We offer free custom logo engraving and text, including employee names and their achievements.

Marble and granite awards are the ideal way to show gratitude to others for a job well done.

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Our team specializes in creating unique pieces that are truly one of a kind. We’re passionate about creating totally unique awards, plaques and financial deal gifts for our clients.

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Thanks so much for your help and we look forward to working with you again!Your prices are unbeatable and your selection is great. Everything looked great and arrived in time for out awards ceremony. Works of art and classic corporate awards, marble trophies are a perfect choice to acknowledge accomplishments in traditional fields.

Marble awards make appropriate lawyer trophies, government trophies, doctor trophies, or medical trophies.

Our marble awards stand the test of time, sure to impress you, your boss, your colleagues and your company! Include a personalized message and your corporate logo for free!

Stonestreet Studios 25th Anniversary & Miles Teller Granite Award Congrats

A look back on the highlights of our 25 year journey. A commitment to the arts and emerging young artists.

With our free proof process, you work directly with our engravers to make sure your marble awards are engraved to perfection every time! Just ask our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team! For more details please refer to terms and conditions.

Information collected will be used only to send a one-time message on your behalf. The information shall be reviewed and processed by our team. Please check the offer for this city later. These awards will look fantastic at your next event, whether it’s a corporate gala or a loved one’s birthday! Unique too, a little different than the usual plaques around. Each of them is hand crafted for maximum brilliance and elegance. You’ll love our attention to detail and the personal service we provide in producing your granite or marble plaques.

Your recipients will be just as proud to receive their recognition trophies as you will be to present them. We do much more than just providing awards.

If you have ideas of how we can make something more to your liking, we would love to work with you. We sand carve these awards (similar to sand blasting but with very fine grit and nozzles) from behind, leaving the front smooth. It makes for a lovely deep etch that has depth and clarity. We think always of the recipient and those who see their award. While all of our stock recognition awards have a standard base associated with them, we can often change these to meet specific customer requirements.

We have many different standard shapes and sizes available, and, for most of the base materials, we can create custom shapes and size. We are happy to work with you to find the best base for your needs.

Both of these base materials are virtually indistinguishable, and they both create a substantial, distinctive base choice for our unique awards.

Most of our crystal recognition awards come with a crystal base, and in some cases this is part of the sculpture award itself. However, many of these crystal recognition awards can also be ordered with an optional marble base. In addition, multi-tier bases can be created, and in some cases these can be crafted out of multiple hardwood types.

An example of wood bases are shown to the left.

Top 4 Granite Award Manufacturers In Amreli

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As another alternative, customers may choose an award base that is a combination of marble and wood. This is another unique way of creating a multi-tier base, and makes for very unique, eye-catching recognition awards.

The concrete may also be dyed in nearly any color to accommodate your company logo color palette. As a final touch, our concrete bases can be epoxy-sealed to various levels of glossiness, ranging from a raw, natural look to super glossy. The metal base can be painted or anodized almost any color. A direct engraving or subsurface engraving usually works best, and any of our plate engraving options would work well too. The project to the left shows a combination surface/sub-surface engraving, with company logo surface engraved on the rear and recipient information inside of the crystal to the front. For example, a larger base size might be required for a perpetual award. The base for the perpetual award can contain one-time engraving information, such as the name of the award or presenting organization, and then provide enough space to add the names of award recipients as they receive the award. Bases can also be single-tier or multi-tier. In some cases, as mentioned above, these different tiers may be comprised of different materials.

Ups Granite Award (Central Region Celebration)

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marble granite corporate awastonestreet studios image

We offer free custom logo engraving and text, including employee names and their achievements. Marble and granite awards are the ideal way to show gratitude to others for a job well done. Our team specializes in creating unique pieces that are truly one of a kind. We're passionate about creating...