We provide clients with quality craftsmanship, and most importantly, we provide patience and understanding at a particularly difficult time in their lives.

For three generations we are proud of our work and in helping families in their decision on choosing the right monument or marker that will last a lifetime.

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The layout and materials are important to the statement, which serves as a lasting reflection of memories.

Personalized messages and artwork are etched, hand cut, or sandblasted into the stone to ensure their permanency. All of our work is crafted with the utmost care. We guarantee our work and can provide you with a certificate of monument quality if needed.In addition, we ensure that the monument is delivered and installed to the specifications required by the cemetery of choice. We are not a conglomerate corporation or funeral home that will hand off your phone number to a sales associate in your area. We do not sell funerals or funeral services, we leave that up to the professionals in the funeral service business as they should leave the graveyard monument sales to professional monument dealers.

If shipping a monument or marker to a cemetery, you are responsible to check rules and regulations with the cemetery before purchasing. Can hold cremated remains of up to four people. Originally, a tombstone was the stone lid of a stone coffin , or the coffin itself, and a gravestone was the stone slab that was laid over a grave .

How Monuments Are Made Summit Memorials

Ever wonder how monuments and headstones are made? Summit Memorials takes you on an inside look at how we turn slabs of …

Some graves in the 18th century also contained footstones to demarcate the foot end of the grave. Footstones were rarely annotated with more than the deceased’s initials and year of death, and sometimes a memorial mason and plot reference number. Many cemeteries and churchyards have removed those extra stones to ease grass cutting by machine mower. Over time, this movement can result in the stones being sited several metres away from their original location. Graves, and any related memorials are a focus for mourning and remembrance. The names of relatives are often added to a gravestone over the years, so that one marker may chronicle the passing of an entire family spread over decades.

Since gravestones and a plot in a cemetery or churchyard cost money, they are also a symbol of wealth or prominence in a community. Some gravestones were even commissioned and erected to their own memory by people who were still living, as a testament to their wealth and status.

Crematoria frequently offer similar alternatives to families who do not have a grave to mark, but who want a focus for their mourning and for remembrance . Some may limit the placing of a wooden memorial to six months after burial, after which a more permanent memorial must be placed. Others may require stones of a certain shape or position to facilitate grass-cutting. Headstones of granite , marble and other kinds of stone are usually created, installed, and repaired by monumental masons . Restoration is a specialized job for a monumental mason . For example, ivy should only be cut at the base roots and left to naturally die off, never pulled off forcefully. Many materials have been used as markers.

Typical motifs for the carving included a symbol and the deceased’s name and age. Leaving the letters, numbers and emblems exposed on the stone, the blaster can create virtually any kind of artwork or epitaph. Marble is a recrystallised form of limestone. The mild acid in rainwater can slowly dissolve marble and limestone over time, which can make inscriptions unreadable. Marble became popular from the early 19th century, though its extra cost limited its appeal. Some sandstone markers are so well preserved that individual chisel marks are discernible, while others have delaminated and crumbled to dust. Delamination occurs when moisture gets between the layers of the sandstone. As it freezes and expands the layers flake off. It takes lettering well, often highlighted with white paint or gilding .

Upright Monuments

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They were sold as more durable than marble, about 1/3 less expensive and progressive. Some could be very ornate, although few survive beyond 50–100 years due to natural decomposition. This may be accompanied by a small inscribed metal or wooden marker. The placement of inscriptions is traditionally placed on the forward-facing side of the memorial but can also be seen in some cases on the reverse and around the edges of the stone itself. Since the invention of photography, a gravestone might include a framed photograph or cameo of the deceased; photographic images or artwork (showing the loved one, or some other image relevant to their life, interests or achievements) are sometimes now engraved onto smooth stone surfaces.

Some headstones use lettering made of white metal fixed into the stone, which is easy to read but can be damaged by ivy or frost. Deep carvings on a hard-wearing stone may weather many centuries exposed in graveyards and still remain legible. Those fixed on the inside of churches , on the walls , or on the floor (often as near the altar as possible) may last much longer: such memorials were often embellished with a monumental brass . The choice of language and/or script on gravestones has been studied by sociolinguists as indicators of language choices and language loyalty. In the 19th century, headstone styles became very diverse, ranging from plain to highly decorated, and often using crosses on a base or other shapes differing from the traditional slab. They might be replaced by more elaborately carved markers, such as crosses or angels . Special emblems on tombstones indicate several familiar themes in many faiths.

After several instances where unstable stones have fallen in dangerous circumstances, some burial authorities “topple test” headstones by firm pressure to check for stability. We offer a wide selection of bronze memorial and recognition plaques . It is this commitment to excellence that has kept us in business for over 65 years.

We offer the finest, most beautiful granites from around the world and carve each one in our own production facility. Each piece is carefully inspected upon arrival to ensure it meets our strict quality standards.

Our expert memorial counselors will work with you to create a special tribute for your loved one, at a price you can afford. Each memorial we craft comes with our written perpetual guarantee, so you can rest assured the memorial you select will be there for generations to come.

How To Clean A Granite Monument

Our web site includes many good examples of epitaphs , inscriptions, quotes and sayings that are etched into cemetery monuments.

We provide on-site engraving services in which one of our skilled craftsman will add a name and/or date to a gravestone that has already been placed above a grave in a cemetery. Granite is some of the oldest stone on earth. Born of ancient volcanoes, the stone is magma that has cooled slowly to form large rock crystals.

We offer a large selection of cemetery monuments and headstones in a wide variety of colors, prices and styles.

Granite is one of the hardest materials and will last indefinitely, however the surface is somewhat porous and can hold dirt, stains, and mineral deposits over a period of time. Bring enough water to rinse well after cleaning. Also, you may want to bring some scissors or small pruners for trimming grasses.

Pre-wetting prevents the cleaning solution from penetrating into the stone. Keep the stone wet at all times during the cleaning process.

Start at the bottom of the stone and work toward the top.Working in this direction will prevent streaks.

Make sure all the cleaning solution is rinsed off. Use a soft scrubbing brush and toothbrush to get into the etchings.

Usually these stains will disappear over time when exposed to the sun. For a quick solution mix a couple drops of ammonia with 15% hydrogen peroxide solution and apply it to the stain and watch it disappear. It can be diluted with water for a lighter cleaning, or applied directly for thicker deposits.

The Second Hand Carved Granite Monument

This style of Memorial/Monument is suggestive of an unfinished life……. These three pieces of granite total 2500 + pounds of rock …

Use in a spray bottle with a plastic scrubber and a soft toothbrush. The trick is to be sure to take enough water for a good rinsing. Granite monuments make beautiful memorials.

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We provide clients with quality craftsmanship, and most importantly, we provide patience and understanding at a particularly difficult time in their lives. For three generations we are proud of our work and in helping families in their decision on choosing the right monument or marker that will last a...