Austin’s 22, 000 square foot facility opened in 2006. So, the front office staff worked with me for weeks to look at remnants to try to save some money, and then worked with me with a few different granite sellers.

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However, the demo guy had the old stuff out so easily without anything damaged around it. Turns out the pieces were cut a little to big so they had to carry these long heavy things in and out of the house several times to make it correct. If they had just installed in right on top on the cabinets, it would have obviously looked crooked. Instead, they shimmed, added base structure to the cabinets.I am so totally impressed with how they didn’t leave until it was perfect, in a totally imperfect situation. I also went down there in person a couple of times to look at what remnants they had. Lettie texted me pictures every time she saw something that might work. They did a very good job caulking the top to the tile wall. Outstanding service not always available anymore. Alejandra was very helpful and took time to provide great information of the products they offer.

Picking Up Granite In Austin Texas And Heading North

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We also were able to go to the warehouse to see our selection and even made a change after seeing an entire slab of our first selection. They accommodated our change without issue. The guy that came out to measure and create a template offered expert advice on how to finish off a difficult corner since we lowered part of our bar. We also can’t say enough of the professionalism of the team that did the bar height modification, took down the backsplash and existing counter and came back to install the new backsplash. They were meticulous about protecting our cabinets and flooring. Great work and very professional throughout. Came back twice to make sure brackets were the exact right ones, which we really appreciated. Love the way the kitchen looks with the new granite. Alejandra skillfully and patiently guided us to the best product fits based on our taste and budget. She quoted out several packages as we needed a lot done, before we decided on a mix of quartz slabs and remnants! Our kitchen and both bathroom counters turned out beautifully! This company is professional with all that matters.

You won’t regret the choice so really, just pull the plug already and call them! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of granite or backsplash work. I was concerned their quality or customer service might not be ok but both were top notch. Very easy to deal with, reliable, on time and perfect job on my counters.

We sell directly to the public for granite counters for kitchen counters and bathroom counters.

We fabricate (cut) and install all sizes and shapes of granite and marble counters.

I had my house leveled, it’s an old pier and beam deal and from one side of the kitchen to the other, there was almost an inch drop in height. Redid how the dishwasher attaches over there so that the countertop is actually flat!!! But the countertop is, if they didn’t trim it, it would crosse over the grout line and again look obviously crooked. Instead, they measured and cut, measured and cut, measured and cut so that finally the new backsplash starts one height and tapers down all along the wall to line up with the grout line of the tile. Our company was looking to get a small counter top installed in our office. I get the impression that since it’s such a small job, they don’t care.

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Regardless, they’re not getting our service anymore. Lettie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable about our decisions.

They helped us understand what was happening and helped us make informed decisions.

The price was very reasonable and best of all the counters look great! Toluca worked with us to make sure a proper resolution was reached with the third party. In short, we could not have made a better choice. I will genuinely recommend them to anybody looking for new countertops! Toluca just installed two soapstone vanity tops in our master bathroom. After the measurement, a marked up photo was sent for confirmation. The slabs were cut well and were from the part of the slab we desired. I had, also gave me the best price on the whole project. They came out for the measurements, then installed the quartzite on the island as the first step. We had no issues, the cutouts, and size were all correct, and fit on the island perfectly. Now we’re just waiting on our contractor to get the rest of the kitchen ready, so we can move forward with the rest of the countertop install. The ladies in the office were very professional and communication was outstanding. I do have to say that my new quartz counter tops look amazing, they go really well with everything else in my kitchen. The demo and installer techs did a great job, they were extremely nice and knowledgeable, and they did a good job with cleanup afterwards.

They were even able to match the veining in two completely separate pieces for my island, that’s a great extra touch. The prices were also considerably better.

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Installation went well and we love the final product. I would not hesitate to use them for future projects.

Lettie is such a sweetheart and very efficient. I will come back and post pics after we are all done with remodel. July to make sure my install was complete prior to my vacation. Toluca installed kitchen countertops in our home, and the experience was great every step of the way. She got us a quote quickly and smoothly accommodated our choice of granite and our shifting schedule for installation. They came out when they said they would, installed and fitted the pieces to perfection. Fantastic customer service, excellent craftsmanship — and reasonable prices.

View our map for a more detailed look at our many service areas.

Our kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes come in a huge variety of choices and various selection criteria.With our wide selection of granite, we can help you find the perfect granite countertop for your project at the right price. We work closely with local importers of the world’s finest granite slabs.

Our relationships mean you get better product at better prices.

Thus, we go to great lengths to ensure that we’re providing the best granite features for a price that anyone can afford. We carefully inspect all material before we fabricate and we offer our customers many different options to find the absolute best slabs to meet their needs and style. We proudly offer a 10% discount to all military, police, and fire fighters.

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Austin’s top-rated granite countertop supplier! Our goal is to complete your project with the minimum amount of fuss and leave you with peace of mind knowing that you have purchased the perfect surfacing solution for your home. Take your time to browse our site and find your perfect countertop! Gone are the days of stains and the need of sealers to protect your marble surfaces.

We also make custom counters for outdoor kitchens, tabletops and bartops.

Your estimate will be finalized using the material you personally select. Your new custom counters will be installed about a week after you finalize your stone selection. Don’t have the time or money for poured concrete? Pick up a few of our handmade lazy susans or cheese boards.

Our guys make them the old-fashioned way: entirely by hand.
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Austin’s 22, 000 square foot facility opened in 2006. So, the front office staff worked with me for weeks to look at remnants to try to save some money, and then worked with me with a few different granite sellers. However, the demo guy had the old stuff out so...