Each stem is hot glued into a 3×8 styrofoam cone. Vase bush is equally beautiful from any side.

memorial cemetery vase anchoring vase cemeter

The construction is solid made from one piece of granite. The tip can be removed and the vase can be slid into headstone vases.

Another way is that once you place the new order, we will give you certain discounts.

You can choose the products you are interested and send inquiry to us.The options for shipping pallet quantities vary from product to product. Experience in export business, above 70% for abroad market 3. While this statement may seem comical, it is not far off from the traditional appearance of most memorials.

Upright headstones often feature a simple, or elaborate if the family wishes, die, mounted on a plain base. Often families who opt for these types of memorials are not offered one of the most noted memorial pieces, which is a flower vase. They are then faced with a dilemma, being that they wish to leave flowers at the grave site of their loved one, but the memorial created does not allow them to properly display the bouquet.

Anchoring A Vase At A Cemetery

How-to video on how to anchor a plastic vase to the ground. Also a comment about urban encroachment.

It may even seem that the memorial is so well put together, that it can be quite tricky to add any permanent accent without throwing off the entire aesthetic appeal of the piece. For those individuals and families, and really anyone else interested in adding a vase to their memorial, the cemetery vases section was created. This wonderful collection of beautiful vases offers families a way to find a vase that will match, or maybe even emphasize virtually any existing memorial. These vases are made of a large variety of different types of granite stone, which helps offer a wide selection of color choices.

Once the stone is cut into a smaller block and cored, a skilled artisan then places the block on a lathe, which spins it at a great speed. As the stone turns, the artisan begins to carve into the piece, shaping it into a gorgeous vase to elegantly hold the floral arrangements of choice. The vast selection of vases not only offers a variety of colors to select from, but also size and shape options, to help ensure the piece elegantly compliments the existing memorial. These vases are certainly ideal for families looking to add an elegant final touch to the final remembrance of their loved ones, or even for those needing to replace an existing vase. That is not to say, however, that they are only for memorial use. Whatever the purpose, the addition of one of these wonderful pieces will surely help create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Flower vases have long been since utilized to hold and display floral arrangements throughout the ages.

While the techniques and methods to create the vases has evolved, the end result is still a classic and elegant piece that will not only accent the setting it is placed in, but also the flowers that are placed within. I had a lot of questions about this vault; measurements, durability, should it be glued or just use the clips supplied, etc. If your loved one’s headstone is an upright monument and there is room on either side of the granite base, then there is a chance you could add cemetery vases to hold flowers.

We also have in-ground cemetery vase units for flat grave markers.

The tapered square granite cemetery vases are made using large granite saws which fashion the granite vases in to rectangular shapes with a tapered bottom. Turned granite vases are made from a block of granite which is placed on a stone lathe and turned to give it a more traditional vase shape. Granite vases are common as an accessory to an upright monument and are usually purchased in pairs.

Bronze vases are cast from rich memorial bronze and normally available in a variety of bronze finishes.

Bronze manufacturers make bronze cemetery vases that have unique mounting systems which only work with that particular manufacturer’s bronze markers.

The versatility of metal makes these cemetery vases available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes.

Metal cemetery vases can be placed on a headstone or made with a sleeve to be placed in ground. Two of the most common types of metal used for these vases are aluminum and zinc. The granite cemetery vases typically utilize an epoxy suitable for stone to adhere the vases to the granite base.

Cemetery Vases

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Metal cemetery vases can be mounted in several ways, but the most common is utilizing a high bonding tape system when applying to a flat surface or using a metal sleeve and support system when placing in an in-ground situation. Polished on front and back, and a rough cut on the other two sides, give this piece an authentic, unique look. The sandblasting done to the stones is done to order. These can be attached the grave stone with an epoxy or silicone with ease, and will drain in wet weather. I recently had him moved to a new location and his old metal vase somehow got lost during the move. The gray granite matches his headstone perfectly. The weight is heavy enough that it should stand on it’s own and withstand heavy winds.

We have a wide variety of vases including shapes, sizes and granite color to choose from. Our standard shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states.

We offer written order confirmation and a computer generated drawing with each order. We work with your cemetery to provide the required documents, at no extra charge. Most of our memorial consultants are second or third generation in the monument business.

Cemetery Vase Thefts

The Raytown Police Department is investigating the theft of 170 bronze cemetery vases.

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Each stem is hot glued into a 3x8 styrofoam cone. Vase bush is equally beautiful from any side. The construction is solid made from one piece of granite. The tip can be removed and the vase can be slid into headstone vases. Another way is that once you place the...