Bona produces some of the most beautiful and durable floor finishes out there. This works great for regular cleaning of natural stone, as well as the glass and hardware near the stone. You do not need to be a big commercial business to enjoy the benefits of this super floor cleaner. If you wash sealed floors you will remove the polish from the floor. However, we recommend using a cutting board to keep from dulling your cutlery. Your floors cannot be washed with acidic or corrosive cleaning products. It can be used for cleaning commercial and domestic wood floors.

This super strong external brick cleaner will do the job with ease. Pre spray highly recommended for commercial kitchen cleaning jobs. In many cases the wood floor polish will wear faster in areas where you walk a lot. This kitchen degreaser should be an essential in any commercial kitchen, canteen, food processing unit etc.

Floor Polishing

It also works well on amtico floors , altro floors , vinyl floors and rubber floors. For spray wipe cleaning system you can use a dilution rate of 1 to 150. If you are a cleaning company or a person that has to do a deep clean in a filthy bathroom you will need to use a heavy duty bathroom cleaner.

Better, cleaner, more efficient, more beautiful, and more sustainable. Its smooth, polished surface provides just the right amount of shine to brighten up what once was a cold,… Most of these marks can be easily removed with little effort and cleaning products. You can use it for spray and wipe systems, mopping, pre spray with a pump, cleaning machines etc. As we all know, you cannot use a lot of water on any laminate floor. These wipes clean my dark granite nicely, leaving it shiny and looking like new.

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Connemara Marble info speech, Connemara Ireland , June 2, 2009.

This floor polish is way cheaper than the original amtico floor dresser. A high performing and truly brilliant floor cleaning product. A professional, easy to use flat mop system suitable for any type of floor. Many people don’t know that most toilet cleaners and descalers are also great bathroom cleaners. It applies even coats of polish without leaving any streaks. Find the right solution to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Because every type of stone has its own special characteristics, we begin by accurately identifying the problem – then developing a personalised solution for solving it. We’re delighted with the result, the floor was transformed totally, it’s never looked as good. Our products have been developed as a result of experience gained in the tiling industry . After the floor is fully dry you will need to assess the floor and if there is high porosity you will need to apply a sealant to close the gaps. It is a very powerful degreaser and it will dissolve all grease build ups from your floors. This tough bathroom cleaner is highly concentrated and has a gel like composition. I’m still looking for something that’s a perfect 5 stars, but this is pretty good stuff. The most common mistake many people make is to wash their bathroom floors with bleach and then use the same mop head to wash marmoleum , amtico , vinyl floors.

You will need to dilute it according to the surface you need to clean. My mom raves about this stuff though, so it might just depend on the color of granite you have. This magic floor cleaning product is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted to the right mixing ratio. It is crazy how easily it dissolves dirt and stains from inside the toilet bowl. It can be used on stainless steel surfaces, plastic, painted surfaces etc. All polished floors need regular washing and buffing to maintain their looks. Excessive localized heat may damage the surface or cause hairline cracks.

The quick release system makes it very easy to exchange pads or increase or decrease the size of its handle. This is a neutral floor cleaning product that will not react with the oil from your floor and it will not affect the look of your floor. They have used all the known toilet cleaners and descalers with little success. We wipe with a dry microfiber towel and the counters look and smell great. One of the most cost efficient garden furniture cleaners out there.

This special impregnation repels water, grease and oil and is also highly suitable for use outdoors. With over 15 years experience offering a nationwide service we’d be delighted to hear from you should you need advice or a free quotation in relation to tiling or any aspect of natural stone restoration. We strongly advise you to avoid using acidic cleaning agents for these kinds of stone. We specialise in marble cleaning, restoration and more ….. Allow to dry then buff the floor with a high speed buffer using a red pad. Allow 3 minutes to work and then agitate the polish with a medium soft brush and then extract all the moisture with a dry towel or a wet vac if available. I have a sort of variegated white tile kitchen floor, and the grout was absolutely disgusting. We have over 10 years experience in dealing with all types of floor polishes, sealants, waxes, oils, polish enhancers etc.

Do not use too much moisture to clean your laminate floors. There are millions of people using bona products to care for and maintain their floors on a daily basis so they must be doing something right. It will reduce the time needed for bathroom cleaning and it will improve efficiency. You don’t need to be a professional to seal your concrete floor. This is one of the best and most durable concrete floor sealants. It has more or less the same look and the same protective qualities. It will deep clean your bathroom in one go and it will also sanitise it. One quick spray and wipe it will change the finish of your furniture.

Examples of cement-bound cast stones are concrete ashlar or terrazzo. Whether residential or commercial we always deliver the results you want. This allows us to cut into the stone and is how we would proceed in the scratch removal from the stone. Unprotected enclosing walls and flagstones in the garden are continually being soiled by natural deposits. It takes an experienced stone technician to be able to identify and assess a particular stones condition. We having been offering a nationwide service for the last 19 years. If you have garden furniture that gets dirty from the rain, dust, kids, pets etc. The easiest way of applying floor polish is with a special polish applicator or just a microfiber flat mop. If you spend 14€ and if you mix it up to a dilution of 1 to 50, you should be able to get about 200 spray bottles of very strong kitchen degreaser. Only use this super concentrated acid cleaner on natural unsealed floors.

How do you make sure your natural stone fireplace looks great? Marblelife provide a complete marble restoration and maintenance service for period and stately homes. Many people use the wrong bathroom cleaning products and make their lives much harder than needed. It works just as efficiently in areas with hard and soft water. It is a solvent based concrete floor sealant that will build up a glossy protective coat over your existing floors. You can apply this concrete sealant with a flat mop, a painting roll or a brush. This kitchen degreaser is very efficient and very effective for dirt and grease removal and can be used in many ways. The moisture will be trapped under the polish and it will have nowhere to go. We’ve tried so many cleaners on our dark granite, and all of them have left some streaks (including this one). Here we explain the problem and how we solved it, along with plenty of pictures. It works on the bathroom floor, the kitchen floor, the living room floors etc. The worktop is not impenetrable to stains though if left on the worktop and not cleaned up. This super concrete floor sealant will enhance the look of your floors and it will protect your floors. It’s not easy finding all-natural cleaners that smell great. sells some of the best bathroom cleaning products that will do the job fast, cheap and with 0 risks. Find the right solution to remove all kinds of stains, even the most stubborn. All in one, you will have a piece of technology in your hand that will clean and polish your wood floor without the need for additional tools. If applied in very sunny rooms it can create a mirror effect. The only cleaning system that you will need to clean your floors. Wash with a neutral cleaning product to neutralise and allow time to dry. It is very important to know what you do with this strong floor stripper. Unlike marble and limestone, granite is the least affected by acids or alcohol. Wait for about 3 minutes and then buff the floor with a black or green floor pad. We were delighted with the finished result, it was as if a new floor had been laid, it was that good. The specialists in natural stone restoration installations. We then pre-spray the floors with a premium marble floor cleaning agent that will break down the dirt and grime and also remove any previous seals that had been applied to the floor. Stone floor restoration would use is the same process that a carpenter would use to sand wood. This process is preferably carried out after the marble floor tiles have been “cut back”, ie. If you mix lift kitchen degreaser with very hot water you will at least double its power. Some brilliant kitchen degreasers are so concentrated that they will not work if used undiluted. Every month more than 2 million unique visitors from all over the world use the platform to search for products, services and suppliers. Respect the drying times and buff up the floors after about 24 hours to achieve the best results. Other natural stones other than granite have a much higher chance of staining. It should cover over 100 square meters of floors in 3 coats from one single container. Any kitchen degreaser, including lift kitchen degreaser, is much more efficient if used with hot water. For better results pre spray the whole area and then scrub lightly with a microfiber flat mop. The floor polish needs to be applied in an even thin coat without any streaks. Installing marble is different to porcelain and because of the method used the results are instantly noticeable. One bathroom cleaning product that can do all types of cleaning. It is like spraying water on glass, you will not get the results you want. For mopping systems you can easily mix up about 500 buckets of cleaning product. It is vital that you regularly clean and seal your stone worktop so that it keeps its natural beauty and shine. Starting with a rough and aggressive grit to remove stains or blemishes, and moving higher up the grits to finally end with a very fine grit to smooth the finish. We are asked about how natural stone should be cleaned regularly. Over time, most natural stone and marble floors will require some degree of maintenance, restoration and polishing.

Using only the latest in technology and most proven techniques, our team of experts can handle all marble and stone care projects, big or small. In many cases, where the finish of the floor is not completely gone, the bona wood floor polish can really change the look of the floor. Enhance floor polish can be used on many types of floors but it is at its best on marmoleum floors, amtico floors, lino floors, some types of natural stones, some type of wood floors and rubber floors. In fact, you can see the acid breaking the lime from the toilet on impact. Many companies are also using wrong bathroom cleaning products in their attempt to save money on cleaning products. In these cases the whole floor needs to be stripped and a new coat of polish needs to be applied. Just mop the floor with the solution, apply generously, do not forget the corners. This superb liquid furniture polish is the product you were looking for. Many commercial kitchens have been using lift kitchen degreaser for years.

Floors that were polished before need to be stripped off all existing polish or sealant and then washed with a neutral floor cleaning product. Evans enhance floor polish needs to be applied on stripped or unsealed floors. Scrub the grout with a soft brush after the dirt is softened up by the floor stripper. It enhances the look of the floor, it cleans protects. If there are still patches of polish in some areas please repeat the operation. Using heavy duty alkaline bathroom cleaning products for bathroom maintenance is a waste of money. Those algae deposits and the lime stains cannot be removed easily. One single wash with the wrong floor cleaning product can kill the shine of your floor instantly. Choose your surface and let us guide you in choosing the best cleaning and sealing treatment. Care should be taken to remove spillage of fruit juice, particularly lemon, wine and vinegar, beetroot etc., e.g. If you have your bathroom cleaned daily you will need a maintenance bathroom cleaning product. Should your surface accidentally exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

This super polish will build a protective coat over the existing finish. There was no discoloration of any sort on the slate shower. Highly recommended for school floors due to its high dilution ratio and affordability.

The stone is then expertly resurfaced to remove blemishes and scratches, and then polished to a natural high-gloss finish, without using wax. Their speed of response and quality of work are first class. An impregnating seal is then worked into the natural stone by hand until it is absorbed completely. In one single operation three effects are achieved: deep cleaning, water and grease repellent impregnation, restoration of lustre. This product removes stubborn hard-water residues, rust stains, soap residues and dirt quickly and for a long time. The sole function of which is the repair maintenance of all natural stone surfaces. Only suitable for acid-resistant natural stones (such as granite and gneiss). Marblelife provide a complete marble restoration and maintenance service for residential homes. Our products are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Polishing and buffing marble floors on a scheduled basis will ensure that your floors always reflect your character and gleam all year round. This includes tiling where we specialise in professional fitting of many types of natural stone floors and can provide expert advice in advance on the best type of natural stone for you. It is preferably carried out after the sealing process has been completed. The stone is “massaged” with an 11,000 grit pad.

Even if it is regularly used, the structure and colour of the stone remain unchanged.

Lime is no longer capable of adhering firmly to the stone and can therefore be easily wiped away from the surface. We are very easy to work with and we treat all our clients with the highest degree of professionalism and service. It removes light cement films, layers of stone-care products, oil and grease, soot and tar and remnants of synthetic paint as well as plaster. Much cheaper than the classic bathroom cleaning products and usually much more efficient. Existing or new concrete can be polished for a durable, dust free, low maintenance alternative to other flooring options. Many floor cleaning contractors use water and vinegar for neutralisation. It removes dirt and enhances the look of the existing finish without affecting the colour or shine. Cleans my granite beautifully, spray on and wipe off with paper towel.

Bleach based products acidic product will dull the finish and it will make the floor dirty looking. If you use it correctly it will remove all the existing polishes and waxes in one go. When you wash your floors with a lot of water you also increase the risk of accidents. Rejuvenata has a diluted formula of the granite impregnating sealer that is on your worktop, so not only cleans the worktop but also protects it, the more you use the product. Mexapol floor polish is also highly recommended for all the medical centres, nursing homes, child minding businesses etc. Spray wipe, mop the floors, use it in conjunction with a floor scrubbing machine etc.

Some floors need just light cleaning while other floors need scrubbing. By using floor cleaning machines to clean your floors you will no longer have to mop. Nail varnish and any other solvent or oil based products will stain if not wiped up immediately. It can be applied on all types of lino floors, marmoleum floors, amtico floors, vinyl floors, rubber floors etc. It will remove most markings from your floors without leaving any streaks behind. After the sealant is fully dry start applying coats of floor polish. To reduce the slight ability of granite to absorb liquids, the surface is treated with a proprietary sealer that penetrates the surface and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals.

The restoration process involves a careful evaluation of your stone, followed by the stripping away of unsightly wax, and the repairing or replacing of cracked or broken tiles.

The work was carried out to a very high standard with superb professionalism and with the flexibility that a business such as ours dictates. It is highly recommended for commercial floor polishing jobs like surgeries, schools, public buildings etc. This magic wood floor cleaner can be used on all types of semi solid and solid wood floors. You can use it in a spray wipe system or with a flat mop system. It builds up inside the brick and it makes the house or the wall look old and tired. Whatever markings are on the floor will be made very visible by the polish.

Have you attempted to deep clean a dirty kitchen with cheap cleaning products? Removes cement film, limescale and heavy duty construction dirt. It will work particularly well in conjunction with a flat microfiber mop head. It is a strong degreaser and oil removing cleaning product. All the equipment and pads are provided so that you can keep your surfaces looking their best at all times. This easy to use floor cleaner will protect and enhance the look of your newly polished floors.

Lift kitchen degreaser – the professional kitchen cleaning solution. Mexapol floor polish is highly recommended for commercial floors, it will create a “mirror effect” on your floors and it will make any floor look clean. Many people do not follow the proper maintenance techniques. Honed materials may obtain slight surface markings during transportation, fabrication, or installation. For many years people used bleach for deep cleaning bathrooms. To remove adhered materials like food, gum and nail polish, first scrape away the excess with a sharp blade or plastic putty knife.

Since marble is a calcite-based stone it will etch very easily and appear to have dull spots as a result of most spills. It will remove light body fats and greases from any wood surface. In addition, stone can be discoloured by blossoms, leaves and bird droppings. The hard types of rock include granite, gneiss, quartzite and porphyry. We have the team nationwide to handle all types of job – large or small, domestic or commercial. This product penetrates deeply into the stone and makes it water repellent but still permits it to “breathe”. I learned that it was and agreed to have the work carried out. We customise all our work to your specific needs and taste. Painted scribblings or drawings can then be easily removed from it. There was an old, dirty carpet on the floor that i would have to replace. Afterwards, the surfaces will shine as though they were new. This polish brings back the lustre of the stone and conserves the natural colour.

This is the reason why wine or fruit juice must be removed from the surface of the stone immediately. Marble floor grinding is a phase in the restoration process that involves the use of diamond encrusted pads. This product can also be used to remove peripheral discolourations in natural stone which have been caused by the improper application of sealants (e.g. Our certified, experienced and fully insured craftsmen will prepare and execute a restoration and maintenance program of work for your floor. The time when washing your floors required a big bucket, water, mop and cleaning products is well gone. If you use a spray mop system do not allow the water to stay on the floor for longer than 5 seconds. If used on concrete floors it needs to be applied on clean and even surfaces. Works on most types of tile stone floors, cleans fast and streak free. Many people wash their floors with the wrong floor cleaning products or with a lot of water.

This is not a deep cleaner, so it will not remove stuck on soap scum. The area covered depends on porosity of the surface where you plan to apply the sealant. In a few words, this super strength hard surface cleaner has all the benefits you would expect from a professional cleaning product but without the premium costs. To dry your granite, you can use a chamois leather or similar. A deep floor cleaning product and a furniture polisher, all in one product.

Your employees were punctual, polite and did truly wonderful work. Would highly recommend if you have granite and troubles with water spots. Examples of resin-bound cast stones are agglomerate marble or agglomerate granite. They carried out their work in a professional manner, with no mess or fuss and most surprisingly, no dust.

Natural stone is an exquisite addition to any property and also reflective of the character of the property owner. In contrast to a sealed stone, it retains its ability to “breath”. All work is done to the highest standards to give outstanding result. Lift kitchen degreaser is much better than the classic kitchen degreaser available in your convenience shop. The results will appear instantly and it will last for much longer than other cleaning products. Lift kitchen degreaser was made for commercial kitchen cleaning but works very well for domestic kitchen cleaning. When you buff your floors your floors you need to use a red floor pad and a high speed floor buffer. It cleans with ease and leaves all types of polished surfaces spotless.

Bleach is a very efficient bathroom cleaner but it is also very toxic and it could badly stain your bathroom fittings. We can help you out and advise you on how to use it and where it is suitable. Bona has invented the right floor cleaning product for your oiled floors. It can be used for daily floor cleaning in all petrol stations or factories. This magic bathroom cleaner it is also an anti bacterial product. Even if applying polish looks very easy, in fact, it is not.

For light cleaning or daily cleaning the dilution should be at the high end. Pre test your floors to make sure there is no reaction between the floor stripper and the cleaning products that were used to clean the floor for years. A truly professional wood surface cleaner that will eliminate the need for any other type of wood cleaning product. You have always wondered how old antique furniture can look so clean and shiny. Choose your surface and let us guide you in choosing the best cleaning and protection treatment. Ready to use furniture polish that does not require any dilution. You can use a light spray pump, pre spray the whole kitchen before cleaning.

Depending on the type of job you plan to do, the dilution ratio can go from 1 to 10 to 1 to 50. For less than 14€ you can buy 5 litres of highly concentrated cleaning product. Do not use glass cleaner to clean marble, limestone or onyx under any circumstances! If you use the same mop to clean another floor it could stain or damage the floor. The degreaser will dissolve most types of organic stains much faster than spot carpet cleaners. Only apply the floor polish when the floor is stripped, clean and dry. Dragging very heavy objects, such as a tool box with dirt, grit or sand on its bottom may cause the granite to scratch. Only the right amount of cleaning product will be used so it will reduce waste as well. By using a flat mop applicator you will avoid getting streaks and markings all over your floor. I just use one to clean my counter and then go back over the counter with a paper towel. Combines a beautiful glossy finish with a very long life expectancy in areas with high traffic. Keep the floor wet and do not wait for the stripper to dry on the floor. If diluted to a ratio of 1 to 100, lift kitchen degreaser can be used as a hard surface cleaner but avoid using it on wood.

The service is reliable, efficient and excellently finished. Our expert technicians perform on site tests with a moisture metre to determine the exact moisture content of your stone, slip testing (static coefficient of friction) to determine, if it meets safety standards and local codes, and gloss level testing. We specialise in all types of cleaning and restoration, as well as concrete, marble and stone floor polishing in both residential and commercial settings.

Repeat the operation until the floor is clean and polish free. It will build up a thick coat of floor polish that cannot be removed in 1 go. A well laid and maintained stone floor is timeless and adds to both the enjoyment of, and resale value of, any property. Enhance floor polish will make a noticeable difference to your floors, it will enhance the look of your floors without making it look artificial.

We are the wise, and cost effective choice in all natural stone maintenance and restoration projects. By sealing the stone you are closing its’ surface making it dirt and water repellent for a long period of time. This product conserves the natural colour of the stone and brings back its lustre. The soft types of rock include sandstone as well as limestone, e.g. We use a rotary buffer machine and grout brushes to agitate the cleaning agents before vacuuming up. Cement-bound cast stones, such as concrete ashlar, are also acid-sensitive.

The finished result is flawless and will be a great example to show prospective clients.


Bona produces some of the most beautiful and durable floor finishes out there. This works great for regular cleaning of natural stone, as well as the glass and hardware near the stone. You do not need to be a big commercial business to enjoy the benefits of this super...