Not just that, it acts as the perfect backdrop for a multitude of colors. Well maintained marble flooring will last a lifetime and thus the question of replacing the flooring may not arise at all. There is nothing classier and prettier than white marble floor in a room.

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A quality check is performed at every process of manufacturing the tiles. Hence, compared to some other types of flooring, marble flooring does not become a viable option for many. When we think of opulent and decadent flooring options, marble flooring is one of the primary names that come to our minds.

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Marble flooring is highly porous – spills – oil, vinegar, citrus juices, water or other liquids left standing for some time on the flooring will damage the surface. Heavy furniture without proper padding on the base/feet may damage marble flooring. This beautiful natural stone has been around for years and will continue to hold an esteemed position forever!

Glossy black marble tiles interspersed with diamond accent tiles adds a sleek touch to this hallway. Abrasive substances in cleansers will also etch and scratch the surface of marble flooring. We are noted for providing various types of marble artifacts that are mainly used for decorative purposes and all of which are durable and can last for a longer period of time.

Herringbone patterns in striped marble are also gaining popularity. The surface of the marble flooring thus damaged will look discoloured and will also lose its sheen, affecting the beauty.

Highly polished marble flooring may pose safety hazards – slipping and falling especially in areas like stairs and bathrooms poses a problem. Before zeroing in on marble flooring it would be prudent to educate yourself about the pros and cons of the same. With proper sealing and maintenance, marble flooring is durable and retains its good looks for years. If you think that lighter shades of floor demand high maintenance and polishing then you can switch to something subtle and sober like the one in image. Imitating the same style, you can get your marble flooring done in this form. The specialty of this material is that you can cut it from anywhere only to find the same material inside.

This handcrafted standing clock is made of pure makrana marble (sangmarmar), gold painted and decorated with colourful beads. It can withstand all weather conditions and still manage to look million bucks once washed and polished!

These are made under the leading expert advice and by using high end raw materials that are available near hand. Among all, this marble plate king on ambabari elephant deserve special mention. Concrete is a man-made product composed of cement, rocks, granite chips and other material.

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product fioor designs

Just look at this beautiful patterned black floor that is offering full justification to the area. If you want to make your room look longer or wider than use marbles with lines all over.

Terrazzo is actually a concrete surface with special type of aggregates of marble embedded in it. It is normally for bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, hospitals, etc. The marble tiles are seamlessly arranged in a diagonal fashion for an expansive effect.

Marble is a cool stone – marble flooring is ideal for places with warm climates, it helps in keeping the space cool. Light bounces off the surface of highly polished marble flooring, enhancing the interiors. These tiles are colorful, having a very smooth top surface and a rough lower surface.

The hard and cool surface is ideal for warm climates and does not harbor dust. Marble is a natural material created by metamorphosis – hence, marble flooring is eco-friendly. Epoxy flooring can be defined as several layers of any type of epoxy resin that is applied on a floor surface. It goes without saying that the grandeur, unsurpassed beauty and elegance of marble flooring have consolidated its position. Otherwise the surface will scratch and etch resulting in unsightly flooring! Initially, hardwood was used as bearers to hold houses together, but then concrete came into the business and the use of hardwood shifted from there to flooring. Apart from the standard sizes, these are also offered in customized forms.

The room looks grand, original and straight from the heaven if elements are managed well. It’s easy to clean, long lasting and offers timeless beauty, especially when used as flooring. Some types of cheaper flooring may have to be replaced after few years. Easy to repair – damaged boards can be replaced without contrasting with surrounding boards.

So the next time you decide to change your flooring , consider all of these options! The spectacular beauty and style of marble flooring works in its favour, compelling many to opt for it. Statuario marble which is characterized by its white color shot with grey or gold veins.

Ph neutral cleansers suited for marble flooring or even mild soap and damp mop followed by dry mop on properly sealed marble flooring will help retain its beauty. Gold paint embossed hand crafted white marble napkin holder with meenakari and kundan work – a masterpiece in marble! Dark shade marble floors are apt for rooms that are used throughout the day or frequently host traffic. This will save a lot of money in the long run, though the initial cost will be more compared to some other types of flooring.

Striped marbles used around the tub and floor add a dynamic dimension to this modern bathroom. You can create larger motifs with a combination of marble tiles like this. Marble flooring does not have a natural give as compared to some other types of flooring. Hence it is advised to take utmost care in areas like bathrooms and kitchens with marble flooring. They can even prove to be durable if they are maintained properly. For example, the room above has plenty of floor show and thus, sprinkled effect of marble creates a voluminous impact over the entire room.

Comes in hundreds of styles including imitations of other more expensive flooring such as timber and tiles. Ceramic tiles have also been popular but their short life span makes them unworthy investment option for house flooring. It is made up of chips of granite and marble placed in concrete or similar materials.

These are usually preferred in areas that do not have a lot of furniture such as lobby, entrance hall etc. Let us take a look at the aspects which tilts the balance in favour of as well as against marble flooring.

They are available in many types like vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, etc.

Marble is a natural stone, and can be transformed into beautiful flooring. The beauty of marble flooring should not be the only criterion when it comes to weighing your options – there are some other pros and cons to be considered as well. This type of floor is also known as composition of jointless floor.

Marble flooring is expensive – good quality marble will cost a lot. If you think that black colored marble floor will make your house look dingy or shabby then you are on the wrong side. Made out of timber, this flooring can prove to be a bit expensive.

They are available in different natural shades like walnut and cherry, and can complement a variety of decor themes. Contrasting hues on the marble tiles make for an interesting vignette.

Hence, there are many who choose other types of flooring over marble, especially in areas like kitchens where one has to be on his/her feet for long durations. Straight lay marble tiles boasting veiny patterns add drama and visual interest to the crisp drawing room, giving it a flowy yet edgy feel.

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The room above looks longer than it actually is due to smart floor choice. The good thing about bamboo flooring is that unlike hardwood flooring, this is water and stain resistant and therefore has a longer life.


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Not just that, it acts as the perfect backdrop for a multitude of colors. Well maintained marble flooring will last a lifetime and thus the question of replacing the flooring may not arise at all. There is nothing classier and prettier than white marble floor in a room. Product Floor...