Place the grinder for a minimum of 30 minutes on every tile to completely remove scratches and stains off the marble surface. Apply a suitable amount of the compound on the buffing pad and with the help of an angle grinder, buff the entire surface of the marble tile. Sky was able to fill in the holes with a compound and matched the color and rock chips.

This will make the marble surface less porous and provide resistance to minor stains and scratches.

Floor Marble Polishing

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The grout lines became dark and soiled as well due to the lippage. With our regular maintenance program, we guarantee that you will never have to spend money on a complete restoration again, and your floors will always look fabulous.

Refinishing Marble Tile

Marble countertop polishing , cleaning, refinishing . Marble countertops in bathrooms or kitchens can become dull and damaged by

After grinding and honing, the floor was brought up to a low polish, satisfying the owner’s preference. This floor cleaned, to remove wax build-up out of the grout, diamond honed, polished and sealed.

Proceed by covering small areas at a time and go as per the instructions given on the buffing compound container. This marble was vein cut and installed with the veining of the stone lined up for a dramtic effect. We have already brought them to our business for additional work.

This will help protect the surface against stains and mild scratches. Protective eyewear is also recommended to prevent irritation. However, they need to be regularly cleaned and buffed to bring out the natural beauty of their finish.

The truth is that all types of marble will get scratch, etch and also loose it’s shine and luster if you do not maintain it properly.

Your marble polish needs depends on where it is used, marble flooring, marble tiles, marble vanities or marble shower tiles. A marble-specific refinish compound or buffing compound is required for this step. This is a close up of what exactly causes marble and natural stone to lose its luster, fine scratches. This further confirms long life of marble floors and keeps marble installation spaces appear more appealing.

This marble foyer was cleaned by another well-known company, and they must have used an acidic cleaner as the owner said it completely dulled the floor after they cleaned it. The diamond honing is the most important part, as it removes all the wear, scratches, and prepare the floor for polishing. Our technicians will provide you with tile and stone care tips, techniques, and suggested products to keep your stone looking spectacular. This prevents inhalation of harmful fumes or vapors from the sealing compound that otherwise might cause allergies and other health hazards. It requires cleaning as well as buffing on a regular basis, so as to maintain its natural beauty and finish.

Pour some generous amount of water on the buffed marble surface to wash off excess compound. Agitate the area using a soft sponge to safely remove dirt, oil and stains on the surface. Open surrounding windows and doors when using sealers to enhance indoor ventilation. After a year of continued residue buildup and constantly pivoting in the same area with day-to-day use, she was left with an etched floor with some deep scratches from sand and abrasives. After the last diamond cut, the 1800, it will have the clarity, or reflection, just not the wet look that marble is known for.

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Apply plenty of water on the marble tiles to provide better lubrication for the buffing pad.

Marble is a softer natural stone and can come in a variety of colors. However additional diamond sanding may be required to remove acid damage, without removing the antiqued appearance.

This shows the process immediately after grinding, and then the finished product after diamond honing and using an active polishing compound to bring the floor back to life. Once the refinishing is done, seal the marble by using a soft paint brush. The last step is the polishing step, and this is the process that delivers that final wet look you see here. However the sealer coating quickly scratched and embedded soil into the surface. This process is done wet to eliminate all dust, and is contained to ensure the safety of personal property.

Remove any excess compound with a wet towel or sponge and wipe it dry. Like any other flooring material, they are susceptible to scratches and discoloration that may dull the finish. We undestand and appreciate the characteristics of marble floors and natural stone.

Use as much as required and keep polishing the marble tile with the grinder constantly in circular motions. Reading the instructional manual of the sealing compound is also important to avoid any unexpected damage to marble tiles. If the sealing has to be done on marble tiles in an enclosed area, it is suggested to all open windows and doors surrounding the area for effective ventilation.

Let it dry for some time before moving on to the next step. This will also help you to know the exact amount of compound required for buffing. Another company has put a topical coating on this floor to “polish” it at one time. The constant pivoting and foot traffic causes fine scratches that over time rob the stone of its natural reflective shine.

Grout can become embedded with soils and harbor unsanitary bacteria growth. Move the grinder in small circular motions to polish the entire surface evenly. Showers can accumulate mildew, soap film and hard water deposits. We can also repair cracks, chips and remove stains in natural stone and offer tile and grout restoration, cleaning and sealing and recoloring. Concentrate the grinder for at least 30 seconds on each tile to thoroughly remove scratches and other contaminants on the surface.

He is very passionate about his work and it shows in the quality of his work. The typical process to restore 95% of worn marble is a 3-step diamond process using 220 resins, followed by 800 and then 1800.

Excess compound should be removed from such spaces using a wet towel. Now gently wipe the entire marble surface with the sponge to remove dirt, stains and oil marks.

The floor actually got soiled faster due to this and the “polish” worn out very quickly. We take pride in the quality of our work and strive, to the best of our abilities, to give our clients the desired results that they want to achieve. As you can see, especially on darker marble the color is really enhanced. It is suggested that one should wear suitable clothing and use safety equipment like goggles and gloves while refinishing the marble.

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The product of his work was very professional and excellent. Their are some marble flooring and that are harder than others. We know how to clean marble floors and marble floor polishing.

These types of floors attract dirt and grit in high traffic areas. While an unfinished side, like underneath a countertop or back side of a stone tile will be near colorless.

Look at what our marble polishing techniques did to this checkered floor? We are dedicated solely to the restoration of natural stone, we do not sell, fabricate or install. This team did a fabulous job on restoring our travertine floors as well as our marble countertops!

Follow the directions stated on the container of the buffing compound to find the right amount of compound required. But, after a while, floors can get a build-up of dirt or topical treatments or become dull and scratched from foot traffic. A single coat is enough to protect the surface, but applying two coats of sealer is highly recommended. Our passion for what we do and our strong commitment to educate our clients on properly caring and maintaining the beauty of marble floors and natural stone is evident in all the projects we do. Marble floors and all types of natural stone needs some type of care and maintentance. It is a durable natural stone and can last for decades after installation with proper care and maintenance. Our night technicians are experts at regularly inspecting floors and providing instant remedies for any damage they find.

The first “during” picture we have polished the back half of a master bedroom. Indian marble is globally admired for its bewitching beauty with respect to shades and wavy surface patterns. This is typical with all natural stones, the more refined they are, the more defined color. The maid had been using vinegar to clean and was slowing eroding the surface. When we were finished restoring the mirror like finish, the owner was hesitant to walk on it because she thought it was wet! He was very professional from giving me a quote to doing the job! Since grinding or buffing process causes a lot of compound and water to spatter all across the marble installation area, it is suggested to thoroughly check the fixtures and surrounding area.

Similar to other flooring materials, marble is prone to discoloration and scratches that could hamper its finish after prolonged use. By following the above easy-to-perform steps, you can bring back the new look of your marble tiles. The black you see on the floor is stone “slurry” that is created when the diamond cut the floor with water. One of the first things they’ll notice is the floor and how well you maintain it.


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Place the grinder for a minimum of 30 minutes on every tile to completely remove scratches and stains off the marble surface. Apply a suitable amount of the compound on the buffing pad and with the help of an angle grinder, buff the entire surface of the marble tile....