Smooth, chocolate wood frames the fireplace and television, providing stunning views in this modern living room. The use of only white and navy in the room creates a bold and dramatic effect.

Marble Fireplace Surround Modern

We have black doors…doesn’t look bad but not a fan of glass doors on the fireplace. Or maybe it’s the stunning marble fireplace that warms up this minimalist modern interior! Built-in seating provides up-close access to the natural light as well as the flat screen television.

Modern Marble Fireplace Surrounds

The Tile Shop offers countless fireplace design ideas. A popular choice is the modern “zebra stripe” pattern of the Strato Bianco

The rich textures of the fireplace surround set the tone for this modern living room. This modern fireplace omits the mantel, which enhances the effect of the bright, abstract paintings above it. I personally prefer to do a solid slab on the hearth to prevent grout lines from getting super dirty if on a working wood fireplace. Another more modern application great for a contemporary space. But clean, new marble installations can be just as gorgeous.

These are made lightweight for ease of transportation and for ease of installation. A flush fireplace against a white wall is accented by a simple, solid-wood mantel ledge. This fireplace does triple duty as a room divider, a heat source and a standing bar. A white sofa accented with pumpkin and chocolate pillows allows the room’s color palette to remain restrained yet bold. The rust-colored accent wall keeps the room from feeling too pristine. Muted shimmers of gray and bronze from the slate are tied in through the furniture.

This chrome-framed fireplace is the undisputable focal point of the space. There’s something enticing about the living room below.

Drama is enhanced with the use of crisp, white walls and rugs. There are stones with natural grooves and incises and those with rough aggregate finishes. I have been wanting to redo my fireplace and you just cut my work in half- thank you.

From sleek statements to charming focal points, these featured fireplaces are nothing short of showstopping. Do you think it’s possible to do and make it look elegant? While the fireplace below may keep you guessing about the material involved, you’re looking at a custom marble front with traditional style. What are your thoughts on polished vs honed for the fireplace surround? The textures of the stones used are also just as limitless. The furniture and area rug are kept neutral to maintain the color balance in the space.

Contemporary living room with marble surround covering entire wall, no mantle. Last but not least, we see how brown marble creates a warm focal point, especially when a powerful arch is involved. Capable of intricate carvings of flowers, medallions and sculptures or modern straight lines common with contemporary styles.

Then again, the grey tone and banding of the marble in the fireplace below make a pretty big statement on their own! We specialize in many styles of fireplace and related accents. I love all of them and would definitely have the hardest time to decide. We changed our fireplace to gas 2 years ago…so happy. Artwork above the mantel lines up with the fireplace, balancing the offset features. Clean white walls keep the focus on the natural hardwood floors. Modern artwork hangs over the mantel, and an array of materials in the room (from leather to acrylic) contrast the marble, making it all the more special. Cast stone is a very popular style and look for fireplaces. Natural elements such as the driftwood sculpture and tree-stump coffee table combine with modern furnishings for an individualized, eclectic look. The texture is further accentuated by offset artwork hung above the mantel. We also plan to convert to gas because our flue is old and small and our wood fires leave the house smokey and smelly.

The fireplace is one of the primary focal points of any room and it is a valuable design feature that provides style and equity to a 4K

Both bold and subdued colors are used to play off the natural variation in the stone. Our showroom has great examples of stone fireplaces, visit today!

Marble Fireplace Mantels Hollywood Modern Fireplace

Natural materials such as wood, marble and slate are used in these living rooms to create spaces that are anything but cold. If the template that we provide for you does not fit your needs let us know and we will work with you to get the needed dimensions and measurements to make you the perfect surround. We bring you furniture and lighting ideas, houses everyone would dream of and luxury properties that defy the world crisis. We offer a fireplace mantel facing that will suite anyones style, desire and pocket book. On another note, where did you find the incredible candle sticks on your fireplace? Our installers have been focused on installing fireplaces for years and their expertise is the finishing touch to any project. Honed absolute black is a great choice is you have darker floors.

Modern Fireplace Surrounds. With Modern Fireplace

Rectangle boxes recede in and out around the fireplace, creating depth and various levels of display shelves. Perhaps the shine of the marble inspires other standout features such as metallic tones, dramatic light fixtures and decadent flourishes! This next marble fireplace is smaller but no less stunning.

The natural tones from the fire and wood are mirrored in the frames and cushions of the semicircular chairs.

Fireplace surrounds can look fantastic and beautiful when done by a reputable contractor. There are course and smooth finishes honed (matte) and polished (shiny) finishes to choose from. Carved from various stones such as marble, limestone, travertine or sandstone. A neutral wildlife print comes alive against all-white walls.

The fireplace and mantel maintain simplicity, allowing the beauty of the slate to resonate.genaMarble Images
Smooth, chocolate wood frames the fireplace and television, providing stunning views in this modern living room. The use of only white and navy in the room creates a bold and dramatic effect. Marble Fireplace Surround Modern We have black doors…doesn’t look bad but not a fan of glass doors on...