Last but certainly not least, beauty is an important factor in your choice of a memorial urn. Marble and granite, as well as other natural stone, offers a vast range of versatility in itself, and because it is a natural material, no two vessels will ever be identical.

For all practical purposes, this means that the only entry point is through the intended opening, which is a threaded stopper in the bottom center of the urn.

Cultured Marble Urns

Our genuine marble urns for ashes are quarried and shaped into incredible vessels with unique marbling and shades of color in each cremation urn.

Synthetic Marble Urns

A question which we are often asked is, “What is Cultured Marble ?” Daniel describes the advantages to choosing cultures marble , CC

All of the urns can be personalized, either with direct etching or engraving, or by adding an engraving plaque, for which there are also several style options. As a great imitation of real stone, cultured marble won’t decay or biodegrade – that’s why it is a choice material for burial vaults. With a beautiful stone urn, an unforgettable, and completely unique, tribute to a loved one can be created.

Each of these types of materials work well for use as a memorial urn when used and cared for appropriately – wood and ceramic urns are some of our most popular products, and they’re good choices.

Popular for its looks, this cultured marble urn is also known for its durability. Our products are exclusively available through a network of funeral professionals. All of these materials are carefully selected for their strength, beauty and enduring luster.

This will ensure that the color and beauty of the urn will endure.

Therefore veining patterns and color will vary with each unique urn.

There are even urns crafted from cultured marble, which is actually strong enough to act as both a cremation urn, as well as an urn vault, which can be placed directly into the earth for burial. Regardless of the stone from which it came, it offers a medium that is as elegant as it is resilient.

The top portion is made from a single solid mold, and the base is added using the same cultured marble materials that ensure durability and longevity.

Store Cremation Urns Cultured Marble

Families who visit us receive the highest quality of professionalism and service, with compassion and care that are unsurpassed. Classic urn with marbleized texture for style and grandeur. These cultured marble urns are so durable that they function as an urn and urn burial vault all in one piece. We would like to say thank you for the wonderful work you did on my father in-laws urn. Natural marble and granite urns are perhaps some of the most elegant vessels created from a natural earth grown materials. Even cultured stones feature elegant striations throughout, which cannot be completely duplicated.

What Is A Cultured Marble Urn

Available here, engraved with photo and more: urn -in-granite/ Made in the USA from

Memorial Merchandise Detail

The casting process enables the manufacturer to produce cultured marble at a substantially lower cost than quarried marble. As a cremation urn, cultured marble is an excellent choice for a memorial. It only stands to reason that such an abundant natural resource has been used throughout history, in various different cultures around the world. These elegant memorials ensure a unique and special tribute, with a variety color and patterns available.

Marble is described as a metamorphosed limestone or even calcite or dolomite. Our cultured marble cremation urns are available in a wide range of colors while still maintaining the look of genuine stone. We can color fill the engraving with gold, black, or silver if you desire some extra contrast. Each cultured marble cremation urn is a study in sophisticated simplicity. This section also offers cremation urns made from different stone materials, such as alabaster, granite or slate. Marble cremation urns and genuine stone cremation urns are unmatched in durability and timelessness to hold the ashes of a loved one. Marble cremation urns are available in a variety of styles, ranging from beautifully turned vases, to exquisitely assembled funerary boxes. But if youÂ’re looking for something that is at the top of the durability spectrum, cultured marble is one of the best.

Given the variations in cultured marble material, the urn may differ in appearance from the image displayed. Many of the cultured marble cremation urns below are available in several colors and several styles can be personalized with names, dates, pictures, etc.

Cultured marble urns have a smiliar look and carry many of the same benefits while making a much slighter impact on your budget. Since the cultured marble does not decay, and urn vault will not be required, saving you the expense of purchasing an additional product.

Then you can simply put a bead of glue, plumberÂ’s tape, or other sealant onto the thread of the stopper, ensuring that the remains are completely secured and well sealed inside the urn. Families take great comfort in the beauty and longevity that marble and stone cremation urns provide. A cultured marble urn may also help you save money when burying an urn at a cemetery.


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Last but certainly not least, beauty is an important factor in your choice of a memorial urn. Marble and granite, as well as other natural stone, offers a vast range of versatility in itself, and because it is a natural material, no two vessels will ever be identical. For all...