Over millions of years, water has penetrated deep into this stone through small cracks and fissures, causing the iron oxide and other minerals to oxidize. It is this process that produces the rich, vibrant gold tones that are visible in this stone.

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Dark cherry/ warm mahogany cabinets – we will go for a look like this.

Warm blend granite and we will be choosing floor tiles from here a neutral ceramic blend that looks like marble with warm veins.

An ogee edge ties into the decorative details of the cabinetry. If you wish your kitchen space to be bright and alive with color and movement, this is the right choice for you.The gold veins, the astonishing bows of burgundy red and glistening creamy drops swirl magnificently with one another. This beautiful combination will make a powerful artistic statement in any kitchen. However, this granite is so stunning, that homeowners usually want to install it somewhere where they can be surrounded by it as much of the time as possible. These granite countertops will present a dynamic element to a kitchen space thanks to the lively color variations and generous amounts of movement. Bear in mind that when you buy this stone, you’re buying an authentic piece of art – unrepeatable and quite unique. Consistency and flexibility of veins and shades vary from slab to slab resulting in some most incredible and mutually distinctive variations.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Kitchen Countertops

Typhoon Bordeaux is a truly beautiful Brazilian granite that has an intricate color design featuring rich burgundy, gold, and grey.

This is why we always advise that you should go and personally pick the slab you want to see in your home. You definitely want to make sure do you need a lighter – more beige or a darker – more bordeaux stone for your kitchen. This will depend on the color of the kitchen cabinets, the floors and, most of all perhaps, on the amount of light your kitchen receives throughout the day. The presence of these golden veins appears when the stone is exposed to oxidation for a longer period of time. Sometimes, it is a bit harder to find this type of granite because it’s wanted a lot and offered in limited quantity. However, the looks and the quality of this stone make it worthy of the pursuit. There are also some black accents present in this stone. They accentuate the white shade in this granite and make it shine even brighter. Millions of years were needed for this stone to be created. Water and air worked together to create oxidization that would eventually produce rich and energetic lines and tones in this granite. Its quality dictates that each slab is cut and polished to form a mirror image on another. The logical, persistent and consistent streams are all harmonized in a continuance. This way, they fill out the pits, dents, fissures and cracks that are a common and frequent occurrence in a natural material. However, although it seems so, this process never influences or disturbs the beauty of the stone. However, there will be some distinct and eye-catching differences in movement and color between different pieces of the stone. This is why we think that it’s important and recommend to the clients to take a look at the stone before they bring the final decision and purchase the countertop . To keep its amazing looks even when you’re using your countertops as a working horse, clean it with a soft, cotton cloth, warm water and a little bit of the liquid dish soap. Ask your fabricator to seal it just before the installation. After that, reseal it once a year to never have to worry about your countertops’ performance or looks.

The ease of maintenance is a liberating experience as we all need to cut the time we spend on cleaning and enjoy more time with our family. This type of granite is suitable for all indoor spaces, including both bathroom and kitchens.

However, it is widely and mostly used in kitchen spaces.

The fabricator also needs to be able to meticulously plan and line up the pieces at the seams for an impeccable and perfect finish. Before long, you won’t be able to imagine a different kitchen scene.

typhoon natural stone granittyphoon bordeaux grani

Because of these characteristics, it is often used to join and strengthen different kitchen elements that sometimes may seem implacable. An idea and a quality material will do wonders.

It will always be an incredibly effective solution for small kitchens as their general appearance is light. Typhoon granite will light up space with its creamy, beige and golden swirls.

It is an excellent inspirational idea for a traditional gourmet kitchen. This is especially the case when it features raised beige panel cabinets, beige backsplash centerpiece underhood and stainless steel appliances.

Whether your countertops are creamy, cherry, white or dark, the bordeaux ribbons in this amazing stone are an incredible addition to them. Often, this stone will steal all the attention and become the focal point of your kitchen space.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite With Full Granite Backsplash

This is Typhoon Bordeaux Granite, an elegant, Brazilian stone. We ran the stone right up the wall for the full backsplash and used …

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Over millions of years, water has penetrated deep into this stone through small cracks and fissures, causing the iron oxide and other minerals to oxidize. It is this process that produces the rich, vibrant gold tones that are visible in this stone. Dark cherry/ warm mahogany cabinets - we will...