Whether you’re looking for for darker or lighter stone, you’ll be able to find a color that fits your unique style, while adding new flare to any room. Even though your natural stone is pre-treated after fabrication and installation, basic care and cleaning will protect your stone’s beauty for years to come.

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Thank you very much for the professional job your team did on my fireplace mantel, surround and countertops.

Very knowledgeable, provided product and instruction. I ony needed an inch taken off the granite to allow the refrigerator to fit. Ismael was superb in his quick response to my request.I had made several calls to ads online that said they repair granite counter tops.

When he arrived to the property he said it would take him about an hour to make the repair and he gave the cost for the repair. The repair was completed promptly as he had stated. Ismael was timely, personable and knowledgeable of his task. I was completely satisfied with his service. The job was completed with precision and care.

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Professionally, he drilled through to install an additional faucet and performed repairs of the damaged granite slab edges – it looks beautiful now. Ismael was very flexible, working with my schedule. He even gave me tips on how to keep my granite counter top looking new. Work was completed in one day and done very well. He threw in an extra slab and got a guy to hook up the new sink and cooktop in the kitchen for very cheap. We have a quartz countertop that was damaged and think he did the best job possible with the type of damage. He was on-time and worked diligently on the repair until we were all satisfied. Minerals such as quartz, plagioclase and feldspar and plagioclase give bathroom and kitchen granite their distinctive beauty and many colors.

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, which means it was transformed over eons from one rock into another. In marble’s case, the original rock was limestone. Marble countertops are not only exceptionally beautiful, but are softer than those made of granite. Marble is cool to the touch, and is excellent for making pastry. Like granite, marble is porous and should be protected from even mild acids like citrus juices.

When quartz is pure it is clear as glass, but impurities allow it to be a wealth of colors.

This means that the quartz was ground to a powder and mixed with pigments and resins.

The slab is uniform throughout and is nonporous.

This means it doesn’t need to be sealed like most natural stone. Quartz countertops resist etching and scratches and can stand to have pots and pans straight from the stovetop or oven placed on top of them. Soapstone is so resistant to acids that it’s used in laboratories and doesn’t need to be sealed. For more information on our natural and engineered stone products, don’t hesitate to call us at (703) 313-7900 or contact us here ! It was easy to select materials and plan the process.

Work was done in the promised timeframe and according to budget. The crew was pleasant and customer service oriented. A few things were done in a bit of a haste towards the end of workdays but they got fixed as necessary.

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We subsequently worked with him on other project of varying size. He was always up front and fair with project expectations and pricing. We look forward to using them again for our future projects! The staff were all very professional, dependable, fair, thoughtful and made sure the job was done right. Frank and his team were fast, professional, and went above and beyond. Frank personally walked us through the process of picking out the right materials and worked around my busy schedule. The dates provided for the demolition and installation were flexible and were accommodating for all parties.

The project was very well managed and because they had a full team for every job as the project progressed the hand off from one team to the other went very well. Their experience in remodeling really made a difference to finish our project in a timely manner. Juan kept a very close and passionate eye on the project. Juan is a very passionate person for his work and team’s work. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail are excellent. Once that was chosen, a proposal was developed and presented to me. They don’t nickel and dime you and actually present a flat fee for the job. A lot of work is done upfront to prevent issues further down the line. They “hand-held” me through the process and provided a step by step plan to let me know what would be occurring. They promptly solved issues/problems while always trying to please you as the client. If they don’t do your home justice, then why not consider upgrading them? This customer was looking to have their bathroom and kitchen upgraded with granite and quartz stones.

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But they ran into the issue of finding a reputable company to purchase from. They eventually connected with our professionals and could achieve the new look they desired for their countertops.

This isn’t the only customer we’ve helped with updating their countertops.

We’ve upgraded kitchen and bathroom countertops using quality stones shipped from top-grade brands.

This includes natural and engineered stones, such as granite, marble and quartz. Also, our professionals are known for always paying close attention to detail during installations.

They can make a real difference for a cooking space, both visually and functionally. The luxurious look of marble and granite keep them at the top of most homeowners’ list when they’re looking for countertops.

The counters in your kitchen should be able to handle the different cooking projects you engage in. Whether it’s baking a cake, chopping fruit or blending ice cream. The counters should also be able to repel spills from liquids and foods.Again, therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the materials you decide to place inside your cooking area. You don’t want the wrong material installed in your vanity top or you’ll have to deal with all sorts of damage. If you want to keep the counters in your bathroom looking great, then you need something that’s strong. Stones are a great option, both natural and engineered. They can withstand heat and aren’t easily stained, due to resins and sealants, and the fact they’re nonporous.

It says you’re into the natural look, but also desire strength and longevity.

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It is the ideal material to use for the counters you place inside of your kitchen for multiple reasons.

For one, it can withstand heat from pots and pans.

Plus, it can keep bacteria from spreading, since it’s nonporous.

You can find granite in a large array of colors and shades, so matching it with the rest of your décor shouldn’t be an issue. If something does end up damaging the surface, you can have peace of mind in knowing that it can be easily repaired. It’s the perfect surface for baking enthusiasts, as well as those who like to use heat styling tools for their hair. The heat resistance of marble stone makes it durable enough to withstand many of the tasks you perform in the kitchen and bathroom. Then the look of marble can turn out any room it’s placed in. It really adds a sense of luxury to kitchens and bathrooms remodel. The softness of marble also makes it desirable, especially for those who want edge profiles engraved in their countertops.

Engineered quartz has fewer imperfections and is a lot tougher. It also doesn’t require sealing, like with granite and marble. It is combined with resin, which makes it tough and nonporous.Then there are pigments, which allow the manufacturer to turn it into just about any color or shade. They scheduled for someone to come to my home to take measurements and to supply a quote. It is a modern community with lots to see and do. Swing by our showroom to pick out your slabs firsthand. Contact us now to start planning for your kitchen or bathroom upgrades! Make sure your choices are as aesthetically indulgent as they are affordable, and call us at (301) 670-0760. English with different kinds of accent marks.

As a manufacture of countertops made out of natural stone, we deliver the highest level of products, services and knowledge. You can trust that only the finest products available are used. You can rest assured that we have taken every measure available to deliver an expertly manufactured, and long-lasting product. We are well known for our superior quality of work, which will consistently exceed your expectations.

This enables our sales reps to prepare & provide an accurate estimate and consultation on how to achieve the desired look for your home or office. As a manufacture of countertops made out of natural stone or wood, we strive to deliver the highest level of products, services, awareness & knowledge. Our superior quality will consistently exceed your expectations.

We always go above and beyond to maintain open communication with all parties involved on a project to ensure a successful completion. This template is exactly what we were looking for! Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. Under the conditions of metamorphism the calcite in the limestone recrystallizes to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals.

A related rock, dolomitic marble, is produced when dolostone is subjected to heat and pressure.

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What is the difference between granite & engineered stone? Granite is a type of natural stone that is formed when molten rock is forced between other layers deep in the earth’s crust. Engineered stone, on the other hand, is exactly that – engineered. It is manufactured in a facility and is comprised of about 95% natural stone (usually quartz) and 5% resin. Natural stone crystals are ground and blended together and then heated to create a solid surface. Each piece of granite is a unique slice of nature, so slabs may vary in color, thickness and pattern. If you appreciate artwork, granite is a living breathing form of art you will have in your home or office. If you’re looking for perfect consistency, engineered stone is the way to go. However, engineered stone is harder and heavier than granite and almost impossible to chip or fracture. Because of the natural divots and fissures in granite counters, they can be more prone to cracking. If you get your granite counters sealed, however, you won’t have to worry much about this issue. Granite tends to be more porous and can stain, especially if acids, coloring agents or oils are involved. Engineered stone is completely non-porous, so it’s very resistant to staining. Natural and engineered stone is durable, long-lasting and color selection is generally far more extensive. Natural stone is not only affordable but its resilience proves cost effective over time. Other man-made materials may require periodic replacement and/or costly repairs.

Because of its natural beauty consumers often prefer granite and marble, over man-made materials.

Granite and some marbles are a highly dense material and relatively porous so it can get stained if a spill is not cleaned quickly. Sealing the countertops surface with a water-based sealant is recommended to protect the granite and marble from water patches and some stains.

Sealing can be done once a year or every two years depending on the usage of the surface. Sealing marble surfaces does not prevent etching from occurring. Why does my sample look different than my counter top? The samples you may receive from the vendors or the ones you see on the computer may not absolutely look the same due to the variations in the computer system, the monitors or software compression. The variations in the slab that the material was sampled from canalso make the sample differ from your countertop selection. Keep in mind that some samples may be of an old sample collection with the same name as the material you selected but your selection is from a newly quarried granite or marble. Marble & granite are natural stones created by the force of nature.They are composed of various minerals and are susceptible to wide variations in color, texture, spotting, veining and cracking. These variations are expected and are the source of its natural beauty. If you are using your countertop as a cutting surface, granite is a very hard surface and will dull your knives quickly. Even though granite is harder than your knife blade and can’t be scratched while using a knife, it is recommended that you cut & chop on a plastic or wooden cutting board. Etching is when acid in some form comes in contact with a polished marble or limestone surface. This is caused by a chemical reaction, which removes the polish, or roughens the surface of honed marble or limestone. Granite is impervious to any common household acids, it will not etch. How much heat can be applied to my countertops? Granite materials are actually igneous rock, which forms from a process of extreme heat and then cooling to create the hard and dense granite. Normal kitchen tasks that involve baking in the oven and cooking on the stovetop will not produce pots or pans that are hot enough to damage granite; however the hot pots might take off the coat of the sealant from the surface making it vulnerable for future stains.

If you can avoid it, avoid putting hot pans or other heat-producing kitchen appliances directly on your marble countertop. You should always use a holder or a place mat where hot pans can be placed over. Heat can expand the marble pores and open them, making the surface absorbent to liquids that can stain it. Also, the metal and grits in the hot pans and kitchen appliances can scratch your marble surface when they are placed on it or dragged over it. Another consideration with marble countertops in this regard is that it is much softer than granite and more prone to scratching if you are setting and sliding pots and pans around. The inner core can remain the same and undisturbed, but the surface can form unwanted patterns, fissures or be left with scars and flakes up. What is the difference between “honed” and “polished” surface? The finish of honed will range from flat to a low sheen gloss, which gives the stone a softer look. Polished refers to the surface being glossy, high reflective appearance, giving it a smooth sleek look. What is the best way to clean marble and granite? Do not use bleach based products, it will dull your surface shine over time. Even “soft scrub” type cleaners contain pumice, which is powdered volcanic stone, and might damage your stone countertops or floors.

Never use any product which is acidic; this includes substances like ammonia or many common liquid cleaners.

If you have marble avoid any acidic products.

Also avoid using the same pot and dish cloth cleaner on your stone tops.

The oils from the sponge that gets trapped from the greasy pots and dishes will absorb into your stone leaving stains on your surface.

Whether you’re looking for for darker or lighter stone, you’ll be able to find a color that fits your unique style, while adding new flare to any room. Even though your natural stone is pre-treated after fabrication and installation, basic care and cleaning will protect your stone’s beauty for...