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Dustproof and waterproof high-speed spindle, featuring high precision, high speed, low noise 2.

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Preferred 20 type circular guiderail, which features good wear resistance and high speed 3. Depth stop for precise blind hole drilling. Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period. If our clients are badly in need of the machine, we can overtime work.Use them for hand carving in granite, hard marble or anytime you’re looking for improved performance in your stone carving tools.

They suck in outside air and force it through your hose to your pneumatic tool. Every tool has different air requirements.

I recommend a 60 gallon air tank, 3 or more horse power, which can deliver air at 90 lbs of pressure and 5 or more gallons per minute. I have one which is 100 years old and still works.

These are the finest hammers in the world.

Amazing Stone Carving

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In my opinion, no one has made a better tool for carving. Find a friend with a hammer and see if carving your piece in 1/10th of the time as hand tools is where you want to go. If you can’t find the right chisel or hammer, you haven’t talked to us.

We can special-order any of their tools that we don’t carry and it is usually one week turn around. Choose chisels carefully for the kind of work you do. Use the smaller for detail, the larger for rough out. We also carry air die grinders, diamond cutting and shaping discs, burrs, both carbide and tungsten coated. But having a variety of the proper tools, of good quality, will make the work easier and more enjoyable. Wearing a respirator is advised when working around stone dust, and is absolutely required when working with stones containing silica (like granite) or other toxic materials.

Ear protection should be worn when using pneumatic tools and diamond saws.

Shock resistant gloves protect hands from the pneumatic tool vibration and abrasions from sharp stone chips.

It is used for roughing out and removing material quickly. The ones shown here are hardened steel which work well on softer stones and marble. For harder stones like granite, carbide tipped chisels are required. On soft stone, the point chisel can leave a ‘stone bruise’, or white mark, when it has gone deeper into the stone than your intended surface. Care must be taken not to ‘bury’ the chisel into the stone. These unintended white marks will show up when the stone is polished. These bruises can only be removed by carving or filing down into the stone past the depth of the bruise. The tooth chisel is used after the point chisel has roughed out the basic shape. It further refines the forms and removes the peaks and valleys left by the point chisel. The flat and rondel chisels come into play for smoothing out the texture left by the tooth chisel and prepares the stone for finishing. Any stone bruises left by the point or tooth chisels can be removed with a flat chisel or a riffler file. Hand tools for harder stones, like granite or sandstone, must be carbide tipped. The three tools on the left are point chisels.

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While carbide is a very hard metal, it is also very brittle and can be chipped if stuck against the stone incorrectly. Carbide can be sharpened with a green stone on a table grinder. The small 1 pound hammer is used for carving small details.

The 1 1/2 pound hammer is good for general carving. It is used with chisels with untempered ends and will cause the chisel to mushroom over. It can be used with chisels that have tempered ends, and in this combination, the hammer head will mushroom over. Never use a hardened hammer with a hardened steel chisel end. Striking too hard with this combination could cause metal fragments to fly off the end of the chisel like shrapnel. The 3 pound hammer has sufficient weight to effectively drive a point chisel or pitching tool in removing large chunks of stone. The ‘rock buster’ on the right has a carbide edge which can be placed on the edge of a stone, similar to a pitching tool, and struck with another hammer to bust off large chunks of stone. It can be very effective in removing a lot of stone quickly. The tracing tool is used for creating a more precise line along the edge of a block. Power tools for finishing can sometimes be hard to control and give a mechanical look. The use of rasps provides a more natural, flowing finish. The rasp’s scratch marks can be left as a textural element, or removed with sandpaper. Marble begins to show a polish at about 600 grit. Granite doesn’t polish until 3, 000 grit. The difference is the round shank (usually 1/2″) that goes into the pneumatic hammer. They can be either all steel or, as in this case, carbide tipped.

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Carbide is much harder (and more brittle) than tempered steel, so it will keep an edge much longer. A carbide chisel is sharpened with a green wheel on a grinder, and is never quenched. They impart many rapid strikes per second. The 3/4″ and 1″ hammers are used for general carving. The more powerful 1 1/4″ hammer is used for heavy material removal. Anti-vibration gloves with padded palms reduce this impact. The 4 point and 9 point bushing tools are used to pulverize granite crystals when doing the final shaping of the stone. The criss-cross tool can create interesting textures.

The cup tool is used for shaping concave surfaces.

The frosting tool is used for texturing marble. A stopcock on the hose near the hammer is used to regulate the air flow.Sand bags hold the work in place while you are carving and polishing. On the softer stones, inexpensive carbide masonry cutting and grinding discs can be used. Diamond blades are required for the harder stones like granite, but can also be used on the softer stones.

A flush mount adapter increases the versatility of the tool, but will have to be used without the safety guard. You must cut in a perfectly straight line with these blades.

Any torque could cause the blade to bind and kick back or damage the blade.

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An effective way to remove stone quickly is to make a series of parallel cuts about an inch apart, then break them off with a hammer and chisel. The diamond cup wheel is very effective at smoothing rough surfaces on granite before polishing. Equipped with diamond-coated burs, it can make the job of carving small details or getting into holes and crevices much easier. A regular drill will just spin and not cut into the stone. Carbide-tipped (masonry) drill bits must be used. Caution must be taken when drilling a hole completely through the stone. As you near the other side, the impact of the drill will blow out the stone surrounding the exit hole. The impact of a larger hammer drill may be required for drilling into harder stones like granite. For larger holes, a pneumatic rock drill and carbide-tipped drill bits with air running down the center of the bit to the tip (to blow out the dust) are used. High speed will lead to fracture of the rod. Different shapes of diamond grinding head show that they got different usages, which makes them different from grinding wheels.

The diamond grinding heads are cylindrical, elliptic and conical. So when the wheels are not workable, the grinding heads come into use.Still the grinding heads can be used in abrasive grinding features like: grinding, polishing and milling products.

So it’s usages are different and special in comparison with general wheels or other metal wheel of grinding tools.

Just got these bits today to try them out since they were a pretty decent price. With my other set of bits my rock carvings take about 6 hours each. With these bits, the exact same job took me 45 minutes.

If you are looking for a great set of stone carving bits, order one for yourself! Has been used to shape rocks into raptorial birds and to put holes in stones for pendants.

This one worked extremely well and they last ! I put these to the test with some red granite. I would like to find similar tools like this one.
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We will return you the money back when place official orders. Dustproof and waterproof high-speed spindle, featuring high precision, high speed, low noise 2. Preferred 20 type circular guiderail, which features good wear resistance and high speed 3. Depth stop for precise blind hole drilling. Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall...