Glass can work well in modern spaces and those lacking in room because it allows light to filter through and visually, it isn’t too heavy. It is in good condition and because its stone can be used inside or out.

Marble Round Dining Table Design

Whether you place a few bowls laden with in-season fruit casually on the top, an oversized vase of freshly cut florals or perhaps a plant or two for an inspired touch of indoor greenery.

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The particular structure is for the lovers of natural wood in combination with metal that we used to create a dinner table . This dinner

All of these can look fantastic, it’s just a matter of matching your style to the table. Table is heavy due to marble top and will need 2 strong people to carry. Sometimes the white will be shot through with brown and yellow veins to warm the table up a bit.

Solid, large family dining table with 6 tall chairs and leather seats. Candles can be a fabulous addition to any tabletop and are instantly available when you feel the need to add some ambience to your dining room. Selecting the right dining table is integral to the homes overall aesthetic and appeal. With a range of styles for the table and colours for the marble, it’s easier than you might think to find something that works with the rest of the interior. There are very few minor scratches that do not detract from the appearance. Gorgeous marble topped dining table with dark timber legs 140cm x 90cm. Also, consider how often you might move, marble is not only extremely heavy, it’s also costly. It is also important to consider table height vs chair height, standard table height is 76cm but if you have chairs already then you may need to take their measurement with you when you go shopping to make sure there is a minimum of 20cm between seat top and tabletop height. You might consider buying an extendable table if you have a small area but love to entertain. Decorating your dining table when it is not in use is a fabulous way to maximise space and add a little personal style into your interiors. Table can be extended up to 2.4m and can easily fit 8 chairs.

The glass is 20mm thick with radiused edges and also with small top and bottom bevels. You can go for a simple metal body with square tabletop, wood with a marble inset, or something a bit art nouveau with twisting curves. Solid marble dining table 1900 x 1000 in very good condition with 8 high-backed chairs with beige padded fabric seat. Often, the table is a focal point where the family gathers to work and play, as well as eat. It doesn’t need as much care or maintenance as a result, which can be a great load off. Whilst individual styles may vary slightly and custom built tables provide flexibility within this measurement, you will find that across the board most dining tables are of a consistent height. Antique style marble dining table with black wooden legs, 6 upholstered matching chairs, 2 buffets with mirrors. Solid timber also ages well and over time the table will develop character and tell stories of rowdy dinner parties, growing children, and many delightful occasions. High quality fine marble overlay 8 seat dining table, 1500 x 1500, real marble however relatively light owing to the thinness of the tiles. Would suit stone, concrete, marble or timber table tops which can be affixed or sit upon the frame. Unfortunately, glass will incur some scratches and doesn’t pair well with little fingers.

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This time another dining table was made using the combination of metal and wood as the previous time. Get the plan:

It may be a little cheaper to buy, but they won’t be as strong and durable as a solid timber table.

Top is shaped – 1000mm wide in middle and 900mm at both ends. This table is extremely stable – if someone sits on one edge it will not tilt. Any variations in colour, texture, pattern, density and thickness are inherent attributes of the stone. Note that there is hole in the piece, right next to the left hand edge.

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Table has some scratches and some of the chair’s backs are starting to come off (see picture). With that decision out of the way, you can start to narrow down your possible options for style.

From entertaining to homework the dining table is a core piece of household furniture that needs to be multifunctional as well as stylish and in tune with the aesthetics of your interior. Plenty of room, great for kids because it’s a really hard surface and hard to damage.

Round or oval tables are often favourable as they suit smaller spaces and their shape means there is no defined head of the table! Some wear and tear on the metal and a bit on the marble, but no chips or cracks. It’s an attractive colour that highlights the patterns and textures that naturally occur in marble and it’s also one of the more plentiful colours. It is essential to choose a well-crafted dining table made from high-quality materials so that it ages with you and lasts you for many years to come.

Couple of marks that could be stripped and re sealed if you desire a new or natural finish. Marble is another option for a strong dining table that will last and work well in both a contemporary and traditional setting. It features a stylist look and completes your living space with amazing contemporary furniture.

Reason for selling is unfortunately due to limited space in house. Looking for a quick sale if you have any questions please let me know.

Few chips on legs but otherwise good condition needs a polish.

So you wouldn’t want to take the risk of dropping or knocking the top very often. The table measures 2 metres by 1 metre and can accomodate 8 chairs. A dining table should not be an impulse buy, it is essential to take your time and consider the options carefully after all it is an investment piece.

This table was intended to have a concrete table top which was unfortunately never completed. Here are the basics measurements for the required space needed for each person at a dining table. Sized at 200 x 71cm (and 1.8cm thick), with a dark red pattern.

More rarely, a marble table might be made out of completely brown or black marble.

Choosing your table size should be based firstly on the size of your room keeping in mind that people will need room to circulate within the space and pull chairs in and out. The last two pictures are not representative of the colour, but show some of the details of the travertine / marble top.

You may be able to get some off with specific cleaning products. Round, square or rectangular dining tables each ensure a different dining experience.


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Glass can work well in modern spaces and those lacking in room because it allows light to filter through and visually, it isn’t too heavy. It is in good condition and because its stone can be used inside or out. Marble Round Dining Table Design Whether you place a few...