There are also holes forming in the natural stone the need to be filled. Despite this, polished marble and travertine can still look strikingly modern if you take the time to care for it properly.

Dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly and unsafe scratches.

Contractor removed tiles and mud bed from around drain and we need this area rebuilt and retiled. If your marble has been etched by acid cleaners, we can bring it to life.

Professional Marble Cleaning Service

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And that professional beautification includes tackling your dull, dingy, grimy natural stone tile and grout. The term crystallization has entered the language of the marble polishing field to describe a process used polish a shine on marble surfaces. In fact, the marble cleaning and polishing process is actually very similar to that which is used by stonemasons who are preparing natural stone for sale, so it is no surprise that the results are very similar. Grout is a cement based material that absorbs moisture, causing stains and the growth of mold and mildew. Kip did an excellent job explaining the process as well as doing the work. If you are striving for a sleek marble floor with little effort, then you have landed on the correct site. Once the surface is this smooth and polished, it is very easy to simply wipe any dirt and grime straight off. The use of marble and natural stone to furnish and beautify homes is rapidly increasing and this has been confirmed by a rise in demand of marble and natural stone restoration services. With fair and honest pricing, free consultations and estimates, and a satisfaction guarantee, we’ve made it easy for you to select a contractor you can count on. We seal marble with a quality sealer, delivering a bold hydrophobic experience to the surface. We can remove lippage and leave you with a consistent flat surface. We would love to have the opportunity to show you how our years of knowledge and experience result in a dramatic difference for your floors, countertops, shower walls, patios, and more. Our natural polishing process for terrazzo offers beautiful results and eliminates the need for continual stripping and waxing. We don’t only focus on cleaning the shower, but we also prevent soap scum and water from etching and staining it. It will become scratches by sands from our shows and looking dull, so you need professional service to get back its natural shining appearance of the floor. Our multi-generational experience cleaning beautiful homes means we know how to properly treat rare and exotic surfaces, never using harsh cleaning solutions or tools that could potentially do more harm than good. Is your terrazzo stained, cracked, or yellowed with layers of wax and coatings? After your marble is cleaned, the grout lines still may have stains. Natural stone needs repairing from time to time and our floors our now filled and smooth – you would never know a … Maintaining marble stone is nothing short of a burden, if it is not sealed. If you want your stone and tile to look brand new again without the high expense of replacement, you’ve come to the right place.

Marble used on floors, countertops and other areas need to be always kept clean and should have an outstanding appearance. Over time these marble and natural stone lose their appearance as they will start to scarp, discolor, and fade away. We also provide garden maintenance service for the purpose of clean, beauty and green your garden.

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We are master craftsmen who love working with concrete, decorative coatings, and concrete dyes. Notice, our artists have cleaned the marble shower and made it look sleek. We can clean and restore dull, stained marble surfaces and repair cracks and chips. Using the correct cleaning equipment is especially important for marble because it is such a porous material, sensitive to abrasive or acidic cleaners used by less scrupulous house cleaning companies.

This is where the services of a marble restoration company is required.

The last person that filled the holes, used grout, which is not an ugly shade of grey. Your marble floors and surfaces are as fragile as they are beautiful.

Terrazzo floors can be a cinch to maintain, when we achieve a stunning natural polish that eliminates the need for constant stripping and waxing. Trying to keep the unsealed marble stone clean is a very tough job, as it is porous and allows liquids to stain it. Our sealer prevents it from etching, staining and absorbing moisture, giving birth to mold. Most people are not aware of the marble restoration and marble polishing service, or believe that cleaning marble or natural stone is too expensive.

No worries, we can clean, polish, repair, refinish and make it look as good as newÂ… or better. Have the professionals clean and enhance your surfaces, to prolong their life and keep them looking beautiful. We offer unmatched quality service, knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, some of the products which we use in everyday life can still have negative effects on polished marble and travertine surfaces.

Marble Polishing Restoration Long Island New York

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The results of the marble restoration processes are stunningly strong and elegant. For example, coffee, beer and soft drinks can all dull the surfaces of polished stone.

Must-reads for natural stone and tile owners, including how-toÂ’s, tips on selection, and much more.

We can hone and polish away scratches and etching, revealing the brand new marble surface that was hidden under all that damage. Moreover, it also creates a sense of style and modern appearance to homes.

There are also holes forming in the natural stone the need to be filled. Despite this, polished marble and travertine can still look strikingly modern if you take the time to care for it properly. Dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly and unsafe scratches. Contractor...