Doesn't take much time to visit when you can't climb the lighthouse. Stucco was layered over the hand-cobbled limestone exterior. Marblehead lighthouse prior to adding a 15? extension to the top in 1903. Its a fun place to start when exploring the mainland and islands.

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The original keeper’s quarters was demolished in 1959, but a brick oil house situated southwest of the tower still stands.

The 65 foot (20m) lighthouse tower is built out of limestone quarried from the peninsula, and it is covered with stucco.

Marble Head Lighthouse

Marblehead lighthouse is a cast iron and located on the tip of Marblehead neck overlooking the harbor. It was constructed in 1896 4K

Thinking it is best to see the lighthouses in the area during the summer. In the late 1890s, the height was increased when a brick cylinder was constructed within the tower to encase a new spiral, cast-iron stairway and to support a larger lantern. A clock-like mechanism was installed to rotate the lantern, creating the appearance of a brilliant flash of light every 10 seconds. While human visitors can enjoy the museum in the former lighthouse keeper's residence and climb the lighthouse for even better vistas, canine visitors will need to stay outside all buildings.

The base of the tower is 25 feet in diameter, with walls five feet thick. In 1974 the original limestone was repointed and coated with concrete. It's a pretty lighthouse, but other than that there's not much to do. Diagonal adjustable tie rods provide additional support for the structure.

These four state parks offer unique island retreats with an atmosphere both festive and casual.

The house includes a museum, operated by the historical society, featuring photographs and one of the earlier devices that illuminated the shoreline tower.

Through history, fifteen lighthouse keepers, two of whom were women, have tended the beacon. It narrows to twelve feet at the top with two-foot thick walls.

These lighthouses had watch rooms and lantern rooms, each surrounded by a gallery. You of course and go to the grounds year round, but the lighthouse and keeper's house availability is listed above. Asked what draws people to the lighthouse, she spoke of its active use.

The lighthouse is a postcard come to life, a living portrait. A circular metal staircase ascends from the entrance at the base of the tower cylinder to the watch room. Marblehead lighthouse was completed and became operational in 1822.

The same iron steps support the footfalls of sightseers today.

There's also a cute little museum and souvenir shop on-site. Repairs and improvements have been made to the lighthouse since then and more are planned. During this refacing the dome and trim were painted red which is how the light appears today.

Marblehead Lighthouse, Marblehead Ma. K

Marblehead Lighthouse in Marblehead , Ohio.

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The interior column added much needed stability to the structure and allowed for a much larger fresnel lens.

The lighthouse is very nice and the grounds around it are pleasant.

This specialized, curved glass lens created a highly visible, fixed white light.

They made the waterfront approachable through the giant stones that protect the shoreline. Engineers did not believe the limestone would be strong enough to handle the additional height.

Front desk staff – very friendly especially a man working night shift. My two year old grandson loved watching the waves and playing on the rocks. With its original finish tattered by time and harsh weather, the exterior of the lighthouse tower was given a fresh coat of new stucco the same year. In the summer the walleyes move into deeper, cooler water, and you would need a boat to fish for them then.

Great scenery and the lighthouse, house/museum are both well kept and interesting. On busy days, it may be hard to find a spot, but most days parking is an easy task. Each night, he lit the wicks of the thirteen whale oil lamps that were the original light fixture.

Kids can climb the rocks around the light and water and look at the fossils in some of the rocks. My daughter was not so interested since she could not go inside.

Constructed in 1821, the structure isn’t the grandest of its kind. A lifesaving station was built one-half mile west of the lighthouse in 1876. His house and the on site house used by subsequent lighthouse keepers are now museums.

The exoskeleton framework consists of eight vertical cast-iron supports canting inwards, four of which attach directly under the watch room. Beautiful site, looking out on to the lake is awesome, it was a wonderful experience.

The park features a parking area, rest rooms, picnic tables, the lighthouse, and museum.

This is a relatvely small lighthouse, as it is right on the water and does not need much height to make the light visible out on the water. Sometimes we go at night (watch your step on the rocks), sometimes we go during the day.

The lighthouse’s beam can be seen from more than 11 nautical miles away.

This system required that the lighthouse keeper crank the weights every three hours through the night to keep the lantern turning. My brother has slipped and fell down into the water before.

The turn of the century ushered in new technology as well as structural changes including the addition of another 15 feet to the tower?s height. We also went th the keepers house and had a good lunch at the galley.


On certain weekends you can go in the lighthouse or the house. Folks wishing to climb to the top are warned that those afraid of heights or are claustrophic should not attempt the climb.

The lighthouse went electric in 1923 and was automated in 1958. A small fee is charged to climb the narrow spiral staircase to the top.

So, not afraid of heights and the stamina to climb to the top is needed. It gets really cold up here by the lake in the fall/winter. Hours for the two on-site museums vary slightly from the lighthouse schedule.



Doesn't take much time to visit when you can't climb the lighthouse. Stucco was layered over the hand-cobbled limestone exterior. Marblehead lighthouse prior to adding a 15? extension to the top in 1903. Its a fun place to start when exploring the mainland and islands.
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