From the simple to the lavish, we’ve experienced it all and we can help you every step of the way. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with a boutique experience ensuring personal attention at the affordable prices.

The quality of our materials are of the highest standard with no exception. Our stones come in over 11, 000 slabs and in more than 200 different colors.

Our latest manufacturing technology enables us to produce custom shapes, precise edges, and tight seams.We guarantee that there will are no hidden fees.

We offer the best price for granite, marble and quartz countertops stone. We are a family owned business that has been satisfying customers for 15 years.

Our professionally trained installers have at least experience of 10 years in this field. With the proper selection and care, granite will continue to welcome you home for many decades.

Granite countertops represent an incredibly popular choice for the improvement of a home’s bathroom or kitchen.

Granite Countertops Addison Twp

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This means that granite countertops always are a wholly individual product. Granite provides additional benefits other than its aesthetics.

With correct care, your granite countertops should endure for decades.

Though porous and open to stains, granite can benefit from applying a sealant. A huge number of hues, styles, and price points exist throughout more than 100 kinds of granite. Quartz typically gets included among the natural stones when it comes to countertops.

When you look at their similar prices, granite and quartz will inspire questions from clients about any differences.

When you hold it up directly to granite, quartz is non-porous and has better durability. When you consider bathrooms, most clients choose quartz thanks to its non-porousness.

A massive assortment of colors and styles stands as quartz’s benefit from the manufacturing process.

We also have a showroom and warehouse if you wish to shop your options firsthand. We supply slate, soapstone, marble, and an assortment of other stone. For a truly unique kitchen, specialty stone countertops can involve everything from rare varieties of granite, to uncommon cuts and exotic stones.

Euro style countertops supply yet another way to maximize the effect of your selected countertop. If you enjoy the decorative impact of stone, we will bring elements to just about any area in the home. No kitchen seems complete without a backsplash, and natural stone showers endow a great deal of appeal into bathrooms.

Our granite remnants supply exceptional material for accent elements throughout the house. Specific edge profiles look better with assorted varieties of granite or quartz, and our professional team stands prepared to aid you with the choice. We offer both complimentary and upgraded edge profiles, so you can definitely find one that works with your house’s style. We stay prepared at 817-962-2616 to solve any queries or set up an opportunity for service. If you would like to see our entire stock, check out our live inventory. What makes us different is that we invest in our fabricators as partners.

Our goal, is to make our fabricators more profitable, and allow them to succeed and grow. We do this by offering premium stone at wholesale prices, with strong trade terms and impeccable customer service.

Granite Crafters

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I must have had a million questions and he answered all of them reassuring me everything will work out. He installed beautiful countertops in my kitchen in a very professional and caring manner. I would recommend him to anyone, the pricing is fair and reasonable – and the work is high quality. Also, the price was almost half of what another company was looking to charge. He did such a great job that we had him install the kitchen and bathroom countertops in a condo we own. He was even able to recommend a cabinet painter that provided a reasonable price. To help us make our home feel like ours we opted to change out the laminate counter tops the builder put in to quartz. He met with my family at the quartz facility which can be overwhelming. He walked us through our quartz top options and helpped with our back spalsh choice as well. Julian kept in contact with us as he prepped our stone. In addition they were great with our kids who occasioanlly would come to visit while they were working. When complete he asked to come back to give the tile and counter a final caulk seal. He worked with us on the return since we had plans to do additional work, but cancelled that project. Julian helped us pick he perfect granite for our kitchen, and kept us informed throughout his finishing and installation. We could not believe he was able to only have one seam, which is very difficult to see. Since there are not many reviews for granite best price, we were a little nervous.

We certainly made the right choice and highly recommend! However, he knew someone to call to help us and ended up staying all day to make sure the job was done. Julian was easy to work with, reliable, and trustworthy.

Century Marble and Granite

Also, his prices and selection are great. Julian came through with the vanities and sinks in a tight timeframe. We just moved to the area, and purchased a new home. Julian and his installer laid down canvas over our floor, so they did not scuff it up with their boots.

I am sure we will find more projects to work on. We are really happy with how our kitchen counters turned out. Julian was certainly among the best, with zero surprises added! They wanna get rich on the one job instead of build an honest business.

Find someone that is honest and they will stand behind their job. Get a scammer and they will never do the job right and keep charging you. Apparently you are unhappy with our competitors (we can see another review listed for the same job with another company) as well.Also your kitchen is custom not standard. To be more clear : in the front of the window is not a standard 24″ cabinet. We have hundreds of customers and contractors, reputable contractors who choose our work, we can prove it. Whatever your preference, sleek simplicity or intricate details, discover the warmth & elegance in how natural stone can compliment the décor of your home. Granite can transform your kitchen or bath into masterpiece reflecting elegance, & luxury. In its purest form marble is white in color.

Addison Twp Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops Addison Twp– Surface Encounters state of the art machinery ensures the highest quality granite countertops …

Durable with distinctive veining within gives marble an elegant finish. Sinks are made from 16gauge material, which after punching compresses to 17 or 18 gauge in certain areas.

Please select the right edge for you dream kitchen from the options under. Selecting the right edge profile enhances the beauty of your counter tops.

We offer variety of door styles, from contemporary to traditional, pick the one you like. We are very satisfied with the work, quality of the product & excellent prices.

Our experience spans greater depths, we will help you acquire in the best investment for your stone needs.

When entertaining with your friends and family, you want a space that shows who you are. The space should reflect your style and elegance.
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From the simple to the lavish, we've experienced it all and we can help you every step of the way. No job is too small or too big for our knowledgeable crews. Our mission is to provide our customers with a boutique experience ensuring personal attention at the affordable prices....