The only problem is that many homeowners have waited so long that \everything in the house needs a face-lift. It’s great in bathrooms because it’s really durable. Our experienced and certified refinishers get the job done right the first time, and try there best not to leave a mess when they leave. Restore your cultured-marble kitchen countertop’s luster and brilliance by refinishing the surface with the following information. The existing countertop was only 22 inches deep instead of the standard 25 inches. My preference in this situation is to turn off the water at the street and then turn on the hot and cold water faucets at some nearby sink or bathtub to drain as much water from the lines as possible.

The same survey indicated that only 35 percent of those polled have double sinks in the bath; but more than half want them.

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It’s a warming drawer like they use in kitchens near the oven. It looked as though the builder’s grade plastic preformed medicine cabinet had already received a new louvered door in the past. I have an odd size vanity in my master bath that the marble sinks are pitted and gross. They explained that it is too risky to cut the openings at their shop and then transport the counter-top, as they may break en route. Disposable cups – use to pour the envirotex down the backsplash. It turns out, cutting the cultured marble is fairly easy but slow. When we hired our refinishing guy, he came to our house, taped up the faucet and drain, and mirrors.

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Learn how to make your old counter top look new, turn cultured marble into functional art! Don’t throw it out, Stone Coat Countertop

You can walk into a nice bathroom with a tile floor and painted walls,” she says, “or you can walk into an incredible bathroom that has tiled walls all the way to the ceiling. Stainless steel remains the most popular option for appliances, along with neutral colors for floors and cabinets and a tile backsplash. Our original bathroom vanities were made from cultured marble. Didn’t even know you could do this…..and my husband is a maintenance man!

There are several different vanity top material types, acrylic, cultured marble, solid surface and so on. But maybe you promised them that this year you would have the bathroom or kitchen remodeled. This is a perfectly normal characteristic of how cultured marble breaks down, and it’s due to hot and cold water hitting directly on the surface. The wood planks were sanded to soften the rough edges, then they were sprayed with brews of different teas, and a few of the boards were treated with a solution of weathered steel wool and vinegar. The owner choose marble mosaic tiles for an upscale look that doesn’t cost a lot. Ideally, the new sink drain should be located as close as possible to the position previously occupied by the drain in the old sink. Plus, the new square style sink with its large rolled edge creates more usable space. I’ve wanted to try painting a sink since we have lovely 1980’s fake marble sinks in our house.


Crushed marble with some sort of bonding agent that you can pour into molds and get the exact shape you want. Usually the cultured marble is pretty easy to remove and comes out without much trouble. I’d found several about painting countertops, but not very many posts on doing the sink as well. At the lower level, budget limitations often dictate what you can afford, but now you will have to set your own priorities. You’ll see what others are saying about the hot topics of the day. These cleaners won’t stain the cultured-marble countertop surface, and they are excellent for removing multiple stain types, including rust and food spills. To prevent ugly bathroom vanity tops, stay one step ahead by receiving bathroom vanity top refinishing. To get the envirotex down the sink use the same method as with the backsplash. It looked a little pinkish on the cap but when you put it over grey its beautiful.


However, even if you are leaving, remodeling your kitchen and/or bath can be a great selling point. If replacing your vanity or countertop is out of the budget, consider countertop refinishing. Chrome is generally less expensive, it looks so much better and it holds up better. If you ever see a tile job where the grout has cracked, then you know that this is the step that was most likely skipped during installation. The marble pieces that still need to be installed are mainly the sills around the window and door frame for the shower, and the shampoo niche inside the shower. Plus — a painted bathroom sink and countertop, no sealer required?
I have the identical sink but an awkward 40″ cabinet with it. I’d paint the remaining counter top and cabinetry (different colors), take the huge mirror down and put an oval mirror over each basin. Brighter colors can even create the illusion of more space. It’s nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.!
New caulk makes a big difference and you don’t have to get a handyman to do it. It’s brighter and cleaner and no longer looks straight out of the ’80s.


Certain areas of the counter and sink were a bit more challenging to achieve a smooth finish – namely the corner behind the faucet and the bottom curve of the sink. And yes, it’s been a year and a half now and the countertop and sink still look as good as they did on day one!
A huge jetted tub, big enough to bathe all the kids at once! Install the new sink into the opening in the countertop and attach the flexible water supply lines to both the hot and cold water shut-off valves. Oftentimes, these are the first thing you see when entering a bathroom. To make sure the natural reddish tone of the cedar didn’t conflict with the new white, gray, green color palette, the wood was stained with a homemade finish made from steel wool soaked vinegar. But he thought a reciprocating saw would be the best tool for cutting out the sink.

The epoxy provides a protected, durable shell over the top of the existing countertop. My wife had the same idea for our cultured marble and your great instructions proved that it could be done. New fixtures can focus more lighting on vanities than do overhead can lights. Then pour some on the counter and start working it around saving the sink for last. To make the wall not only visually stunning but also useful, two shelves were added above the toilet. We decided to go with an epoxy option that allowed us to essentially have our countertops/vanities painted a bright white color which was a stark contrast to the yellow-y cultured marble. My countertop is about 5 feet long which is quite a bit larger than that product.

Spread out a couple of towels on the surrounding countertop to prevent doing any damage to that surface. The goggles or safety glasses are required because you could easily get a piece of the marble embedded in your eye. I’ve been toying with using it on my dated shower tile. Kilz white spray paint evenly over the entire sink area getting an even coat. It’s just to prep the surface to make sure it’s clean so the “paint” will bond. I then was told by a friend to get the stick on mosaic tiles and frame the mirror – it saves having to take it down and replace and probably having to paint that wall that it is on now. I just wondered how your ‘concrete’ sink and this painted tile are holding up under ordinary scrubbing?
I’m always glad to find someone who has tried it and can say what worked and what didn’t.

They are sort of two tone to coordinate with the gold faucets and the refinished brushed nickel surround. They’re replacing them with granite — the most popular — or solid surfaces like quartz. Refinishing an acrylic vanity top will make your bathroom feel clean and give you a more modern updated look.

The reason we do not refinish countertops in a solid color is because there are minuscule particles that float through the air during the refinishing process that can and do get permanently caught in the finish – which can and will be seen. A few months ago, we had to replace one of our other counter-tops as it was beyond re-conditioning. Most sites give you the external dimensions of their sinks and this is good, as far as it goes, because you will need to make sure that you are not crowding the edges of the countertop nor the space in the under-sink cabinet below. To top off the fresh new look, door pulls in the same finish as the faucet were added to each door. Made a geat week/weekend project to totally update my bathroom. One of the most annoying things about damaged acrylic vanity tops is the embarrassment of everyone seeing them.

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discussions bathroom countertops

I’ve been researching how to paint the faux marble laminate in my master bath! This concoction gives wood a silvery weathered look, perfect for our elegant rustic style. I smoothed the edges down on the smaller one to create a kinda rounded edge for getting in the curves of the shell sink. Use a soft, dry cloth to apply the branded cleaner, even if it’s sold with soft brushes. I know several people who have done this to their counters in the kitchen and bathroom and it peeled and they ended up having to replace the counters. We hired a highly recommended (and very reasonable) outfit to put in a quartz counter-top. It would be nice if the location of the new sink’s drain opening was on the template but it is not. I have a tutorial on my blog (with screen caps) on how to do the link up and link back thing … Caulking not only gives everything a more seamless appearance, but it also greatly helps with cleaning because it doesn’t allow dirt and grime to settle in between the two surfaces. It is essential to consider the color when selecting the flooring because you want it to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom. 

The light finish really shows off the character of cedar without overwhelming the room with too many wood tones. It’s been over a year now since we refinished the tub, and the two vanities and they are all holding up great. It opens up possibilities beyond the decent shower, vanity and toilet with quality labor and limited frills available at lower budgets. The sink has held up, but water doesn’t sit in it for long periods of time like it would in a bathtub. The purpose is to get the sheen off and get the surface ready to accept the paint. After removing the tape, clean off the countertop surface surrounding the cutout with some glass cleaner. This is to help you align the sink cutout template when you are taping it down a few steps later. I’ve gotten several questions about our bathroom countertop refinishing. Don’t know what they used or how they did it, but lasted that long. Since it wasn’t used a lot we felt confident in refinishing the tub first that way we could see how well it would hold up. In fact, now is a good time to remove everything from the bathroom that is not nailed down.

The caulk was old and had shrunk, something mysterious was also growing. We can assist you with bathtub to shower conversions, vanities, shower bases, and wall surrounds. As a business or hotel owner, you want everyone to feel comfortable using your bathrooms. About 10 years ago a friend of mine told me that if you spray oven cleaner on the bling it will come off. The cultured marble has been turning all sorts of wacky colors after 20 years in the sun. I can’t emphasize enough how much white powder you are going to create. We will help you find the right solid color or stone look finish to match your existing decor. Two small cantilevered glass shelves were its only solace in this otherwise hallway-sized space. However, there is a critical measurement that you also need and that is the size and shape of the actual hole you will cut. We had observed mixed results in rejuvenation attempts in other homes, so we elected to pursue choice number 3.

There are actually tons of options out there when it comes to refinishing your bathroom countertop. A problem area with cultured (man-made) marble is that over time, hairline cracks will start to develop near the drain. We went with the simplest solution, building a floating frame around the mirror. Can a faux (fake) marble type bathroom counter and sink (one piece) be painted? However, if you push too hard, it slows the saw motor or worse, it can break the blade.

For the front of the tub a piece of marble was heated up to the point where it could be bent around the front. I wouldn’t recommend installing tile over the cultured marble.

She teaches women how to create inviting and comfortable homes.

The prepping and painting process took roughly 3 hours – 30 minutes for prep, 10 minutes of painting per coat (maybe closer to 20 minutes for the last coat), plus one hour drying time between each of the 3 coats. I’d cut the basins out and drop in new sinks, new fixtures. It’s been about 5 months since we refinished the sink and it is holding up beautifully!

No messy tear-outs; it’s a sprayed-on finish that’s durable and lasts! I didn’t realize that “copy feature” was so hard to work around. At this point, the faucet set can be lifted out and set aside. The wood vanity was still in good shape, so we decided to transform the cabinets with a base paint and glaze system.

How To Ken Wingard’S Diy Faux Marble Countertop Hallmark Channel

Ken Wingard is showing you how to make your own marble counters for as little as $20. For a more overlapped look, use different

He set up our box fan in the bathroom and opened the window to get the air circulating in the room to reduce the fumes. I’m going to try the epoxy tile paint for in my shower….

Now, she’s helping others find their own decorating styles. You can try one of those refacing companies, but if the house is 10yrs old or more you should probably replace the whole thing anyway. She fiercely believes in making the house reflect the people who live in it.

This blade cut that quartz almost like butter and the cove aspect allowed it to easily cut the oval pattern for the sink opening. I’ve used it successfully on two bathroom vanities with great success.

How To Paint Cultured Marble Countertops

I know you are probably wondering why we just did not buy a new shower door. I thought we were so lucky to have those fabulous cultured marble counter tops. I always have a pile of rags to clean my finger every so often. A bobech is a glass ring that fits around the candle and rests on the rim of the candlestick. Here’s a closeup….more more yellowish, veined “marble”! It should be removed and you should install cement board or similar to apply the tile to.

Tile and especially grout is porous and does not keep water out by itself. Sanding is pretty important, as this is how you’re going to get your surface nice and grabby for the paint. I’m wondering, if you just sand the whole thing down, do you really need to go over it with comet and lime away? One way to make your bathrooms standout, is to update the tile. So let’s walk through the process of refinishing the half bathroom sink and counter, shall we?

My husband wouldn’t hear of replacing a “perfectly good countertop”. It even improved the appearance of the cultured marble on the sinks and the tub. In addition to that, a solid color finish would show flaws too easily for kitchen use. Very nicely explained, and the newly installed sink looks excellent!

Don’t for get to clean up your edges under the counter with a foam brush. No need to replace your existing countertops just to change their appearance. If you do keep a tub in the master bath, put in a sleek standalone tub that takes up less space. The majority of the budget was spent on the countertop tile so there wasn’t enough funds to replace the base cabinets. Use these if either you cannot shut off the valves completely or if the valves are leaking internally. After it’s dry, you can coat the refinished surface with a high-gloss polyurethane varnish to restore the sparkle associated with a cultured-marble countertop. That’s because kitchen countertops get a lot of use (and abuse), which requires a sealer top coat for durability. Unfortunately, the door didn’t match anything in the bathroom.

Such a nice budget-friendly update to those 90’s sinks! I’ve been reading blogs and articles on how to paint bathroom counters before taking the plunge and redoing mine.

The sink is cultured marble, and a year later it’s holding up beautifully. The kitchen looks worn and outdated from top to bottom, and so does the bathroom. I really don’t like our beige tub and it doesn’t match or bathroom redo. Update the faucets and shower fixtures and replace the toilet, and you’ll probably feel a lot better about the bathroom. They were very professional and they brought the counter-top to our driveway and cut the openings there. Remodelers and architects say that homeowners are fanatical about removing all the cultured marble from their bathrooms. It’s a solid surface that is made from the dust of actual marble stone. We have the skill and expertise to update cultured marble countertops no matter how big or small. We felt that it was a shame to replace these otherwise quite serviceable countertops with some different material, at no small expense, just to remove the sink blemish. If you have to leave the bathroom in the middle of this project, you can remove the jumpsuit and leave it there along with its built in booties. With the proper preparation and paint product you can update your cultured marble countertop. We used cedar like we did for the countertop trim, but this time we finished it in a white wash.


About 70% of the circumference of the sink template covered countertop that is of normal thickness- or about ¾ inch. If i didnt paint the counter, this project could easily be done in a day. Can you paint faux marble bathroom countertops with the sink being all one piece? A contractor friend said these saws are used more for rough cutting or demolition. Pour some envirotex into one of the disposable cups and slowly start pouring down the back splash. We haven’t gotten a single dent or ding on the surface of the vanity or has the coating stained at all.

They installed the vanity tabletop and some of the walls in the shower.

She spent years making decorating mistakes until she discovered her decorating style. Overall, this is a great option for anyone who wants a more clean and updated look in their bathroom space without replacing the entire vanity or countertop.



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The only problem is that many homeowners have waited so long that \everything in the house needs a face-lift. It’s great in bathrooms because it’s really durable. Our experienced and certified refinishers get the job done right the first time, and try there best not to leave a mess...