Thus, small pieces can sometimes get knocked out resulting in little pits even after polishing the granite. The chip/pit repair kit uses a clear acrylic that doesn’t need to be mixed and allows the natural color and pattern of your countertop to show through, so virtually invisible. I also see that my installer had left the underside open and hollow after installing on the ledge above my sink. If you are not happy, then negotiate with the installer to correct what can be corrected, find an alternate solution or provide a discount.

If you picked out the slab, then you can’t expect your installer or the stone warehouse to take responsibility. Most granite used for countertops is polished to a high-gloss finish giving it a mirror-like appearance. A characteristic referred to as “pitting” is normally due to the fact that granite is a natural product that has a crystalline structure, sometimes resulting in small spaces between the varying mineral crystals. They are an expression of nature and add to the allure of the stone, which sets it apart from man-made surfaces. In addition, some polishes are designed specifically for light or dark granite, so be sure to choose the right option for your countertop. It is possible that repolishing might work but that would require removal so that they can be reworked. No, the center for disease control did not find any evidence to suggest that bacteria could grow in granite. The best practice is to discuss imperfections with your fabricator before selecting the stone, and if you really hate the pits you should consider a granite that has no visual imperfections. These slabs, with the visually filled lines, do not break or crack once they are installed, with proper care. Granite countertops can often be extended beyond the cabinets to give an added functionality to kitchen spaces. The actual overhang may slightly vary depending on how straight the countertops are installed. These overhangs have to be supported by steel braces placed under the countertop and then screwed into the wooden studs in the knee wall. Extended islands, higher level bar tops, and peninsulas are some of the areas of the kitchen that may have an extended overhang, up to 12”. The ideal solution is to place steel bars, secured adequately, and is a permanent support that is almost invisible and does not hit your knees. This attachment is rigid enough to secure the dishwasher safely, while still allowing you to easily remove it in case you need to repair or replace the dishwasher in the future, without having to call a granite fabricator to do so. The replacement causes a visible gap of about ¼” between the new granite countertop and the existing tile. If you have kept the grout from the original tile installation, you can use that grout to fill the gap. In case the existing tile goes up to the 4” back splash of laminate countertop:4” granite back splashes have to be placed between the granite countertops and the existing tile. The stone countertops are places on the cabinets and, after ensuring that everything is leveled, a bead of silicon is applied at the intersection of the cabinets and the underside of the stone.

We chose the slab, and it looked beautiful and smooth in the granite yard, but was standing up vertically. As the granite is extracted from the earth it is cut multiple times and any of these cuts can create faces where the various minerals in the stone are suddenly without the surrounding support that it naturally had. It can get close and he’ll fill the pit, but it is typically an obvious, noticeable repair. There is one very noticeable streak of a pit which hopefully will not be around once it is cut for putting in the stove.

Gaps as large as 1/4 inch should not occur unless they will be subsequently covered by a backsplash. It’s smooth when you touch it, run your hand over it, but if you run your finger nail over it the pits are all over the granite.

Yes, you should repair it since water getting in the pits can make it worse and cause more pitting. It is important to understand the geological reasons for these characteristics to fully appreciate the beauty of stone.

Various steps are taken during the finishing process to reduce the visibility of these pits, but they cannot be totally avoided in all granite types.

Granite will not chip under normal use, although a heavy object hitting a square countertop edge could chip out a small piece.

Because granite is such a hard stone, though, it requires specialized equipment like a grinder or stone polisher, so it’s usually best to hire professional stone restorer to handle the project. Placing hot pans or a hot kettle will not cause any damage to the granite’s color or stability.

The pits themselves do not make the granite less durable or inferior for use in countertops, but the look and feel of the granite with the pits may bother some clients.

A good number of granite colors that are very beautiful with a variety of colors and veins that flow in different directions, are not truly “granites” in strict geological terms.

If you are a perfectionist, and do not want any imperfections, then you should choose another type of stone.

This gives a good visual appearance because it creates a ¾” overhang from the door fronts.

We can extend the 3 cm granite countertops up to a maximum of 8” from the cabinets unsupported. Any granite countertops with more than an 8” overhang should be adequately supported by steel braces.

The placement of wood or metal supports that extend from the cabinets, sometimes called corbels, can hit your knees and are not visually appealing. Dishwashers have to be attached to the under surface of the kitchen countertop to prevent tipping the machine forward when the door is opened. While replacing the existing laminate countertops, many of our clients choose to keep their current tile backsplash. The new caulk line will be about a ¼” thickness instead of the tile grout line of about 1/8”. You can purchase and install a trim line from any tile supplier that fits between the tile and the granite countertop.

You can choose to have 4 ½” height granite back splashes to cover the rough area created by the removal of the existing laminate back splash. In this situation our installers place small blocks of wood pieces rinsed in epoxy to stabilize the shims.

pitting new granite countertop marble

Thus, small pieces can sometimes get knocked out resulting in little pits even after polishing the granite. The chip/pit repair kit uses a clear acrylic that doesn’t need to be mixed and allows the natural color and pattern of your countertop to show through, so virtually invisible....