My husband dropped and broke a bottle of olive oil on our granite counter while cooking. Spray spot lightly with distilled water, then sprinkle a thick layer of cornstarch over the area. I was transporting hot grease from a metal container to a plastic container. If you can do this you will be able to check how porous your granite is (they vary widely) and know the degree of care you should take.

The hot pot, which was only on the granite for a few seconds, left a white mark.
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The solvent spreads out around the patch and it had me worried, but the solvent evaporates and disappears after a day or two and will not change the color of the granite. I think the new granites must be lower grade and not properly sealed to have all the problems described here.

Removing Oil Stains From Marble

You spread it 1/4 inch thick on top of the stain and extend the application another 1/4 inch around the stain. People have told us what worked for them, and others have responded that they worked in some cases but not in others.

There is a newer, bigger stain now from that poultice mixture! Does anyone know how to remove embedded coffee stains on granite? I found this forum and tried all the homemade poultices and they lightened it, but it was still there. We just had a new granite counter top installed and today my wife noticed that the seems, on either side of the back splash, are turning green. They came back and burned it with a blowtorch to remove the green (saying this has worked before) and now there is a grey scorch mark. The entire end area where my son eats is a darker, dull color now, and same situation around the cooktop.

Leave for 48 hours, remove and wipe down and that should help with the removal/fading process nicely. I have tried hot dish washing liquid but nothing stronger for fear of ruining the finish. Our table in the kitchen, connected to island is the same brushed granite. My coffee pot sat on the counter overnight and leaked coffee and has stained the counter top granite which is light. Wash surface with mild soap and water—the corn starch should lift the grease effortlessly. I wasn’t told anything about care, but was told it would be sealed at the factory then sealed when installed. The poultice penetrates up to 2 cm in depth and is safe for use on polished and fine honed surfaces.

Leave covered for at least 24 hours, the baking soda will dry and pull up much of the stain. I too have questions about new white granite turning green, but what good is a web site that is nothing more than questions? We had granite installed last week and it is already stained. If the unthinkable should occur, you can tackle stains from liquids and other substances with poultice recipes and do-it-yourself solutions. Any one ever had this type of problem and possibly a solution? If necessary, repeat operation until the whole stains removal.

R152 also removes dirt and stains from tile edges caused by the application of unsuitable silicone sealers and grout or glue sealers.

The internet is largely anonymous unvetted; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations may be deliberately harmful. I did clean it up immediately but the next day two stains appeared. We are a local stone supplier who specializes in quartz, granite, and other natural stone countertops, and we would love to show you the variety of options available. We just got done remodeling our bathroom with a beautiful new black granite vanity top. What would be the best type of poultice to use on these types of stains and should this have happened? This should be mixed to a thick paste and put on top of the stain, before being covered with cling-film cellotaped down at the sides.

Granite Countertops By Crs Granite How To Remove Oil Marks

Granite Countertops by CRS Granite – Here is a video to show you how to remove oil marks from a granite counter using hydrogen

I tried the dawn, flour, water combination, and it made the stains lighter but they did not go away.
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Do you think they are becoming stained with green from mold, cutting vegetables and what? For oil and other stains try placing a hot wet terry cloth towel on the stain with a iron on full steam right on top,then try the common poultice, the steam will help breakdown the residue and the poultice will draw out the stain. Alas, the black granite power kitchens of the late 80’s, early 90’s got us to love granite but not the black color.

Can anyone tell me how to get coffee stains out of a new, light-colored granite counter? I woke up this morning and there is a stain next to the stove. They look amazing in both kitchens and bathrooms, but they require some upkeep to prevent them from staining.

The pot was stainless steel and had oil stains on the bottom. An oil removing poultice will remove it in 2-3 applications.

Easy to use, it acts quickly on new and superficial stains without damaging the surface brightness.

Can someone finally send a correct answer that really works? There does not seem to be an answer to this type of stain request. Sprinkle some cornstarch on the cleaned, dry surface, covering the stain completely. Apparently my countertop was not adequately sealed at the time of installation, and no one bothered to follow up with us as to what was normal with granite.

They tried a commercial poultice which worked out the rest of the green, but it only lightened the grey mark, not remove it. Just about everything stains it, even if you try like mad to keep it spotless. The granite company fixed a hole in the face of a white-ish section at the sink cut with epoxy and it bloomed green within a couple of months. For most granite stains apply 50% bleach to 50% water in a poultice powder.

Anyone clue how to turn the grey ‘burnt’ area back to white? If you’re considering a granite countertop, at the very least, test a sample piece. Before using any cleaning product on granite countertops, we must test the solution in a hidden area. R160 is a ready to use spray on cleaner for use on smaller surfaces.

Let it act for a few seconds then rub with a brushing machine equipped with black or brown disk, or manually using a floor brush. Use of acid-based cleaners, including vinegar, on granite damages the surface. We have now experienced the same stain and am wondering what to do? Here are some of the best practices and recipes for removing stains from marble and granite countertops! One area did require two applications, but really cannot say [enough about] how good this was. This inadvertently soaked the granite from underneath and a dark stain spread to the top and lip of the countertop overhanging the sink. We recommend testing on a small area before applying on the surface. It removes oil, paint and wax stains from marble and granite floors. It can be used as it is or diluted with water, better if with hot water in a ratio of 1:1 wet the floor with plenty of water and then rubbing with a brush or clothes.

Using dish washing liquid and brushing it out did nothing to the purple stain that was left behind. Wax remover in water-solvent mixture, especially developed to remove layers of wax or acrylic treatment.

Cover with plastic wrap and allow to sit overnight or longer. Sorry, but it’s human nature that more people are interested in asking for free help from others than in offering help to others, but please view the thread a little more slowly: dozens of the postings are answers to previous questions! The granite has a stain guard on the surface that is supposedly guaranteed for 15 years. In our kitchen, there are some patched created on the black granite because of hot pots put on it. I used the flour and peroxide poultice method to remove a grease stain from my brand new granite counter top.

Still, there are light dark granites; porous polished granites; unsealed, factory-sealed, site-sealed granites; and there are stains of a 1001 varieties. For grease splatters, sprinkle area immediately with cornstarch and allow to sit for about 15 minutes.

Marble or granite can have stains of paint, rust, oil, food etc.
My husband dropped and broke a bottle of olive oil on our granite counter while cooking. Spray spot lightly with distilled water, then sprinkle a thick layer of cornstarch over the area. I was transporting hot grease from a metal container to a plastic container. If you can do...