However, this marble corner shelf is even better than shown. Have you ever gone to a granite/surfaces/marble supplier where they cut the slabs on site to ask if they have any trim cuts or scraps?

This fits a small space in the master bath that needed something with a couple of shelves.

The last step before you hang the shelf is adding the final touch of glam with some gold spray paint on the brackets.

This shelving is a lifesaver – adding so much storage space in my kitchen (though really it would look good in a number of rooms) – and looks beautiful with the marble!

Marble Shelf

Hey there, it’s MOE! 🙂 This video I wanted to show you how I created these super cute marble floating shelves with just marble

In my situation the natural wood would also look pretty awesome. A push-to-open drawer and cabinet provide ample bathroom storage, while three open shelves provide display space. Marble is solid and gold is a great contrast with the grey/white marble. Might not be your exact size but a slight lip on this shelf would be ok too.

Diy Marble Floating Shelf!

Hey Bargain Family! Thank you for joining me today. I am so excited about today’s tutorial, you don’t even know! I’ll be showing you

Made from metal with marble laminate shelves, this unique piece is perfect for storing towels, toiletries, and other washroom necessities in a conveniently accessible location. It invites to create nice compositions of books, magazines and your favourite things. It’s much more gray than white, and the gray makes the marble looks dirty. These bath shower shelves include two shelves with hooks on each side, where you can hang your razors or wash cloths.

Marble Wall Mounted Shelf S

The marble helps camouflage the seams though, which is nice (especially if you make a small mistake!). This rack displays four classic style rails and elegantly shaped square mounting base plates. I have now purchased one more this size and 4 of the new larger size to have a look that ties together throughout my apartment!

This single drawer unit boasts a stunning white finish and hardware to simplify installation. Now, all that’s left to do is to hang the shelf (be sure to use some anchors!) and enjoy the glamorous look that will be sure to fool your guests! You would never know that it’s actually a shelf liner and not real marble! Here’s the play-by-play for our marble gold wall shelf. Paint the bottom and sides of each board (no need to paint the middle of the top) with several coats of paint. The good news is, the paper allows you to un-stick and re-stick onto the surface a few times before it’s permanent! Fixing it to the wall with just a hint of a slant has allowed the water to run off instead of pooling on the shelf. I also purchased the smaller version for my new bathroom and it fits perfectly and looks great, too.

Four hooks line the top of this piece to keep your towels dry and within reach. Marble shelves on decorative metal brackets are a stylish solution wherever you need extra storage – in the kitchen, over the bar, by the bath and more. I am pleased with the quality of the materials and the ease of assembly.

Because this shelf is not made from actual marble, it’s not nearly as heavy to hang as the original! We worked this into our bathroom remodel as a little shelf in the corner of the shower. Each solid marble shelf is held by two slender, triangular brackets with a muted brass coloured finish. Attach the brackets to the bottom of each shelf, and then install the brackets on the wall. It took 3 of us and multiple attempts with different size drill bits to finally get the anchors in to be able to put in the screws. The shelf is thicker than the grout spacing most people would use with their tile, but our contractor did a nice job cutting the tile around it to fit. We have so much marble leftover and will definitely be using it for many more projects. I have been looking for one and that one might just be the perfect size! The gold detail accentuates the marble and make it even more beautiful. If you don’t want to get that fancy, there is a plastic mounting bracket kit you can buy for it to mount flush against the tile/wall. We think it could be pretty difficult to remove at the end of your lease.

My only very minor complaint is that the instructions for getting the wall anchors in are useless. Due to natural material, color and veining will vary; each is unique. This chrome shower caddy has rubber feet that keep it firmly in place. It is fairly close in style to the tiling that we put in and it’s nice having a built-in shelf. They come with a cardboard template to hang on the wall- we threw this out by mistake, making it a bit harder to hang up. Use some painter’s tape to determine the placement of where you want each shelf to sit. I wrapped the corners of my shelf like a present, cutting the excess off. Will need to be cleaned with a magic eraser or similar product. The head and footboards have raised panel details, fluted posters with carved rosettes and crowning flame finials. Cut carefully along your pencil line so that the marble paper is as close to the perfect size as it can be.

How pretty would these be as open shelving in a kitchen too? Wipe down the surface of the shelf so that it’s free of dust. It’s only been assembled a few weeks and in the shower and the right hand bottom leg is rusting! Being as heavy as it is, we had to build a wooden jig to hold it in place while the glue dried.

Four tapered square posts with chamfered edges create crisp contrast.

Product +Ft+White+Marble+Mix+%+Match+Wall+Shelf

Here are five good choices for the kitchen and bath, from high to low. It looks marvelous and is inspiring us to continue updating our kitchen! But this isn’t the last time you’ll see this shelf here on the blog. Of course, in hindsight, it would have been better (and easier) to add to the project during the build.

Mount your brackets to the wall using screws, anchors, a level, and a power drill. This does indeed make this a more affordable way to incorporate real marble into cute storage.


However, this marble corner shelf is even better than shown. Have you ever gone to a granite/surfaces/marble supplier where they cut the slabs on site to ask if they have any trim cuts or scraps? This fits a small space in the master bath that needed something with a couple...