You definitely come to realize how close the two of them are as friends in real life. We get told one about the old forest and how in pilgrim-times, the villagers would use strange, ever-growing trees that grew in the forest to torture and kill convicts.


I looked through the window, and it seemed like an antique store of some kind?

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Who wants some Easter Eggs in September? Because I’ve got them for you! Marble Hornets : Odds Ends caps off our Explained

Our team is comprised of enthusiasts from across a wide variety of fields ranging from smartphone junkies to camera nerds, and everything in between. There’s a total of about 13 characters, 4 of them only appearing one-to-two times, and only five are actively involved as main characters.

Tim let me know he’s working on it too so hopefully he’ll get something. Professional journalism coupled with expository writing for the most part, but we also give our honest opinion or throw in a pinch of humor for good measure when we deem it necessary. Also an example by the fandom, if the interview on their alternate channel is anything to go by. A wooded area that was once the execution place for condemned criminals is somehow central to the plot. Alex describes a late-night encounter with “a really tall guy” while walking his dog. Sounds like he’s dragging something heavy across the floor. First the camera starts to go nuts, then a particularly bad piece of static or a quick camera movement and then he just appears. A tall, faceless figure is standing on the porch; his head snaps around suddenly to look at the camera, which ducks back out of sight. Keeping with the student film theme, most of the videos seem to be set in public areas, there’s no soundtrack, visual effects are done only when absolutely necessary and the cast is very small.

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Did he begin before or after his encounter with the tall figure while walking his dog? Tim tells him that he needs to see it, but not now because it will “ruin everything we’ve been working for”.

Entry #68 shows him taking off the mask, but the camera is on the ground and the shot is cut off just below his face. So it may be surprising that it also picks apart many of the tropes and clichés that it’s imitators use without thinking. Jay’s captions point out the visual tearing from the earlier entries, and imply that he’s going to be on the look-out for it in the future.

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The film isn’t a remake/adaptation of the series, nor is it a direct sequel – however, it is supposed to take place in the same universe with shout outs and references to the original series, but a focus around three new characters.

The entry ends with him suddenly dropping the camera and passing out at the top of a staircase. I looked in the red tower again before leaving, but didn’t find anything.

Then, once we get into the second season, we see just how much the characters are keeping from the surface.

However, it’s speculated that he never actually died and just suffered wounds. They’re by no means friends, however, and spend more time bickering and arguing than discussing their next plan of action. I honestly keep forgetting you are on my notifications from back in my emo creepy pasta days. Or you just need to stop eating such spicy food before bedtime. Tim then suffers a coughing fit before the camera cuts to him driving to a crossroads. Entry #49 shows that he wasn’t really joking about that threat. He’s been kind of out of it since we got away from that house. I’m going to have a look around while it’s still light out. However, that was soon to change because another update was coming for the players.

They’re out of college, or in their last years of it, but they’re not nailed down by exact age. Some old clips from what looks like 50’s cinema are used in two of totheark’s videos.

But perhaps you were looking for your daily dose of science news or hoping to read about the latest apps. Alex (although it’s unfinished and doesn’t have much content as of late), which gives additional information about some of the characters. Operator is somehow linked to this legend and the forest described in it.

Jay seems to not understand the potential dangers of breaking into a deserted house at night, alone in the woods.

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Tim can’t find his medicine when the cough starts up, and leads to what appears to be a mixing of a coughing fit and a full on seizure. Trying to look inconspicuous on the bench across the street. I’m hoping that means that they’re still on good terms on a personal level even if they aren’t working together anymore. Jay breaks in to search for clues, finding a strange bottle of pills, a blood-filled sink, and a bullet casing. We’re going to the abandoned hospital sometime this weekend. Alex seems calm and interested only in the film, with no suggestion that he’s either looking for or afraid of the tall, faceless figure in the business suit. Almost everything after the first season has nothing to do with the movie, but rather continues the story set up in earlier videos.

This is a nicely-constructed scene with escalating tension and an ominous ending, and it’s my favorite entry so far. Jessica can be heard coughing from her room in the middle of the night during some of the hotel entries. The video consists of a recording of a news channel reporting a fire that has burned a building down.

Entry 42 contains the first instance of swearing in the series. Operator appears out of nowhere with loud distortion and leaves just as quickly, taking the body with him.

Hoodie/totheark down the hallway in the abandoned hospital. There’s an even amount of numbers in each set, and a few number pairs repeat.


You definitely come to realize how close the two of them are as friends in real life. We get told one about the old forest and how in pilgrim-times, the villagers would use strange, ever-growing trees that grew in the forest to torture and kill convicts. Page I looked through...