Maintain and enhance their reflective luster and beautiful rich colors while ensuring the beauty and richness of your countertops. We know what it takes to clean, polish, repair, restore, and protect your floors and surfaces. An experienced flooring technician will leave your marble floors clean, shined and protected against stains. They are hard working, focused on the details, take pride in their work. The polishing and restoration of marble tile can involve diamonds and powder or just powder.

Professional Marble Polish Marble Floor Restoration

Protect your beautiful granite countertops while maintaining and enhancing their reflective luster and beautiful rich colors. Are your natural stone floors or countertops scratched, chipped, etched, or dulled? We can advise you on care products to ensure you are using the proper cleaning product that will enhance the beauty of your marble. Step one of five will begin following a detailed inspection which allows us to get an accurate view of the type of stone, its current condition and any troublesome areas that need extra attention.

Professional Marble Cleaning Houston

As a stone and tile restoration company, we are dedicated to the art of cleaning , sealing, polishing , stripping, and caring for Marble

If your slate is chalky-looking, we can determine whether it is due to efflorescence or aged coatings and then strip and clean your slate to restore it natural beauty. There is a difference between the restoration of natural stones and the maintenance of natural stones.

Having the right equipment and tools for the job along with the expertise is what makes the floor.

The misconception that because marble is a stone it does not need any maintenance is far from the truth. We can professionally clean your marble counters, then seal them to prevent future damage. Granite floors and countertops display an unforgettable shine. Our competent staff is ready to respond to your restoration or maintenance queries and needs. It means we meet quality standards in the industry, which include proper training and experience, excellent references, proper licensing and insurance, and professional integrity. I began working for my father in 1991 at the age of eighteen. As time goes by and the granite stone is not maintained correctly or is neglected, it will lose its beautiful appearance and it is time to get it professionally cleaned. Our specialty is travertine floating (filling in the naturally occurring holes) and repair. This process can include sanding, diamond grinding and other professional techniques. We arrive on time, work around your schedule, and get the job done right. WeÂ’re fully equipped to deliver the solutions you are looking for, from concrete prep and repairs to polishing and sealing. Please let others in your company know how much we admire their work. If you donÂ’t like the way your stone surfaces look, weÂ’ll reclean them for you right away. This restoration can include grinding, sanding, and other professional techniques which require specific training. We have two different stone sealers to choose from: one has a glossier finish, while another has a matte finish with a slight sheen to protect the stone without a glossier finish. Granite is incredibly durable, but not impervious, so we provide chip repair and other services to restore its elegance. We specialize in deep cleaning all types of stone using commercial-grade equipment thatÂ’s powerful enough to strip away even the toughest build-up. Houston is very important, due to the fact that we have our homes closed with the hvac running most of the year. We have fun taking on creative jobs that transform lack-luster rooms. The truth is that all marble will scratch, etch and lose its shine and luster. Our professional tile cleaning services extract deeply embedded dirt and grime, producing dramatic results.

Sealing stone prevents common accidents or damage to the surface of your natural stone tile floor by providing an invisible barrier against spills or anything sharp. It is very important for you to clean the floor with a ph neutral cleaner that is stone specific,this will keep the floor looking great for a long time after we have cleaned them for you and it will not eat away at the sealer or the stone. We use high quality stone sealant that doesnÂ’t chip or crack, and our finishes allow the stone to breathe so it stays healthy longer. Your choice of floor covering is a matter of taste, and the options you listed are certainly reasonable alternatives. These products are developed to suit the characteristics of each type of stone. WeÂ’re extremely careful not to get your marble stoned floors too wet, if your floors are too wet flooding or water logging can occur. All natural stones require specific and distinct products and cleaning supplies for care and maintenance. Ensure that the beauty and richness of your countertops last for a very long time. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, marble countertops are very porous and in time can become stained. WeÂ’re equipped with the best stone polishing equipment in the local area. If you have a natural stone patio in your backyard or surrounding your saltwater pool, you need to maintain it properly. Knowing the type of stain will help identify the proper stain removal technique needed. Yellowed, dirty, or damaged terrazzo can be honed and polished with a natural finish that eliminates the need for stripping and waxing. The main reason you donÂ’t see terrazzo in new homes today is because the labor and skill required have made it prohibitively expensive to install. Our certified technicians in natural stone restoration, clean and restore all kinds of stone floors such as marble and travertine. We will bring back the sparkle of your natural stone floor. No one product can restore and maintain all natural stones. We never cut corners when it comes to providing the best possible results for your floors, countertops, and other surfaces.

Sealing, and slate restoration are all available to get your slate back to looking great. The result on the marble and the limestone floors exceeds our expectations by far.

Restoration involves a total reconditioning of the stone surface. Natural stone restoration includes polishing and sealing stone floors and/or countertops. Wood floor cleaning, wood floor sanding, wood floor sealing, wood floor staining, wood floor maintenance. Stone care and maintenance can easily be handled by individuals or janitorial staff.

Your marble needs depend upon where it is used—floors, walls, countertops, vanities or shower walls. We’re certified to clean and restore all kinds of natural stone floors such as marble and travertine.

Marble Cleaning

The restoration of natural stones and tiles should be handled by professionals, whereas the maintenance can easily be handled by janitorial staff or individuals.

Marble is generally a softer stone, though some marbles are harder than others. In high traffic or high use area like the kitchen or entryway once a year will be best, it will keep your floor looking great the tile and grout will be clean and almost no chance for long term staining. Some marbles are harder and resist damage more than others. The same goes for the type of polishing powder that is used for the polishing as some powders are to “hot” and some types of marble tile will not be able to produce a high polish.

Houston Marble Cleaning

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If these spots include any sort of extensive damage, we are also well equipped to perform repairs, in addition to in depth cleaning. Maybe you are not aware that we can repair that damage and bring your marble back to its original lustre. Marble comes in may different colors and beautiful veining. We never let marble dry naturally because this will form water marks.

That’s where he mastered the art polishing and restoring natural stone floors. These trades included brick laying, building homes out of stone and cement, carpentry, tile setting, and floor restoration. They did a good job – kept a clean job site and were respectful of my premises.

Yes, in most cases, we can eliminate or mitigate discoloration and staining. It is generally a softer stone and can be scratched, etched and lose its shine and beautiful luster if not properly maintained. Some stains can cause discoloration, your grout can deteriorate, and a build-up of ingrained dust and grime can cause the finish to lose its sheen. Saltillo cleaning, saltillo sealing, saltillo staining, saltillo grout repairs, saltillo repairs. Our professional natural stone service includes cleaning, polishing and sealing all types of granite surfaces. Are you looking for cost effective ways to minimize maintenance costs? The initial cleaning is largely determined by whether there is any pre-existing sealant and how hard it will be to remove. A clean marble stone that has very nice shine to it with deep clarity and all of its beauty has been restored to a new or better then new look and shine. Slate tile floors cannot be damaged easily, but it doesnÂ’t mean it is impossible. We carefully select the most appropriate product for your particular needs and use only proper application methods. Acid solutions can etch the floor surface if not properly cleaned and care for.

Count on us for fair pricing, professional services, and satisfaction guarantee on every job. Our high quality sealant lasts longer and protects any type of natural stone floor. It had been installed two years ago but already looked dirty and dull. If youÂ’re tired of dealing with mildew and hard water stains in your shower, we provide long-term solutions, from deep cleaning and sealing to stain removal. A clean marble stone that looks as good if not better then the day it was installed, a clean grout, more detail in the marble and a stone that is now a few shades lighter because all of the built up dirt that was on it has been removed. ItÂ’s impossible to say until weÂ’ve seen the condition of your floor and discussed what service you require. Houston stone cleaning restoration pros for over 10 years. Perhaps you have a polished marble floor, wall, countertop, shower or vanity that has become etched, has lost its shine and beauty. To make things worse, these floors are generally quite porous, which allows spills and drips to soak-in and do damage. ItÂ’s important to us because using soap and water can cause damage to your floors by going to deep in the surface.


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Maintain and enhance their reflective luster and beautiful rich colors while ensuring the beauty and richness of your countertops. We know what it takes to clean, polish, repair, restore, and protect your floors and surfaces. An experienced flooring technician will leave your marble floors clean, shined and protected against...