The secret is as old as the ancient pyramids, it uses the law of fulcrum and levers to make it the best bracket on the market. Installers love this bracket because it delivers on so many levels.

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By far the easiest granite bracket to install, saving time and making you money. There are a plethora of granite bracket out there. Picking the right granite bracket is easer than you think. The truth is there are only 5 brackets you will need to consider.For the best countertop supports available on the market shop here. We have a history of untarnished business integrity and a commitment to customer service and perfect support. How to maximize the support of the brackets without adding a cross strut. Granite countertop support brackets come in many formats shapes and sizes with all different levels of quality. Truth of the matter is after 2010 the granite install business needed ways to address floating countertops, brackets that needed to be hidden. The granite countertop support bracket was born from installers using corbels or oversized heavy duty countertop support brackets made from hard cut steel.

How To Install Countertop Support Bracket To Make Your Countertop Float

Want your countertop to have the appearance of floating? Want to do away with bulky corbels that hit and bang your knees?

Then you have to take in consideration the manufacture of the bracket. We only sell what we build and if we stray from that, we insist on only the best and completely reject the others that are not worth comparison. Between the two companies you can get the best of the best in granite countertop support brackets.

It literally takes longer to hang pictures then install one of thees brackets.

Plus it offers the very best countertop support. So we ask, what is considered the best granite bracket? Top 5 things you should consider when shopping for granite support brackets.

Money back guarantees are important so if you’re a granite countertop installer and you need six granite brackets, buy 7, and ask for a refund. See how well the system works, test the customer service. If you see a seller that cant even take a nice picture of the bracket, don’t walk, run. He took a long hard look at his past brackets and fixed all types of issues.

And so recently he came up with the answer to every installers dream. A granite countertop support bracket that took a bold step in the right direction. A granite countertop support bracket that levels itself to the underside of the stone countertop. This style of support is called the floating countertop, because you cant see the brackets under the countertop or overhang. The granite countertop support bracket is basically a flat metal bar that fits snugly under the granite – out of sight, out of mind – holding up the granite countertop overhang using the base cabinet as the support structure. The bracket is better than a corbel (wooden or metal) because it doesn’t knock your knees when seated at the overhang or bar. It gives it the look of floating – hence the name “floating countertop”. The rust proof bracket mounts directly to the inside wall providing a completely open space for chairs and leg room. A patented adjustment feature simplifies installation. It is generally recommended that stone countertops having 10 in. Bracket needs to be installed before countertop. Please review installation instructions before ordering to ensure proper use of brackets.

Can they support a ten foot long (120 inch) overhang?

Brackets To Support Granite Shelf

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I am building a 8 foot x 18 inch snack by over 2×6 wall with 12 inches of overhang. What do you do if the chiseled wall channel for the bracket is too deep? Can you use particle board for any of the mountings? The brackets (we purchased two) installed easily and also adjusted easily. They are also out of sight because they install on the inside of the cabinet and lie flat (horizontally) underneath the extended counter. Originally we were going with granite and were recommended to use these. We had 2 36inch drawer units so used 2 sets.

Worked perfectly for our 12inch overhang. I would have given 5 stars but they were very expensive for the material supplied. Easy to install and love how it is not visible at all! The counter top people installed the counter tops with no issues.

We didn’t want to use corbels and had a two level bar/counter height peninsula. Happy to say that our kitchen is finished, our counter tops are corbel free, and the support -both for the counter top and customer service- are top notch. To anyone else considering using these brackets, it’s worth it 100%. Sturdy aluminum construction in two colors.

Clear acrylic shields offer contours satisfying all current requirements.

The flush mounted hidden brackets allow for plenty of chair and leg room, even within the tightest of spaces.

Finished in flat black, flat white and an untreated raw steel that is ready for painting. Best used in an island setting when additional support is available.

The Easy Granite Bracket Install

Granite countertops and their overhangs need support. So in order to keep your granite countertop overhang supported and …

The secret is as old as the ancient pyramids, it uses the law of fulcrum and levers to make it the best bracket on the market. Installers love this bracket because it delivers on so many levels. By far the easiest granite bracket to install, saving time and making you...