He came right on time the date we agreed upon, and started working. You and your family have always been very kind to us, we feel very comfortable and as a result the job comes nice as well!! Using the highest quality polishing techniques will improve your stones reflectivity and clarity to keep it looking brand new. Fantastic service, he was super nice, very knowledgeable, and worked hard. Not only did he not stop for a break while working, or cause any trouble, but he was on time and very reasonable. We also offer stone enhance sealers on stones like slate, flamed granite and any type of honed marble or granite. Unfortunately, there were a lot of lippages (uneven tiles). Those are my main priorities- professionalism and cleanness. He was a perfectionist when it came to detailed finishing and he was a pleasure to work with.

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647-493-1846 Marble Renewal Experts marblerenewalexperts.com/ is a specialist marble floor restoration business and

Over time, the floor will lose its luster and will need to be re-polished and sealed. They were very professional in their attitude and did an amazing job on the surfaces, all looking brand new again. My house was treated with respect and the whole process was very clean . Our professionals are seasoned artisans and technicians who personally set the bar on excellence for this industry. I would recommend to any friends needing work of this kind. Marblelife team came to do the job on time on the day scheduled. We always look forward to doing work for you, thank you very much!! If you want a polished look or a faded antique look we can find and create the perfect finish.

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Marble floor restoration @ Self Help Building Greensboro, NC – Video Pictures (Before After)

We work collaboratively with you to understand your needs and challenges. Our fabrication plant is equipped with the latest in stone cutting Â… I highly recommend him for anyone needing work done on their marble. We have an immediate opening for an experienced saw operator/fabricator. Natural stone eventually dulls from wear and environmental stressors.

Marble Restoration Toronto

I so highly recommended him to anyone needing any fixing that fits his specialties. He worked very hard and made my limestone floors, like new again! Our restoration and repair service will save money and keep your valuable investment looking great. The job was perfectly executed and the floor was like new (and still looks new). If not done professionally, it can be a very hard and time consuming, tiring task that everyone loves to hate. I broke a bottle of red wine and stained my granite counter top. It’s one of the most neglected areas when it comes to your lobbies, kitchen and showers. We have a periodicrestoration program that can help your floors stay polished. Friendly on the phone, within days he dropped by to take a look. Roman fixed like new for us asap and without charging a penny. Diamond cutting is done by using a series of diamond abrasive pads in a sequence of multiple steps. Our marble polishing services are performed by trainedtechnicians to ensure that your investment is protected. He is a pleasure to work with and reasonable pricing given the extent of what he had to do. Black marble is quite hard to restore and we are glad you were thrilled with the final result. Best of luck with your house, hope all works out really well for you! Water-based, clear epoxy sealer for floors, walls and stone surfaces. When we installed hardwood floor in the adjacent room a few months ago, the hardwood floor guy cracked one of the travertine tiles in the hallway. Once restored, we can also custom tailor a maintenance program for you to ensure your surfaces remain in top-quality condition. Looking forward to having them come back and do the bathroom tiles. They deliver exceptional work in the restoration, installation, and maintenance of natural stone floors. The floor had a number of defects, all gone now!, and was very dull, now gleaming! Once the floor has been polished our technician will teach you or your cleaning staff how to maintain the floor on a daily basis. Our technicians are certified and professionally trained to deliver the best quality of work while being respectful and conscious of their surrounding. Roman and his associate came on-time and did a great job for us. Our professional teams can restore your stone floors to their former glory through targeted repair, grinding and polishing to bring back the beauty and shine of the stone. From grout cleaning to marble floor restoration – we can handle a task of any complexity! If you want to protect interior or even your exterior stones, we will help you and point you to the best sealant. Looking forward to work for you in the future and deliver great results again! This is a cost effective measure to ensure the longevity of your flooring. Applying a stone enhancer on a natural stone surface will bring the rich color out of the stone. We are constantly monitoring the market for the newest product that causes the least impact to the environment, including non-toxic impregnating products and gentle cleaners for maintenance. Gives us a great satisfaction to know that now you can fully enjoy your new floor! Very professional and mindful of our family situation (young son eating breakfast etc.), he was very practical with his recommendations, coaching us on what was worth doing and not as necessary, and then helped us to prioritize what work should be done. I just cant believe how good dmy floors now look, im soo happy with the service. We were very impressed with the work and would highly recommend them. We will then seal your marble with a premium quality marble sealer for long lasting protection. By sealing the floor it helps prevent these stains from penetrating the stone and offerslong term protection. If not maintained properly and on a regular basis, your investment could be destroyed. Within days of my request, my countertop was restored to look even better than before! Did an amazing job and went out of his way to do little extra touches in kitchen and bathroom. If you want a shiny stone surface polishing your stone can improve its appearance and help to protect it. Roman accommodated us due to us putting our house on the market in the near future. They sanded the floor down to remove the lippages, polished and sealed the floor to give it a fresh look. They will also determine if there is any need to seal the floor afterthe polishing has been completed. Zero-grit texture allows for multiple applications with little or no visibility. Whether you want a lobby, office, foyer, bathroom or kitchen counter top restored or cleaned, we can work within your budget. He was so extremely professional and knew right away how it was wrecked and how to fix it! He even taught me how to seal the countertop in the future! Using sealing techniques will help keep away stains and your stone surfaces will look great for a long time. Terry worked non stop, to make sure the job will be finished on time. We had our marble tiles installed and the installers refused to clean it and left stains everywhere that wouldn’t come out as it was grout, they left spider scratches everywhere. A regular maintenance program of preventative intervention techniques ensures that your floors, and especially high traffic areas, remain in excellent condition over time. I have more work for them now, to do my counter tops and vanity. With grinding techniques, you will have natural and long lasting results. He tested a large area and showed us if we wanted it or no, so it was a risk free trial. Griffin has been in stone restoration for over 27 years and has become one of the most knowledgeable and skilled people in the industry. They turned our dull floors into beautiful, new floors again! Anytime there are problems of this nature, we can and will help. Griffin attends all the quotes and performs or supervises all of the works himself. They came within a few days to provide us a quote to sand and polish (and clean the grout) for our marble floors in the foyer, kitchen and two bathrooms. Roman and his assistant left my floors gleaming and my grout very clean. This type of maintenance program will leave your natural stone floors like show room condition at all times. They will then determine which type of cleaning isrecommended depending on the type of stone and for a minimal charge, can clean a small area for you. He was very consciencous in setting up , cleaning polishing marble and everything in between. He responded to my request in a timely manner requesting pictures of the problem. Our services include consultation on the type of materials to use for a project and sourcing rare stone to achieve your décor vision or to match existing stonework. We then use high quality environmental impregnating sealers to protect your investment and keep your floors glowing over time. We can rejuvenate, remove minor scratches, polish, seal and restore all types of flooring such as: granite, marble and concrete. We found out from the internet that lippage can be removed. They were in and out in a few hours and as promised, there was absolutely no dust or mess. They showed up on time, completed the job when expected, sent a text to let us know the job was finished and left the house very clean. We were very satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them. We spent a lot of money replacing the floor with natural stone when we moved into the house 8 years ago. They were very professional, courteous and most importantly clean! He was truthful about what they would be able to do to set our expectations. We have the expertise to handle every type of installation from large-scale building projects to skilled mosaic work. Mac did amazing job of fixing a scratch on my kitchen counter, was so happy when they completed this. Thank you very much for taking your time and rating our work. Custom maintenance programs are tailored to the nature of each specific stone type to maintain durability and enhance the visual appeal of your stone. The counters had a number of chips and now is chip free and also gleaming. Source: www.marblepolish.ca/https://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/marble-restorers-toronto.jpghttps://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/marble-restorers-toronto-150x150.jpggenaMarble Images
He came right on time the date we agreed upon, and started working. You and your family have always been very kind to us, we feel very comfortable and as a result the job comes nice as well!! Using the highest quality polishing techniques will improve your stones reflectivity...