In some cases, you may want to let the bleach set in the grout lines for several hours, and then attempt scrubbing them again to remove tough set-in stains. For your protection, you will want to wear rubber gloves, eye protection, and in some cases a breathing mask. After three tries, mix the peroxide solution with baking soda, and then apply that to the grout lines. Hydrogen peroxide is a form of oxygen bleach; however, it is generally sold in diluted solutions, making it a relatively ineffective cleanser.

For heavier dirt and mild stains, turn to vinegar, a trusty old standby for many household chores. Steam cleaners can be an effective and environmentally-friendly method of cleaning grout—or, for that matter, many hard surfaces throughout the house. If mildew poses a problem that vinegar and alcohol can’t fix, try some of these ideas to restore your room to pristine conditions. The bleach will do most of the work just sitting there, but after 10-15 minutes, scrub it with your scrub brush to really work the cleaner deeper into the grout.

Even if you do pretty well doing a regular wipe-down, it seems like the grout always needs to be tackled separately. We tried everything…. Test it by buying a tester pot and paint it on just over the grout so there is not so much cleaning off before spending to much dosh.

We just bought a house that was formerly owned by a hoarder (yep, just like the hoarders on television). But, the bathroom was so disgusting, shoes were an absolute must because the tile floors appeared to have never been cleaned. I recall the post on this topic stating that occasionally grout is an off-white color and can appear darker with time or when wet.

To get the spots to go away, just use the cleaner a second time and leave it on a little longer to make sure all of the places are bleached evenly. I just get in unclothed and use a fine mist from the shower head, moistening the baking soda.

For example, my husband doesn’t like to use my all-natural cleaners, and still uses bleach when he cleans the bathrooms. The crud in my grout is that funky orangey/pink stuff working its way to a brown than black. Keeping a cup of water to quickly rise the brush off helps, but don’t add too much water to the floor– the grittier the solution, the less elbow grease you’ll have to put into it.

As you can see, instead of buying specific products for each cleaning job, vinegar and one or two other non-toxic ingredients does it all. Over the next 24 to 48 hours, it will kill the weeds but not your wallet or the environment!

She kept a small glass of 1/4 cup vinegar with 1 cup water flavored with honey on the cupboard all the time. I went a step forward and put the baking soda in a parmesean cheese dispenser and taped all but one row of holes shut.

Immediately spray areas needing to be cleaned, making sure to cover all surfaces with the spray. Sure enough the vinegar started bubbling away and you could physically see the stain lifting away. I also discovered side benefits, my mattress immediately felt and smelled much fresher, you really don’t notice the odor of a mattress until it’s no longer there lol. I use it to clean showerheads (put some in a baggy and tie it over the showerhead so the head is in the liquid, and faucets, too. The grout guy told me that vinegar is an acid & consistent use will eventually eat away at your grout sealer and will create air pockets in your grout.

I was particularly interested in the grout and tile cleaner idea with the vinegar and baking soda.

Just be careful to label the toothbrush head that you use as your household cleaning brush!

We had well water in our first house and the towels always smelled funky after washing them. Then slice the lemon horizontally and vertically once, down about an inch into the inside part of the fruit.

The main tool used to clean grout lines is going to be a small, specialty brush known as a grout brush. The idea is to have a tool that is small and narrow enough to allow you to work in between the tiles without scratching their surface.

The final step is to thoroughly mop the floor with clean water, rinsing the mop periodically to ensure that all bleach is removed from its surface.

Apply it using a professional quality grout brush, and then allow it to settle into the grout for about 45 minutes.

The drawback to this method is that it is not very strong, and it may take several applications before you see any results.

Once you’re done cleaning, let the grout air dry, for 24 hours, then put on a silicone-based grout sealer to resist future stains and dirt. Moderate stains may require you to use hydrogen peroxide, which is available in most drug stores.

To keep your grout clean and stain-free, it’s a good idea to spray it with vinegar and wipe it down once a week. If you’ve got visible stains, mold or mildewed grout, hydrogen peroxide is a game changer. And if you use a washcloth or rag to wipe the cleaner off, make sure it’s something that’s okay to be bleached. I don’t usually like to buy weird specialized cleaning doohickeys, but this really was worth it. I have used it in a few rooms now and find it lasts quite a while, shower cubicles perhaps need attention more often. Also, if your grout lines are very fine, the toothbrush might be better for really getting in there where a bigger brush might not. It was a great deal and a great location if you don’t mind all the work, and thankfully we were able to get in and clean to the point that it was somewhat tolerable before moving in. Although the bathroom has been updated, for some reason the tile chosen for this room is very stubborn and difficult to clean. Anyone with a tough grout problem needs to give this a try before they give up, spend a fortune in various cleaners, or resort to a professional. I have some strange kind of orange grout in a tiny bathroom and bad air circulation causes a lot of mold in and around the shower. Here’s something that amazed me, my mother and anyone else who ever used her bathroom. I prefer natural cleaners, but it is not my place to force my opinion on him or anyone else.

The longer the bleach sits, the more time it has to clean things up and loosen the gunk before you start scrubbing!

Then, clean as usual: quickly run the vacuum to get up excess baking soda, and then go over it with a mop.

I make a paste of baking soda, pour it down my kitchen sink and follow it up with the boiling vinegar. I started using filtered water – our water is very hard) and it’s always worked beautifully.

If we had athletics feet, she would warm water, vinegar and salt on the stove and we would soak our feet in it for 20 to 30 minutes every night for a week. I just bought a new-to-me house, had all the carpet cleaned, but there was no time yet to clean the tile/grout. Of course it went right through the covers and the mattress “protector” and left a nice stain on my mattress.

There was still some slight discoloration but it was very faint, much better than the great big brown spot that was there!

I also discovered that baking soda kills dust mites, so for any allergy sufferers/ dust sensitives use baking soda on your mattress once a month, leave on for 15 mins and vacuum off. I use white vinegar as a fabric softener in the washer – keeps the towels absorbent. Once the grout gets air pockets it will begin to crumble, moisture permeates the grout and the mildew grows from within the grout. Braun with a small round head – you guessed it – use it to scrub the grout lines.

I used it on my kitchen and bathroom tile floors, applying with a baby sized toothbrush, and it is amazing!

I sprinkle the baking soda, then spray the vinegar and water solution and let it sit for a few minutes at least. You’ll usually find me clutching a mug of coffee, glue gun, fandeck of paint colors, and a child at any given time.

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In some cases, you may want to let the bleach set in the grout lines for several hours, and then attempt scrubbing them again to remove tough set-in stains. For your protection, you will want to wear rubber gloves, eye protection, and in some cases a breathing mask....