having a tiling flange built into the edges of the pan is good too. Also, if using door, any reason not to do low profile curb? Onyx solid surface has a gel coat on top, similar to cultured marble having a gel coat on top. Acrylic-modified polyester solid surface can be mixed one sheet at a time using different formulations, effects and appearances. Also appealing, is the wide range of colors and textures, as well as the ability to custom-color the material for large projects. Planning for an installation project in a kitchen, bathroom, or commercial environment? Solid surfaces are synthetic surfaces manufactured from polymeric materials. I do agree on durability of the manmade stuff and the ease of cleaning over the real thing. I have been looking to purchase a custom cast iron shower pan 48×48 but can’t seem to locate anyone to make it. A cultured marble sink is usually integral to the counter tops with which it is installed; the counter and the sink are usually cast as one piece. Supposedly, the resin they make it out of is pretty standard, so all the companies are pretty much the same. I trust the type of system where the wall material is clearly over the edge of the shower pan and all the water goes down the drain. Because you haven’t seen it completely finished and used it yet? Wet clay is cast in a mold, glazed and fired to high temperatures, which produces a hard, durable product. Cultured marble is made from a mixture of marble dust, pigments and resins. The tub was green; we had it painted (refinished, but it’s just polyurethane paint). We also have a wide range of accessories and edge treatments to complement your bathroom.

Both materials have many attributes that make them a good fit for many bathrooms. Two frequently used materials for bathroom sinks are cultured marble and porcelain, or vitreous china. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including ovals, circles, squares, rectangles and fluted shapes.

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Cultured marble and solid-surface vanity tops are similar products. The color and pattern are uniform throughout the countertop. You can purchase shower pans and bathtubs in solid-surface materials to match your vanity top, but not with cultured marble. Cultured marble offers savings over solid-surface products when you plan to do the work yourself, but you have more color and pattern choices with solid-surface materials.

Nancy, is yours going into a concrete slab foundation or wood foundation? Therefore a bathmat is necessary in the tub, but not so in our shower. I have my natural color now (dirty blonde) but would like to go light brown eventually. The joint between the wall and pan is caulked, but the caulk is kind of below and behind the tile or wall panel, not sitting out in plain view all around the shower pan. The shower base is then installed tight up to the wall tile and a single bead of caulk is your method of directing the shower water from the walls, across the change of plane, to the shower pan.

My father helped develop the cultured onyx look back in the late 1970’s. We are beginning to reroute plumbing as we are changing the layout of the bathroom and the hubby needs to know this before we get too far into this step. I like the sheen better than the flat look of the solid surface materials.

Like any product that contains natural materials such as tile, cultured marble may exhibit subtle variations in shade and color from piece to piece. These variations give a unique look and add character to each product. Integral backsplashes can also be created that follow the contours of the wall “seamlessly” and without gaps. But unlike solid-surface products, cultured marble comes with a high-glossy finish unless you opt for the matte finish.

Cultured marble offers durability, resistance to stains, chipping and abrasion.

Natural surfaces are composed of naturally occurring materials like wood, stone, mineral, clay, gum and resin. Synthetic surfaces contain, in addition to any natural materials, man-made substances such as metal alloys or polymers. With your solid-surface countertop, you can include a molded sink and backsplash, if desired. I will measure the water temperature tomorrow morning and see how hot my showers are. I am so over the cracked and stained cream creation that we inherited when we bought the house. Now the company says they can’t make ours completely flush with the floor, that there will have to be a curb, just not really high. I can see how this makes sense, in a way, but they do not make it 36″ deep! You are not recommended to cut the marble top as this voids the warranty. After the product is removed from the mold, it is trimmed and polished to a deep, mellow sheen. Marble has been valued by eons by artists and artisans alike, for its elegance and its durability. Pairing a cultured marble sink with a cultured marble shower surround or shower tray can create a unified style in a bathroom. But the guy told her they’d have to remove her vanity if the dryrot extended under it.

The instructions say how to shim pan to level, nail shims to floor and remove pan, lay mortar to top of shims, and then reset pan. You treat the substrate and lower walls with a waterproofing paint-on product, then install your wall tile right down to the floor. I am pretty sure there is rot under the existing tub, so some of the existing floor joists may have to be re-done. We also are looking at some new windows and will be replacing the bathroom window in the reno.

That means that the lowest point is where it meets the floor. Anyway, this installation shows you use a caulk bead, regardless of the installation, above, semi recessed or fully recessed. Depending on their installation and on whether or not they were custom painted, some porcelain sinks may be easier to care for than others.

Cultured marble products enhance the beauty of your bath by giving the appearance of natural marble.

The recipe is varied to produce a broad range of unique colors, patterns and shapes. Many colors and patterns are available, including subtle and bold marbling patterns. Is that a little too tight for two shower heads on opposite walls of a 3 wall alcove? It cleans up wonderfully, but is not slick, thanks to the textured floor.

From the picture, it looks like your base will be level with the tile floor? Some have a tiling flange that is a piece of aluminum siliconed onto the edge. The custom size pans are just sheet material that’s bonded and caulked to the side pieces, with a waterproof flexible liner underneath. We are redoing a master bath, sooner than we had anticipated. We may have to shave some depth off the floor joists for this shower pan, and will have to reinforce the joists to do that. The wall material may or may not be waterproofed, depending on the material used on top of it. When they don’t, informed consumers who know how a shower should be built don’t have the information they need. A stain-resistant, but durable product, solid-surface vanity tops are less expensive than granite, marble or quartz, but more expensive than tile or cultured marble. Overall, solid-surface products cost more to buy and install as compared to cultured marble. Our current configuration is 7″ of counter top, 17″ basin, 25″ counter top, 17″ basin, 7″ counter top. Both can have the surface renewed on site if anything ever mars it because there is no surface treatment. Look at a copy of their floor plans if they have one available.

This coating is generally an adhesive plastic sheet with a slightly nubby surface. The shower enclosure and surround walls are also silicon-caulked to it. The type of filler makes no difference in durability, wear or care. We have just finished up rerouting the toilet flange, rerouting all the drains, rerouting the copper, rerouting the hvac and are just now putting back the subfloor. We were able to make a standard base work by adding a granite-topped bench at the end of the shower, thus reducing the length the base needed to be. The sales guy showed that all pans are 1″ thick so sure seems durable.

For interior spaces, surfaces include solid coverings or decking for floors or walls, and countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces.

Surface fabrication, as a distinct professional enterprise, usually involves complex tasks of surface shaping. For all but the simplest jobs, surface fabrication usually takes place in the workshop, after which the finished product is assembled and installed at the work site. That means that the place where the pan sits (it would be the pre-slope if it were a tile shower) must be sloped correctly so that any moisture flows to the drain. I spoke w/ two different guys by phone, and they were both very helpful. I wanted to ask raehelen where di she find her cultured marble for her shower. A blend of polyester resins with natural marble fillers and any one of a range of pigments is poured into a clear gel coated old. No abrasive scouring powder or pad that could cause grooves in top. Ours is just under 60″ (in calculating for a 60″ long shower we forgot the tile on both ends takes up about an 1″ in total! Now on to lighting decisions, moving electrical, installing a subpanel to accommodate the heated floor, etc. We have to stick with a tub/shower set because it is in the bedroom that would be for kids if someone had them, and we will want to sell this place eventually.

They are glued to the walls and caulked at the corner seams with silicon. Because of a pesky floor joist the drain will be off center. I can’t do the work myself and we can only afford to do it once! Swan makes one with a trench drain at the front edge, but it is 34″ deep at most. Porcelain” is the name of clay-based products, including sinks, that may include vitreous china, ceramic and fire clay products. They receive a lot of use on a daily basis, and their style and material can help complement the rest of the bathroom’s features.

Cultured marble, cultured granite, and cultured onyx describe solid surfaces colored to resemble natural stone.

Because scratches in solid surface appear white to the human eye, most dark colors are not recommended for high use areas. But both cultured marble and solid-surface vanity tops consist of non-porous materials that help them resist staining. I am a long time lurker in these forums and want to thank everyone who contributes of their time and knowledge. What is a reasonable cost for onyx collection shower base plus walls and two wash basins with cabinets including installation? I wanted to tell you about our situation with cultured marble panels and floor in existing house. Those that are mounted above the counter have a rim that may collect debris.

Use a local manufacturer for better service, install and warranty work. There is no way that water can go anywhere but into the shower pan with this set-up. I may go back to the fabricator and see what grey colors he has available. I’m redoing our tile shower (the floor pan failed) with a solid base. But we just can figure out how to lift the pan into place on the mortar, because there’s no place to stand, and the pan weighs 100 pounds.

Cultured Materials Onyx

cultured materials onyx

Wife worried about enamel chipping if we drop a razor, and thinks cast iron will be too long to heat up. Three sides are tiled, and we have a glass wall/door on one of the 6′ long sides).

They also told me it will only leak if the caulk develops a crack and those are easy to see because the caulk they use doesn’t mildew and the cracks show as a black mark. Cultured marble is manufactured from a porous blend of resin, natural pigments and natural mineral fillers that is placed into open molds sprayed with a clear gel coat. When it comes to installation, cultured marble vanity tops are made for homeowner installation; whereas, solid-surface countertops require trained professionals to install the product. Many wind up removed from demoed buildings and repurposed in new. You will find out that marble is a natural stone, not manufactured. Undermounted porcelain sinks have the least amount of maintenance and can be cleaned with a bathroom cleaner.

Cultured marble sinks and counters create a unified, sleek appearance and require simple care. There are marble architectural pieces such as fireplace surrounds, cornices, moldings, that are hundreds of years old and simply getting better with age. Pringlehav, like anything, that will depend on the size of your shower and the color you chose. I’m inserting a link to the search but don’t know if it’ll work. It doesn’t say “roll-in” or “curbless” on it anywhere, but it doesn’t have materials for a curb or threshold either. Most all manufacturers can color match another companies color. I would certainly think that 70″ is plenty long enough for two opposing showerheads. It’s more substantial than fiberglass or acrylic shower stalls and less expensive than tile.

This makes me want to start taking showers in the back yard. The sink can be dropped in and mounted under a counter or above a counter as a vessel sink. Material used in cultured marble tops is powder marble resin compound. In our research, cultured marble would be less expensive but only in the light, marblish colors. That is a little less than a standard size 37″ (94cm) vanity top. With the standard size pans, you get a one piece water reservoir, so there’s no seams to leak. I like look and feel of cast iron, but don’t like when the textured stuff turns brown.

Sandpaper, gel coats and car wax each can be used to buff affected areas and restore a sink’s surface to its original finish. A cultured marble sink has no rim in which debris can be caught, and the entire surface can be cleaned with any non-abrasive bathroom cleaner. This smooth, solid surface material is poured into molds to form sinks, counters and shower surrounds. We would have done cast iron if not for the non-slip cleaning problem. Their site could be more informative about a lot of things, such as what they are made of, how they are installed and integrate with the walls, and so on. We are going to install it ourselves, but can’t figure out how to set it in the mortar bed without smearing the mortar all over when lowering the pan onto the mortar. For daily care, use a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap. I don’t know why your estimator wanted to remove your vanity. Does anyone know if the non custom tops have standard dimensions?

Each product is individually cast and contains natural materials including marble. Your cultured marble product will be slightly varied to be uniquely yours.

Shower pans and bathtubs can be made from solid-surface materials for an integrated look. But if you damage a solid-surface countertop, you can make small surface repairs to stains and scratches by sanding, which you cannot do to a cultured marble vanity top. Solid surface is a non-porous low-maintenance material used for surfaces such as countertops.genaMarble Images
I may be misunderstanding your post, not being a contractor but only a homeowner. We have had extensive work done on both bathrooms in phases over time, as the funds were available, and it was always our contractors’ responsibility that the joists, framing, and greenboard/concreteboard were properly installed. It...