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If you prefer larger grout lines but have lugged tiles – don’t panic. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned up immediately and showers and tub surrounds should be wiped down after every use. In any case, we are looking for inexpensive quantities of cheap plastic spacers.

Prior to installation random tile should be measured to determine the largest dimensional variance. The only difference between sanded grout and unsanded grout isÂ…wait for itÂ…sand. Preparation, planning and using the right products for the job are what separate good installs from great installs. Will the 1/4? grout line work with this sort of tile.

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If they are within 1/16 inch you can go that small with your grout lines. If the grout is a light color, consider sealing it to make it easier to clean. Water-resistant bonding agents help prevent marble tile from warping or becoming discolored. Once the weather warms slightly we will be laying century old brick as flooring in a section of an old barn – roughly 1200ft2 (bricks could be regarded as thick stubby tiles?). I will usually use the smallest grout line the tile will allow. As the grout gets really dirty, wanted to get your advice as minimum grout size for the flooring… as there will be too many grout lines, can you please advice what we should use? Make sure you consider your grout as much as you consider your tile. Keep in mind that a floor doesn’t necessarily need to be level if the transitions to adjoining rooms make this difficult, but it does need to be flat. If you prefer larger grout lines you need to take into consideration the “grid effect”. The best way to figure out how small you can go is to lay out nine tiles in a square and measure from corner to corner in both directions. For this reason, small glass tiles can be installed in many applications, but large-format glass tile should be installed only in areas that have been prepared to avoid movement and won’t be subject to large temperature swings. Epoxies are shinny, and tiles were on the flat sheen side, so some sanding to match sheens worked out. If not, choose the most prominent wall and lay the tile parallel to it. Concrete would work as well, but deck mud would be the best option in my opinion. Make sure your floor joists can handle the weight and put down ¾-inch plywood with ½-inch cement board embedded in thinset on top. Marble tile is a common choice for floors, showers, walls and countertops. Some tiles such as slate and some quarry tiles will not be consistent enough to use a grout line that small. Not a lot of info on working with this sort of material out there. This also means that tile needs to be set on cement board, not drywall, anyplace where it will get wet. I personally would like for the grout line to be 1/32? wide, but my contractor is stating that sanded grout should be used on the floor and the sanded grout can not fit in the 1/32? grout joint.

Thin-set and epoxies are not sensitive to water, an important point because marble tile is water sensitive and could absorb moisture. Also with so many grout lines, could there be a problem in the future? I donÂ’t really know what a mud deck is and looking up online illustrates otherÂ’s confusion with the term too. Now, going on 40 years later, we are converting what had been a built-in garage to become our new kitchen and dining room. Also interested in your advice for whether to use that grout between the exterior wall or use caulking instead, plus best way to handle drip edge of tile and epoxy grout line along adjacent gutter. If you like smaller grout lines, as long as the tile will allow it, use them.

The success of any tiling job depends on a number of factors, including installing the correct substrate, laying out the project correctly and using the correct material to bond the tile to the substrate. Tiles that must be trimmed to fit against a wall or other obstruction. Think about where the pattern will fall and whether you want to center any fixtures or accessories on a certain part of the pattern.

Penetrating sealers labeled for use on marble can be helpful in preventing damage. Small mistakes in buying remodeling materials can add up to huge cost overruns. If thatÂ’s the case, you can use a 1/16? grout line and not have any problems. A finishing and edge-protection profile for the outside corners of tiled surfaces. Working with 6?x36? (wood grain) porcelain planks in a bathroom.

So every 8-10 feet there is a bend in the wall that is a 22 1/2 degree inside corner. This creates a single shedding surface from the vertical sides of the building, under the tile and into the gutter.

The required grout joint for your tile depends on the facial consistency of your particular tile. A factor in vary grout joints is the tile dimension variance. Your nfo has been invaluable to me in doing my first tile shower. Just make sure your custom grout choice has plenty made up, so you donÂ’t run out, unless your good at matching!

To figure out the size of your grout lines you also need to add the size of the lugs to the size of the spacer if you use the spacers between them. He says that he can use unsanded grout in the 1/32? grout joint for the floor but in the future the joints will crack because the unsanded grout is not strong as the sanded grout. We would lay the brick in herringbone fashion, probably seal (mat finish) them without grout like tile and clearn, then reseal again over the grout. If done correctly it will almost look like a single large slab of tile. Also can we use different size grout lines for the length and the width of the tile? A mixture of water, sand and cement that seals the joints in tile work.

Coordinate with the other metals in the room and make sure to compare the thickness of the tile to the trim so that it fully covers the edge without hanging over. I did all the work to install oak strip flooring over the whole upstairs excepting one of the tiles bathrooms and the interim kitchen. Unless spacers are used itÂ’s almost impossible to ‘eyeÂ’ or manually maintain the 1/16″ joint width. For tiles with lugs on only two sides of each tile you must make sure they are all stacked in the same direction, that the lugs are not butted against each other.

Special light-colored epoxies and mortar are available to solve this problem. If you choose to use smaller grout lines you must ensure the tile will allow it. Both types of mastic are recommended for ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tile. I can get away with, note the tile is a grey mix and the grout will be a grey also. That means the lines will not be perfectly straight and will jump over just a bit with every tile due to inconsistencies in tile sizes. Follow the manufacturerÂ’s instructions and donÂ’t clean the tile with anything but water until the grout has fully cured. If your grout is chosen and installed correctly your good tile installation can turn into a great one. This should allow for a consistent joint size allowing for the variance of the tile dimensions. Anything above that requires specialty grouts, which are available, but very cost-prohibitive. I can fool with the tile where needed., the tile has a rough surface.

Marble is most often used by artists as a material for sculpture and by architects and contractors as a building material.

What is the best way to miter these inside corners to end with a eye pleasing finished project? With epoxy, calcium carbonate to thicken, and various colorants to match the stone like porcelain tiles and a dam to keep the grout line. These tips will help ensure that your installation looks great and stands the test of time. I know itÂ’s only 1/16? difference, but it is considerably noticeable in a grout line. For counters, get a caulk that is color matched to your grout, available from your tile dealer. Dark-colored bonding agents can show through white or light-colored marble tiles.

Plus they have grout with glass particles in it for glass mosaic tiles. The secret no professional will tell you is there is really no set or absolute proper size for your grout lines. For instance 8 inch slate tiles will usually look better with a slightly larger grout line. What do you think about staining grout, wondering if that would help at all? Lugged tile have small bumps or protrusions on the sides which are set directly against the tile next to it. Clean the marble with a non-abrasive, non-acid cleaner approved for use on marble.

Normally the lugs will create grout lines that are 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch. IÂ’m doing a floor on a very old floors, not very flat at all. As a general rule do not go larger than 3/16? although under certain circumstances such as some slates and quarry tiles, 1/4? is acceptable. Is there any special technique for grouting this kind of tile because the irregular surface? Check that your walls and floors are flat with a long straight-edge and use a screed to get the thinset into low spots. Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone often containing variegated veins that add to its beauty.

The flashing at the top edge of the balcony needs to overlap your waterproofing. I was thinking simple mortar (with adhesive) for the base and 3/16-1/4? grout lines. We don’t mind the lighter-colored grout, and as for aesthetics, we dance to our own drummer. Lay a thin strip of “backsplash” tile in between the large tiles, instead of just using grout – no one likes cleaning grout anyway! The size of grout lines for tile is something that comes up on almost every tile installation. The lugs on the tiles allow them to be stacked atop one another and keep the grout lines consistent throughout the installation. The easiest way to check larger format tiles is simply to measure corner to corner in each direction to ensure squareness. I’m considering installing a slate floor in my basement.

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Emilyjoneshk Bathrooms Marble Tile Spacing If you prefer larger grout lines but have lugged tiles – don’t panic. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned up immediately and showers and tub surrounds should be wiped down after every use. In any case, we are looking for inexpensive quantities of...