Your work and professionalism speak volumes.

I look forward to my next project and will certainly refer people to you.

rock creations custom granitblasting rose granite

We love our granite and will continue to refer you. Arlington in most cases is no more than 15-30 minutes away from our showroom and slab yard. Arlington home or business the best quality granite or quartz on the market. We also travel abroad to locate unique granite slabs that are not custom to our local area.One of our project managers will be happy to work with you on your project. With the open floor plan of our home, the kitchen is a very visible part of the living space; now it is also a visual highlight. Your selection of over 300 granite colors allowed us to find something that worked beautifully with our color scheme. It was cut and installed with great attention to detail, and everyone involved in the installation was enthusiastic and helpful. This company has very good warranties as well. Just went in here to look at quartz and get a quote.

Blasting A Rose On Granite Arlington Texas Meet Part 2

A couple of Fellas blasting a Rose on Granite using High pressure and mask. at the Arlington

She said she wasn’t going to argue with me and knows they are 30% cheaper than competitors.

If it offends you then lower your prices! We are wholesale to the public and are less expensive than most other companies.

Was very transparent about prices (which where the very reasonable) and limitation with the material. We would have probably gone with them even if they where not the cheapest because they where honest and knowledgeable. Install went fine, the guys finished in a reasonable amount of time and have not had any issues.

We offer turnkey solutions for both residential and commercial projects.

Look forward to work with you in the future. Strongly recommend him for any handy work. They were very responsive to our requests, reasonable with competitive pricing, and met our quick timeline for installation. Cristina brought samples to our house when she took the measurements so we could see the colors with our paint and lighting. The granite was cut perfectly and the tile installation needed several cuts due to all the outlets – they did an excellent job and the project was complete by 3pm the same day. We are very happy with their service and plan on using them again. His crew did the tile work, countertop installation, handy work and more. He always gave all the details we needed to ensure the job was done right and offers a very reasonable price. He delivered more than what he had promised. He made any last minute changes with a smiley face. Mike was very friendly and kept the workspace clean. He completed the work in a timely manner. Only reason he was rated a 4, is that the epoxy fill used on the granite wasn’t a perfect match (color wise). They worked really hard and were very efficient! He installed laminate floors throughout our home and remodeled our kitchen (painted cabinets, installed granite, and new backsplash). He was easy to communicate with and finished the job within a reasonable amount of time. Oscar built for me an absolutely beautiful cabinet and reinstalled the granite top and sink to perfection!!!!

The 10 Best Granite Countertop Installers In Arlington TX 2018

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I got to pick out my own granite slab and they fabricated and installed it perfectly! They were professional, on time and did an outstanding job. He installed a built in mud room, a new cabinet coffee bar for our kitchen, installed a vent-a-hood, put a granite countertop in 1 bathroom and built an in closure for our cat box. She was responsive and worked things on her end. I ended up hearing back from my original installer not too long after talking with her, but was very impressed with their professionalism, immediate response, and willingness to work with me. We updated our kitchen countertops and backsplash. He gave us a great selection of choices and spent the time explaining the materials and colors options.

All of his work from the countertop and backsplash installation to the electrical and sheet rock work was all fantastic. He was always available to talk and answer questions so we never had to wonder about what was next to do or when his team would be working. I will be calling them when we are ready for our next project! The installers were able to meet our schedule and two days later our granite was installed. Installers were quick and thorough and clean. They cleaned up after themselves and made sure everything was to my satisfaction. We handle countertops ranging from laminate to exotic granite colors in 2-cm and 3-cm products, along with a wide range of edge treatments available. We offer quick installation time from template. We offer a large stocking colors to choose from. We offer you the opportunity to choose your slab (after deposit is made). We are proud to offer a large and beautiful selection of granite, quartz, and other natural stone direct to you at wholesale prices . Talk to us about natural stone and hard surface showers, sinks, flooring, and even fireplaces!

Top 10 Best Arlington TX Marble and Granite Companies

Mix and match colors and styles of granite, stone, cabinets, and flooring to help you find the right choice for your home. Looking to upgrade your shower, vanity, kitchen countertops, or even your fireplace? We offer a wide variety of natural stone to suit any need, style, and budget. Our fabrication and installation specialists will work to carefully craft and install your new granite countertops.

We also offer a broad selection of edge profiles for the finishing touch on any installation. Call us today at 817-962-2616 if you need our services, or would like to learn more about our products or installation process.

As an investment into your home, you cannot beat the value of granite or quartz countertops.

Visit our showroom or check out our online inventory. Upgrading your home can be expensive, especially when using quality products like natural stone. Let us help save you money with wholesale prices on all our products! Our granite installers and fabricators have been in the business for more than 20 years.We help guide you through the process and answer all your questions so you choose the perfect granite. As a natural stone, granite is prized for its unique characteristics.

Because each slab is quarried, cut, and polished, you will never find two pieces that are exactly alike. Granite does require regular upkeep, which some people would rather not deal with. Because the stone is completely natural, it is porous and can stain or harbor bacteria if not sealed. Most granite needs resealing every three years or so, but each slab is different.

Blasting A Rose On Granite Arlington Texas Meet Part

A couple of Fellas blasting a Rose on Granite using High pressure and mask. at the Arlington

Quartz countertops are a popular alternative to granite, and many homeowners and builders alike will debate granite vs.

Quartz is a partially engineered stone that usually contains about seven percent resin. Manufacturers include resin to bind the material of quartz together, proving consistency and durability. Though some homeowners will see this as a drawback, others will see it as an advantage. The consistency of quartz means you will not encounter flaws, nor will the slab you choose in the showroom have marked differences from the piece installed in your home. You do not need to have quartz countertops sealed, nor must you schedule annual service to maintain a sealant. Manufacturers of quartz can dye and engineer the stone to present any color or pattern imaginable. Because of its similar appearance to granite and nonporous qualities, quartz is a popular countertop material in both kitchens and bathrooms.

However, it is more susceptible to staining and etching than other natural stone because it is softer. It is generally not recommended in kitchens, but proper care can preserve its beauty. Specialty stone countertops can help ensure that you never encounter counters that match your own. We seek out and provide unique and rare types of granite, quartz, and other natural stones for clients who want something truly special. Specialty stones can also include unique cuts or unusual fabrications.From sinks to stone slabs, our suppliers provide top-quality materials for your home. Do you want a single or double bowl sink? Interested in installing a bar sink in your kitchen? There are just as many colors as there are patterns! Choose from a vast selection of stone-looking ceramic tile. They offer an exceptionally large range of colors, and guarantee the craftsmanship of their products.

Home improvement projects can be costly, and natural stone is a premium material. This is why we work with several suppliers to bring a wide variety of products direct to you at wholesale prices.

However, sometimes a major remodel with the very best materials will still put a dent in your wallet. In addition to the usual savings we provide, we offer discounts and packages on various products.

If you need a smaller piece of granite for a coffee table, vanity, or other project, come by our showroom to check out our options! If you have questions about financing or prices, call 817-962-2616 . He was always available to discuss, had great ideas/recommendations, and was just a great guy to work with! I was kept informed of every step as needed and my changes were handled efficiently. Due to personal problems, he was also often unavailable and not very responsive. Also, after more than one measurement of our kitchen and assurances there was enough of my wife’s selected and ‘reserved’ granite for the job – there was not enough by the time the kitchen was prepped for install. No explanation as to why – this created a situation involving last minute decisions and totally different approach for some construction. Sub-contractors seemed professional and skilled in most of their work. On that call they were apologetic and promised to have an estimate to me within 24 hours.

But it’s probably a good idea to communicate that to potential clients.

He made an appointment with me to bring the granite, however, was a no show. Did not call them again to do the granite work in the master bath that is in process now. We never had to call them back for anything. They cleaned up after thier work everyday. They had a full understanding of the measure that was taken and instructions given. Adrian was extremely professional – not only was he and his crew punctual, they finished on time and with no issues.

Adrian was super flexible when we encountered a construction delay. They were professional, on time, and went above and beyond our expectations.

We trusted the people working in our house and we were able to move out without any worries, so they could have multiple crews working at one time.
rock creations custom granitblasting rose granite  2
Your work and professionalism speak volumes. I look forward to my next project and will certainly refer people to you. We love our granite and will continue to refer you. Arlington in most cases is no more than 15-30 minutes away from our showroom and slab yard. Arlington home or...