These rumors are confusing the minds of people who choose materials for their houses.

In our daily lives, many materials we use or even foods and drinks that we consume contain radiation.

For example the coffee and water, which we drink, have radiation. The important point here is the amount of radiation. It should be in the amount that will not be dangerous for the health of people and environment. From this point of view, natural granite is a construction material which we can use in our houses freely without being worried as it is not dangerous for human health with regards to radiation.It is recommended that the values, which have to be between these limits, should be determined. Below, there are different natural and artificial radiation sources and annual doses.

Granite is a safe construction and coating material. As seen in the table, 1 kg of granite and 1 kg of coffee contain the same amount of radioactivity. It should not be forgotten that every substance in nature absolutely has radioactivity in it. The important point here is that, it should not be dangerous for human health.

The vast majority of the people in our country do not know to what extent the countertops made of granite, faiences, other objects used for decorative purposes and the coating materials release radiation and how much radiation do the people breathe. Radiation, which can be briefly described as energy in motion, is a part of life. Heat and light are natural forms of energy from the sun. These can both be obtained naturally and artificially. Besides, living on the bench for one year is out of question. What are the sources of nuclear radiation? Hence, they are exposed to rays from natural sources such as ground and construction materials, water and foods and in addition, from artificial sources.

However this amount differs depending on living standards of people, physical features of the territories that they live in and the geographical conditions.

Radon and other gasses are trapped under the building. Air pressure in the houses is generally lower than the ground pressure. So because of this high pressure under the building, the gasses leak into the buildings from the floors and walls and mostly from the cracks and spaces.

Radon can be dissolve in water, especially in underground waters.

How are the foods (fruits and vegetables) prepared on the granite countertops affected? The radioactivity in the foods is sourced from the outer air and the soil structure in which they grow. Clear and concise with plenty of personal attention and answers to questions about your next project. Since radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, which has an extremely high mortality rate, thatÂ’s more than a little disconcerting. That being said, how much radon is released depends on the type of rock used. With all this information out in the open, just how dangerous are granite countertops? All natural materials such as stone, minerals and soil contain trace amounts of radioactive elements.

This means that at any given time, there are lots of things around us releasing small amounts of radioactive elements.

If we took that definition and listed every item in existence that releases radioactive material it would be seemingly endless.

That being said, the amount of radioactive material being released is not enough to cause serious harm. It will quickly dilute in a large quantity of healthy air, even inside a residence. If you were to take a geiger counter – a device used to measure radioactive objects – it would certainly show that these materials are irradiated.

To test the concentration of radon in granite countertops – and to truly find out if yours are a threat to your health or not – you can purchase activated charcoal testing kits.

Unlike testing for radon the normal way, you cannot use a standard testing kit to measure your countertops – simply placing a standard test near a granite countertop is not going to provide accurate results.

You cannot use a geiger counter to properly measure the radioactive radon being released from your counter either. You absolutely must purchase a testing kit made specifically for testing radon releasing surfaces.

One must be placed on or directly near the counter while the other must be placed at least twenty feet away. The collected air samples are compared, and the results of that comparison will reveal whether or not the counters are dangerous.

Again, in most cases there is no immediate threat and the radioactive material that is being released is not harmful. ItÂ’s pretty much all around us all the time, threatening our bodies with harmful levels of exposure. The biggest contributor to indoor radon comes naturally from the soil beneath and surrounding homes.

It raises concerns when considering the origin of granite because it seems that emissions and direct contact would be an obvious hazard. With a little education, youÂ’ll feel at ease understanding the truth about household granite and the safety of your loved ones.

The undetectable, radioactive gas is naturally present throughout our environment and in most homes to some degree. Unfortunately, people that do not understand the risk typically fail to have adequate indoor air quality testing that would alert of dangerous levels.

ItÂ’s emitted from the soil layer and is believed to be present in natural stones, such as granite. When itÂ’s outside in the environment, exposure is so low that it doesnÂ’t cause any harm. Respected scientists conducted several conclusive tests on household granite countertops to determine the presence of radon. It is safe to allow your family to use the granite countertops for cooking and enjoying meals the same as any other sanitary surface. If a home does contain a considerable level of radon, it is primarily caused emission from ground soil. If there are concerns with indoor air quality, it is the best solution to have radon testing done, and then complete any necessary home improvements.

Dangerous elements do not transfer to foods prepared on the surface, and your family is not at risk from simply touching it. ItÂ’s important to know that radon originating in the soil beneath homes is a more common problem and a far larger public health risk than radon from granite building materials.

The Truth About Granite And Radon Radiation

An informative video on the safety and health of granite countertops.
These rumors are confusing the minds of people who choose materials for their houses. In our daily lives, many materials we use or even foods and drinks that we consume contain radiation. For example the coffee and water, which we drink, have radiation. The important point here is the amount...