We never liked it much beyond being great for young kids who play sports who can be rough on floors. The challenges we face every project is to create consistency throughout the work. Why replace your counters when they can be restored back to brand new. I just needed my kitchen and living room and 2 small bathrooms marble restore and he came to my house to measure. It is also very important to use a reputable installer who know how to template and install all types of stone. Despite regular cleaning, the stone looked tired, and in some cases had pitted. To get your flooring back to its original state, you will want to hire a professional marble floor restoration company to get the job done.

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Even the most attractive floors will lose appeal if surrounded by dirty or stained grout. Especially if you donÂ’t hire us, we can at least assist guide you in the right path so you donÂ’t pick the wrong cleaning company. Dull surfaces polished to a mirror-like shine or finished to your exact requirements.

The guy came over to look at the space and it’s been a month and we never got an estimate. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot restore marble. The second guy did a good job but it really didn’t match.

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www.washingtonmarblepolishing.com Real customers review of a marble restoration job performed in Washington , and

Restoring marble, granite and other flooring varieties can be a multi-faceted, multi-step process. The marble was restored to original condition and looks better now than it ever had due to the fact that the original installer never sealed any of his work either in the kitchen or bathrooms. Arrived on time at 8:00 am and finished in close to 6 hours. In conjunction with this we take a inordinate amount of pride in each and every project we work on. Requested a quote for small terrazzo shower pan to be polished. Miguel was punctual for our first meeting to assess our scope of work and provide a proposal. That theyÂ’re not certified, they arenÂ’t authorized to do warranty work.

They worked 8 1/2 hours and left our 1967 terrazzo looking brand new. I also had dropped some cleaning fluid on the marble in our bathroom counter and was also told again that there was “nothing” that could be done about the stains once they were there. What an incredible job and our service person was very impressive. We can tell you about our work, but weÂ’d rather show you. Needs proper and final cleaning as flooring goes in (or right after), whichever is best. It goes without saying that the way your facility looks is a reflection on you. ThatÂ’s why weÂ’re confident we provide the best possible carpet cleaning experience to every one of our clients. Terrazzo restoration can achieve a brand new state using the same techniques used for marble and granite.

Stoneshine’s crew came in and polished them back to new condition (“new” is not an exaggeration). The results speak for themselves; the floors will look amazing!!! Marble floors come in all different colors and provide homeowners with a look that gives off elegance and beauty. Our process will produce a beautiful shine that lasts and lasts without topical coatings. It’s either they’re too busy and they’re rejecting new business or they don’t really care about following up.

He sealed my granite countertop and did a cosmetic repair of a crack by polishing and filling it. They were here right a 8am and removed the furniture with care. Front entry and small landing at base of inside stairs are narrow brick? It is very common for people to misuse the term “polishing” when referring to their stone and its need for some kind of professional help. Polishing, when used by itself, can improve the shine of a current state of your stone – but in most cases it is needed after some form of grinding and/or honing process. There are many different procedures for cleaning, restoring, and maintaining natural stone. Honestly hes a friendly guy and all but i dont think i could ever afford that kind of money just to restore n shine my floors. When we complete a job, the stone not only reflects on your image; it reflects our standards and work ethic. If ever a client has any questions or concerns with any aspect of our work, we will take care of it immediately. We had our kitchen counters and a bar area polished and re-sealed. They repaired a chip we had in our brand new granite countertop as well as had our entire kitchen countertop sealed, and it looks awesome!

This was followed by low maintenance costs (59.4%) and energy efficiency (32.9%). When your stone surfaces become dull, scratched, or stained we can restore them to mint condition. Because of this itÂ’s important that you choose your carpet cleaner carefully. He was very knowledgeable on his recommendations to stay within our budget without sacrificing the look we wanted to achieve. WeÂ’ll have your surfaces back to beautiful in no time. ThereÂ’s a common misconception that having the most finest equipment is all a company needs to clean carpet and rug properly. We specialize in restoring marble and other natural stone surfaces, such as floors, countertops walls. We have saved carpets that our clients thought were finished after the last carpet cleaner made them look worse rather than better. Our marble polishing helps to remove deeper scratches and with marble refinishing services, you can rest assured your marble will look brand new again! We strive to give our clients their desired results, ranging from a honed to a high polish finish. Marble floors in any household are an expensive investment that adds value to your property. Modern stone cleaned, sealed and polished the floor beyond my expectations.

Raymond and his crew showed up on time the next morning and worked all day. We will definitely use this company again for any repairs in the future. For the first time in over a decade my tile and grout look like it did the day it was installed. This company broke tiles, chipped marble and dented fiberglass bathtub while cleaning my stone and tile bathroom. Once the stains were fully removed and the floors were properly evened out, the floor was polished, the final seal was applied, and they sparkled like new. With proper treatment, your marble floor can look as beautiful as it did the day it was installed. Our stone cleaning professionals use cleaning equipment that grinds away accumulated dirt and stains as well as previous applications of waxes and sealers used on your marbleÂ’s surface to get your marble floor back to its original state. Who in the world can afford that amount just to shine a marble. We provide a service experience unlike any other you will have in our industry.

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Natural stone floors are just like any kind of investment, and must be looked after lest the stone’s quality depreciates. The difference

My marble kitchen countertops were in very bad condition with lots of etching.

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When well maintained, marble, tile and stone flooring project a professional look that is unmatched by any other material. The crew was polite, professional, and very knowledgeable, and we’ll be following their new cleaning procedure to keep our stone in shape from now on. With almost two decades of marble and granite repair, restoration and maintenance experience we understand how critical it is to treat natural stone surfaces correctly the first time and on-going to ensure their good presentation and durability.

The result is professional, highest-quality work and service, and a completely satisfied client. We had a lot of travertine and marble we bought with our house over a decade ago that we were clueless about maintaining. But we also know that your concerns go beyond how your floors and surfaces look. Polished concrete surfaces can be stained to provide homeowners with beautiful floors. Our highly trained technicians are experienced cleaning all types of carpet, tile, and upholstery. Limestone floors are relatively easy to maintain but can become dull and dirty with time and use. Without proper sealant, your marble floors are more prone to chips and cracks. I’ve been working with various vendors for jobs around our house and often times, it’s a frustrating experience. Regular, household cleaning products wonÂ’t get the job done and may actually cause more damage than good to your marble floor. Marble is a very popular stone to use for countertops in kitchens, bars, bathrooms and other rooms.

They are a disservice to the public by selling a bad and cost-effective method that is quickly ruining the market for earnest marble and stone polishing companies that believe in promoting natural methods to preserve oneÂ’s stone – not degregate it. It was a big and tedious job to polish, stain and seal 5 bedrooms, family room, and 2 bathrooms, including removing furniture. Your marble floor is not like any other floor—it requires special attention. Upon initial inspection, we can determine the right approach to bringing your marble, tile and stone floors back to life. One guy tried to repair the crack in my sink it lasted 3 weeks. Our professional system will deep clean your tile and grout surfaces to remove dirt and embedded contaminants. If you arenÂ’t satisfied with our work, weÂ’ll re clean the area at no cost. Jaime worked on our kitchen, and he was quick and professional. We wonÂ’t be satisfied unless you let us know youÂ’re completely satisfied with the job we did. Our specialty is marble polishing and refinishing natural stone, but we do so much more. Client service is anything from the service you get on the phone to your follow up after cleaning, the information we provide on the care of your carpet, the spotter and the shoe covers we leaveÂ…itÂ’s all in place for your complete satisfaction. Our established and respected company combines years of experience and knowledge of the field with the new, modern demands of today. The employees who came to do the work were on time, diligent, and polite. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, and marble being a softer type of stone, it can be scratched, scuffed and dulled by constant use which is normal wear and tear for any flooring or surface. Miguel came to our house to explain the process and provide us with a quote. Whether you need a one-time marble floor cleaning or a regular maintenance, our team of professionals can help you bring your marble floor back to life. Sealed the kitchen off of the entire house to prevent as much of the odor even tho it can’t be completely odorless. Even if the stone has not been properly maintained our services can bring the condition back to original factory finish and in some instances even better than the factory finish making the stone appear as a new install. Due to the popularity of stone, and the wide range of products to choose from it is not hard to find something for your budget. With over 26 years of experience, we are an independently owned flooring company. As you probably have been told, do not spill anything caustic on marble, like hair spray, cologne or strong cleaning materials like vinegar. The gentleman arrived when scheduled and quickly got down to work. Even if we have to reschedule the next job to accomplish it, weÂ’ll gladly do so. Our original kitchen granite installer told us there was “nothing he could do” about the holes in our granite slab, so we had lived with it for two years the way it was. Our extensive blend of training and experience with marble and all natural stone will guarantee you years of trouble free maintenance with this beautiful tile.

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This process is sure to get your marble floor looking smooth in no time! Painters say they have about 2 days to finish (a firm maybe). Complete care and service for residential and commercial granite floors, countertops, vanity tops, and more. They started working on the problem and corrected it in a very timely fashion.

The result now is a perfectly smooth granite slab with no holes anymore! The employee showed up on time and buffed out the sink edge. John was recommended by the builderÂ’s flooring company.

Generally speaking, “polishing” is just part of a process – but can also be used to maintain an existing finish if not already too worn. Our team of polishing experts got to work quickly in both instances and began grinding the surfaces down with our diamond grinders. The two worked non-stop until early in the afternoon as they got on their hands and knees and cleaned every inch of our tile and grout.

They refinished our travertine, polished and restored our granite, and fixed some grout on our backsplash. Marble floors that had probably not been cleaned in 20 years look like the new marble we installed in the master bath at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We specialize at bringing out the brilliant shine your floors once had, we can make them dazzle once again. This flooring system is able to deliver quality and long-lasting results to concrete and natural stone floors of all sizes, with truly amazing results. The very last thing we would ever do is rip off or scam a client.

You made a big investment when you installed those natural stone or tile and grout floors, countertops, reception areas, entryways, bathrooms and more.

They are friendly, hardworking, and very good at their jobs. The job covered several rooms and baths (including moving some furniture) and required 3 days, but our 10-year-old floors shine like they were installed yesterday!

Chances are excellent that, even if theyÂ’re looking pretty bad, your natural stone and tile and grout surfaces donÂ’t have to be replaced, as you might have feared. We can deep-clean your tile, restore, clean and seal or even color seal your grout.

Your tile and grout floors, showers, countertops, utility rooms and more will be looking tip-top again in no time! Our marble cleaning and polishing also doesnÂ’t stop with just flooring. Once your floors have been thoroughly stripped and cleaned, we can apply a durable sealant to the surface to prevent future stains, scratches, and dirt buildup. We have all been in hotels where endless glistening floors have made you feel the powerful grandeur of the space. The two gentlemen who came to do the work were courteous, friendly, and professional. Holes filled and then re-honed and re-polished to blend with the surrounding area. There are solid stones and stone that has beautiful patterns. The appearance of the marble, tile and stone floor is vital in projecting the professional look of your business. And if your tile is ceramic or porcelain, we can clean that too! The following are recent projects that showcase our work and ability to offer an assortment of styles and tastes. Our travertine looks better than new and more like marble now, which is exactly what we requested. As temperatures rise during the spring and summer often do, so do precipitation and humidity levels. Since they are so porous, extreme care must be taken to restore a shiny floor surface. We know natural stone and we know how to get it (and keep it) looking its best.

Polishing marble and all other natural stone and terrazzo surfaces for 15 years. Grout is also porous, so dirt, liquid and bacteria can penetrate deep into those grout lines causing stains, discoloration and odor. Stoneshine did a beautiful job on our polished concrete floors. You, your friends and family will be amazed at the transformation from your current dull dingy marble floors to a beautifully restored, better than new appearance. This terrazzo had been under tile and other flooring over its lifetime.https://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/marble-floor-polishing-companies.jpghttps://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/marble-floor-polishing-companies-150x150.jpggenaMarble Images
We never liked it much beyond being great for young kids who play sports who can be rough on floors. The challenges we face every project is to create consistency throughout the work. Why replace your counters when they can be restored back to brand new. I just needed...