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Honed Calacatta Marble Countertop Contemporary Kitchen

honed caiacatta marbie countertop contemporary kitchen

But luckily, countertops can be refinished, and the fabricator thinks he can try for a tighter cut on the sink edges. We’re going with honed marble rather than polished, as it’s what we’ve seen and loved at bars and restaurants. Attempting to remove them would most likely damage them anyway.

What Is Honed Marble Countertops

Can marble countertops be honed without removing the top and taking it to a shop? We were also unimpressed with the rounded corners they cut for our square sinks. But even though marble is rather dense and does not stain “easy”… So after much stink-raising, our precious marble went back onto the truck.

Purchase a marble-safe sealer, prepare the area, and add more sealant. Accidents, spills, and mishaps are almost unavoidable and imminent in every kitchen.

Marble comes in shades ranging from creamy neutrals and brilliant jades to earthy browns and scarlet reds. Honed marble’s matte finish complements natural woods in kitchens or spa-like baths.

But if you insist on doing it, then a rough hone will hide etch marks better and also be easier to remove the etch marks.

Depending on the size of the piece, you may want to sand a bit all over to better blend if needed. We suggested to remove the countertop and bring it to their shop to re-hone the surface properly.

Honed marble undergoes a sanding process similar to polished marble, without the buffing. Honed marble countertops have a matte finish and are heavily sanded to give a natural, rough look and show fewer scratches and etches. Keep a few things on hand to clean marble surfaces daily to keep them in the best shape. Most people including many in the stone industry vastly underestimate the difficulty of restoring stone countertops and floors. On the other hand, one of the benefits of polished surfaces is the contrast of the shine against the cabinets, which are often wood. Test the surface by dropping water droplets on the countertop. Create an opulent foyer with polished marble in industrial-sized tiles of 12 inches by 24 inches. Countertops where we roll out pasta and pour flights of wine for our friends. This is the main reason marble kitchen countertops are not recommended. Of course, you won’t get nearly as nice a finish as honing by an experienced pro. Sand until the shine is gone and you get a similar look and feel as the matte finish. Is it really possible to restore the honed marble countertop to a new-like state by a specialist in our house, not in their shop?

Polishing makes a surface even less absorbent, so a polished marble is often virtually stain-proof. I also noticed that the surface looks shinier now, more like polished and not honed. The great thing about stone is that it can almost always be repaired or improved. I just had a new crema marble countertop installed and it looks streaky, almost like it wasn’t uniformly sanded. A kitchen countertop is exposed to far too many acidic foods and drinks to avoid the dull spots and glass rings that occur from acids. If all you want to do is remove the marble polish, then you can simply etch the entire surface by washing with vinegar.

You can have a rough hone or a high-hone or anywhere in between. Yes, polished marble countertops can be honed (or vise versa) in place.

You can do this by dusting off any dirt or particles that might be sitting on the surface of the marble. So, the their “specialist” is likely just the guy with the most experience in their shop, but obviously they aren’t any good at marble restoration. Any acid that you spill on it will hardly produce any additional or noticeable damage. Yes, it is possible to fully restore a marble countertop installation in place, but it requires a skilled and experienced marble cleaning, maintenance and restoration craftsman. Polished stone is not usually recommended for flooring due to its slippery surface. The richness of marble is unmatched by other building materials. More porous than polished marble, honed marble requires sealing more frequently.

You can pretty easily remove the shine, but getting an exact surface finish match may be difficult without working the whole surface.

The installers left bad scratches and swirls (presumably from the tool they used to remove the scratches) on the surface. It worked quickly and beautifully with just a few passes of 220 grit paper.

You’ll need to hire a marble maintenance or restoration professional and you’ll want to do your homework here. A honed finish will not be shiny and glossy like when polishing marble, but it should be smooth with an even sheen across the entire surface. If it looks like you can remove stone more aggressively and still match the matte honed finish, then switch to the lower grits to make the job go faster. I have cleaned it repeatedly and am convinced these marks were made during the honing process.

The finish is flat rather than mirror-shiny, so there’s less reason to worry about visible damage.

Honed Marble Countertop Cleaning

honed marble countertop cleaning

Sleek, polished marble exhibits a shiny high-gloss finish and reveals the deepest color and full character of the stone. Liquids like vinegar or liquids that contain acidic compounds can be abrasive to the surface of marble counter-tops and will cause surface damage. Polished marble is a more expensive alternative to granite for kitchen counters. Less prone to staining, easier to keep clean and any etch marks that do show can be sanded out and blended without much trouble. If the drops are still there, the surface is still well sealed. Abrasive materials dull the mirror-like finish of polished marble. Honed marble was once the standard and very common if put in the kitchen when marble was used because it was durable, easy to work with and plentiful and not as a show piece as it is today.

Be careful with acidic juices and use preventative measures to avoid pet urination. Now applying a sealer will greatly reduce the absorbency and stain-resistance, especially if a few coats are applied. A high-hone will come the closest to a shiny surface a step before polishing marble and will show etch marks from acidic corrosion more than a rough hone would. Although you should use decorative trays and/or shelves to store products on and don’t set anything directly on the marble countertop surface. Many people want to put marble countertops in their kitchen, which can be a real maintenance hassle because it is impossible to prevent etching in a kitchen. Dusting weekly can help to preserve the luminescent shine that is so often desired with marble counter-tops. Like all stone surfaces, the key to keeping your marble countertops in great shape is consistent care and maintenance with the right tools.

Beautiful and durable, marble rivals granite as the preferred natural stone for residential and commercial interiors. We are unsure whether to have them honed or not and would like to get some pros/cons and decorating tips on what is most popular (honed vs. I now feel confident to work on the entire lot to match the hone of my travertine tile. However, if you use the wrong type of marble polishing compound or are too aggressive on a honed marble you can end up creating too much shine. The only caveat is that not too many stone pros are any good at re-finishing, which is a specialty skill.

You could purposely etch the polished area with an acidic substance like vinegar, but this is more risky since it’s difficult to control how much of the stone is remove by the vinegar and it can lead to discoloring. Meaning someone with years of experience only restoring marble and not just an installation guy who occasionally buffs out scratches caused by the installation. The stone is then sanded and buffed before being cut into tiles. It is most commonly seen on darker granites and gives the stone a textured appearance while retaining its natural color.

However, while marble is strong, it is also sensitive and susceptible to minor kitchen mishaps. This process yields a high-gloss sheen that retains its luster with proper maintenance.

Granite is a harder stone, so it may be a better option for those who plan to really utilize their countertops. If the drops have dissolved into the surface, it is time to reseal. I would not buy the slab without knowing what the finish will actually look like, so make them supply a sample. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from the recrystallization of limestone.

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I have a thing for marble, and the kitchen wasn’t about the be spared. This appeals to busy homeowners who don’t want to clean up all the time. Marble is a soft and highly porous stone, so you will need to stay on top of keeping it sealed to keep any stains at bay. One etch mark in 7 years that was quickly removed using the paste noted above. Based on your description, the people working on your stone are not skilled or experienced. Taking this first preparatory step will allow any marble countertop cleaning agents that you use to work more effectively and there will be less risk of scratching the surface of the marble.

Honed marble maintains a smooth, satin surface without reflection. In the world of stone, while polished surfaces are still the most popular choice, some homeowners are opting for leathered or honed surfaces to bring a different dimension to spaces like kitchens. Also, should you ever find yourself simply strolling through the kitchen or waiting for a roast to come out of the oven, take the time to lightly dust the countertops with a microfiber cloth. Therefore, there are a number of simple tips and tricks that you can follow to not only preserve and maintain the impeccable condition of your marble countertops but also to clean and protect them over a long period of time. While polished marble countertops have a sheen and glow that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sets foot in your kitchen, they are also more vulnerable to scratches and stains that might come from marinade spills and juice droppings.

The reason they are suggesting acid wash is that the acid will severely etch the surface. If anything, just try to practice the proper preventative and daily measures to keep your marble counter-tops in good shape. Honed finishes need to be resealed more often than polished finishes, but because of the lack of shine flaws can be concealed more easily. If you plan on using your marble countertops daily—peeling vegetables, organizing fruit platters—then it would be a better decision to install honed marble. When wet cleaning a marble counter-top you will want to avoid the following substances: citrus juice, acidic cleaners, vinegar, and tomato juice. A “honed” finish can encompass a range of surface finishes that are all essentially smooth, but non-reflective.

Marble countertops or tile in a bathroom is much less a problem since it is exposed to far fewer products that can stain or etch. Do not let soap or cleaning agents sit too long on your marble countertop because it can dry up and stain the surface.

So, the marble is still damaged, but you don’t notice it so much. Honed marble has a matte finish, is less slippery and more suitable for casual spaces. Any non-polished surface will conceal etching much more; however, it will be much more porous and prone to staining than a polished surface.

Every few years, it may be necessary to have the surface professionally resealed to maintain the marble’s integrity and increase its lifespan. Mix honed and polished marble tiles in the same color to add texture and interest to floors. That could produce a reasonably smooth surface comparable to a honed surface for hygiene and cleaning considerations. Our faucets, range, and and appliance-garage cabinets will have to wait until next week to be installed, after the counters are set.

From your description it does sound like the honed finish was poorly executed.

You’ll likely get some uneveness of color and/or texture, but it may not be that noticeable and it will be far cheaper than hiring a marble maintenance pro.EugeneMarble Images
Also, if you’ll find many other answers to questions regarding marble maintenance, marble in the kitchen and marble etching on the previous page at the bottom. Honed Calacatta Marble Countertop Contemporary Kitchen But luckily, countertops can be refinished, and the fabricator thinks he can try for a tighter cut on the...