Our biggest project to date required us to lay granite flooring over an area equivalent to 20 football pitches.

Your stone is fully installed and sealed if needed by our own professionals.

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By delivering an award-winning service, we enhance your home through natural stone worktops, with our guarantee that they will provide many years of practical as well as aesthetic benefits.

Talk to a member of our expert team today for more details or to discuss granite worktops, marble worktops or quartz worktops – we’re always happy to be of service. Our emphasis is on friendly personal service together with expert advice. Fill out our callback form and we can call you back at a time that suits you.Granite countertops represent an excellent manner to improve the appearance of your kitchen and financial value of your home. Those who desire all-natural countertops tend to select granite over manmade alternatives like quartz, tile, or laminate. Because of this, granite countertops consistently are a totally singular product. Even when you do not take into consideration beauty, granite stays an extremely advantageous selection for countertops.

If correctly maintained, a granite countertop will persist for many years.

Though porous and susceptible to stains, granite will benefit from applying a sealant.

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You can locate a large variety of choices across more than 100 varieties of granite now available. Phone 817-962-2616 for our team right away if you require help picking. Though the material goes through a manufacturing procedure, quartz generally stands as an all-natural stone for the function of countertops.

Considering their comparable prices, customers commonly wonder about the differences between quartz and granite countertops.

When compared to granite, quartz is not porous and has improved durability. The lack of porousness typically makes quartz the improved choice for bathrooms.

Because it undergoes a man-made procedure, quartz is also available in a large assortment of colors and styles.

Should you need any aid with your choice, our expert team is always glad to help. We also have a showroom and warehouse should you want to browse your options firsthand. Between our natural stone selection, slate and soapstone stand as well-liked choices for counters, while marble supplies a timeless beauty. Our specialty stone inventory, which include unusual granite and unusual cuts, provide for exceptionally unique countertops.

Our installation offerings actually cover a wide selection of house elements.

Regardless of where, we can provide natural stone elements and installs in just about every room throughout the home. Granite remnants installed as tabletops make superb accent touches throughout a home. An edge profile can sometimes dramatically impact the appearance of granite countertops.

Our variety of edge profiles includes both upgraded and complimentary selections, so you can identify the most suitable one for your budget and residence. We always welcome you to come browse our showroom, and we stay prepared at 817-962-2616 for questions and scheduling needs.

Our aim has always been to offer quality, style and performance at sensible prices.

Whether you want a chef’s workroom, a family hub, an informal entertaining area or a luxurious bathroom, we can help you choose the right material to suite your needs.

We believe that our customers are the core to our growing business and the reason why we grow is the word of mouth recommendations we continue to receive. With the aid of the latest technology in digital templating we are able to ensure efficiency and accuracy with minimum fuss.

Each team use the skills and experience they have gained over the years, and offer an outstanding service resulting into the perfect finish. We have everything you need for your kitchen remodel and our showroom has just expanded! Our house was built in 1792, installation was no picnic.

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They kept us on task, worked with our schedule, worked to keep us on budget, and are more than willing to make sure it is just right. The cabinet guys installed the kitchen in record time. They have come back to make sure that we were happy with every detail. They are all so professional, on time, and stand by their work. I can’t speak highly enough of the entire team. Not surprisingly, since islands offer a number of practical as well as aesthetic benefits.

To list a few, islands function as a multipurpose workstation, an additional storage, or a dining area. Look, durability and maintenance tend to be the three essential criteria for choosing countertops.

Please call us to book an appointment to ensure one of our team are available for you as soon as you arrive. Do you have a kitchen plan you can send over? If opting for our worktop replacement service we can remove and dispose of your old worktops.

We are a family run business dedicated to offering very competitive pricing, quality workmanship and installation. We will not be beaten on price for products of similar quality. Granite and quartz provide a sensational element in any kitchen and bathroom. It is suitable for worktops and other areas around the home where you are looking to create stunning feature that is practical and durable. Small amounts of glass or metalic flecks are added to enhance the appearance and provide individuality. Quartz worktops and shower trays provide a spectacular yet functional element to any kitchen or bathroom.

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Our biggest project to date required us to lay granite flooring over an area equivalent to 20 football pitches. Your stone is fully installed and sealed if needed by our own professionals. By delivering an award-winning service, we enhance your home through natural stone worktops, with our guarantee that they...