Although both are stones and both are quarried from the earth, granite and marble (and marble’s relatives – limestone, onyx and travertine) are very different from each other. The greatest difference lies in the porosity, softness and durability of marble when compared to granite.

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Buying slabs is similar to buying fabric. Why are some stones more expensive than others? Availability, locations of quarries in the world (due to transportation expenses), the rarity of the color, and the amount of labor required to extract the stones all affect the price of natural stone. Higher price doesn’t mean higher quality.Granite can vary in weight depending on the density of the material. Usually, the darker the rock is, the heavier it is.

On average a granite slab weighs 1500lbs.

It is preferred by some because “honed” stone has a less formal, softer appearance than polished stone. A leathered finish is a textured and non-glossy surface. It’s attributes resemble leather in that you can feel subtle ridges similar to an orange peel.

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The leathered finish does not require any different treatment at all for maintenance making it a popular choice for customers who prefer a non-gloss surface. Granite is highly resistant to scratching, cracking and staining, and is impervious to heat. Daily kitchen activities pose no problem and it can take a hot pot without the use of a trivet. This makes granite an ideal choice for countertops.

Like any solid surface, high impact blows can harm granite. Because of its crystalline structure, it can chip if subjected to sharp hard objects.

But repair is possible – a chip can be filled with a granite dust and epoxy mixture. Granite is most susceptible to cracks during shipping and installation. Normal use will not overstress this durable material. Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world. It is highly resistant to scratching in ordinary use. Always cut and chop on a wooden or plastic cutting board. All stone, however, is porous to some extent, but granite has very little porosity. A few colors may absorb some moisture with prolonged contact compared to others.

For example, a puddle of water left on the counter, for some colors, may show a dark spot when the water is wiped away. Usually, no evidence remains once the liquid is removed and the granite dries.

A stone sealer is highly recommended for all granite after installation. Some stones are more porous than others, so it is important to use a penetrating sealer to prevent stains from oil, wine or other liquids from soaking into the surface. You can’t burn granite with ordinary use. It is perfectly ok to set hot pots or pans directly from the stove or oven onto granite. Or use cleaners specifically formulated to help clean and protect stone surfaces.

Granite, which is crystalline in structure, always has tiny pits – spaces between the various mineral crystals.

Granite sometimes has natural fissures as well, which may look like cracks, but are not structural defects and are a naturally occurring result of the immense heat and pressure that formed the granite eons ago. These characteristics are part of the natural beauty of stone and will not impair the function or durability of the material.

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A product of nature cannot be expected to look manmade. Due to the limitation of slab size, seams on a granite countertop are sometimes necessary and often unavoidable. Extremely large islands may either require a seam, or color selections will be limited to those slabs that have longer lengths or widths.

The visibility of seams will depend on the granularity, color and pattern of the stone. Our sales associates will help to explain the seam process in further detail to you. Also for clarification, take a look at the kitchen displays we have throughout the showroom. Will my countertops overhang the cabinets? Most counters overhang by 1 1/2″, which is standard. This may be changed for whatever reason due to cabinet configuration, cabinet installation and/or personal tastes.

You can cantilever granite up to 12″ with sufficient support on the fixed end and with a large enough piece. Never cantilever unsupported granite where it might receive excessive stress like someone sitting on a counter or stepping on a counter to change a light bulb. You must have support underneath for these situations.

These acidic substances cause a chemical reaction, which will remove the polish. Additionally, marble and limestone can be scratched more easily than harder stones such as granite. Marble is, however, sometimes used in the kitchen as a pastry slab; its perfectly smooth, cool surface is ideal for rolling out dough and piecrusts.

Etching happens when acid in some form comes in contact with a polished marble or limestone surface. This causes a chemical reaction, which removes the polish, or roughens the surface of honed marble or limestone. What’s the best way to clean marble and other soft stones? Never use powdered cleansers or abrasive pads to clean your stone.

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Even “soft scrub” type cleaners contain pumice, which is powdered volcanic stone, and might damage your stone countertops or floors.

Limestone is sedimentary rock consisting mostly of organic material such as skeletons and shells of marine creatures and sediments.

It is formed by material that settles to the bottom of bodies of water, and over millions of years, solidifies into solid rock. Earth movements over extremely long periods of earth’s history can lift limestone miles into the air. Like marble, we recommend avoiding the use of limestone in kitchens.

Polished limestone is highly susceptible to surface changes or damage from kitchen acids including citrus juices, vinegars, mustards, and so forth. Unsealed, some of the more porous limestones can be subject to stains.

If the limestone is polished or semi-polished, you will see a rough spot where the substance sat on the stone. View our wide selection of granite to choose from for your project 2. We provide you a quote based on your favorite granite and a rough drawing of your project with dimensions 3. If you approve the quote and wish to proceed we will then require a 50% deposit which will hold your rock and get you a templating date 4.A laser template is done for your project and we collect all sinks and faucets for programming 5. Your job is sent to the fabrication shop where we create the pieces with your favorite granite 6. In this article we’d like to clear up any confusion about granite. We also provide a maintenance kit with a sealer product that can be used no more than once every 1-2 years.

As with any countertop, if a spill occurs, wipe it up. Your stone will not scratch but you may want to use a cutting board as your knives will dull quicker on the granite.

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To maintain your granite’s rich color and elegant finish only use products that are safe for your hands.

We have many sizes and colors to choose from and we’ll even get it cut just how you want for your project. Rock is extracted from these quarries using a variety of methods from blasting to cutting. All backsplash must be removed if this is a renovation 2. All base cabinets need to be permanently installed and levelled 3. We need to have your sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, reverse osmosis and cooktop (if applicable) in our shop in order to program the job 4. We need stove templates to be available if necessary for fabricating your job 5. Here are some pictures that highlight our recent jobs.

If you’d like to submit photos of your job please contact us . Whether building a new home or renovating your existing kitchen and bathrooms, we can dramatically upgrade your look! Our unique business model will help you save money as you select from hundreds of colours of granite and quartz. All edges are given extra attention to detail to ensure a gorgeous finish to your stone. Granite a call, and like our family of satisfied customers, let us turn your dream kitchen or bathroom into a reality!After all, we have built our business on referrals.

We have all of your granite, marble and other natural stone needs and we provide a professional service from beginning to end. We will work with you and will recommend the best stone for your needs.

Our polite staff will come into your home to measure your counter top to ensure a perfect fit. All of our raw materials are hand picked to ensure they are perfect. We do everything we can to ensure that your project turns out to be exactly as you dreamed. Our staff will be more then happy to help you through all stages of your project. Thank you for taking the time to browse through our website. We hope to get to meet you soon and make your dream kitchen become a reality. Come in to our showroom to see what we have in stock. The guys were very polite and got right to their work. It really has been worth all the looking at colours and time we spent thinking about things.

The mining boom lasted only about a decade as yield from the creeks dwindled. Visit our showroom to see our wide selection of stone and quartz slabs from quarries around the world. If you’re looking for a specific granite or thinking about remodeling your kitchen but don’t know where to begin? We guarantee you will be impressed with the enduring beauty of granite, travertine, marble and slate. We are also pleased to offer the matching tiles in each of these fine, natural materials.

Why offer such an impressive line of matching granite building & finishing materials? Set contains 4 pieces: long with sink cutout, corner, and two joiner pieces.

This means this vanity should work in more. .. Came out of a unit at big white – in pristine condition. It’s a standard size and should fit most vanity bases.

The heavy duty granite pillars are tough but possess a very beautiful dark sandy tan colour with hints of crystal white. The countertop screws off and cabinet boxes can be moved. .. First picture is an island piece that could be cut down to counter size. Includes the under mounted composite sink. Products come in granite, marble, and quartz. Counter & vanity top fabrication services.

We can guarantee to get the job done on time with no limits on quality & customers service. Aligned with the best material supplies in the industry, we provide what you need to put a unique touch in your kitchen, bathroom, outside bbq deck and more. Creating a unique look and feel with every fabricated creation and installation. We have worked hard and passionately to build relationships and stand out in our industry. From our humble beginnings, we wanted to set ourselves apart from our competitors, by delivering fine craftsmanship and the best service and prices.

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Although both are stones and both are quarried from the earth, granite and marble (and marble’s relatives – limestone, onyx and travertine) are very different from each other. The greatest difference lies in the porosity, softness and durability of marble when compared to granite. Buying slabs is similar to buying...