Everyone — merchants, wholesalers, the army — then gets back the legal right to his foodstuffs.

In a three-step plan to eliminate mercury pollution which caused the area to be closed.

Also, they are prohibited from eating any yeast-fermented foods such as bread or beer during the week-long observance. But he received a dark warning from the rabbinate when he got the job six years ago. ChinaÂ’s nuclear program was disrupted by the turmoil of the cultural revolution but two tests in six days last fall indicated that it was going at full steam once more. This time around city hail isn’t going to be caught with its arguments down.What expenditures have been eliminated from the budget? If you happen to be out in left field on the subject, call 385-1214 anytime between nine in the morning and nine at night. Most of the objections, he feels, can be negated and on a strictly dollars and cents argument, he seea no viable alternative. In 100 cubic centimeters of blood) is normal an hour after eating. The level in a fasting state, or two hours after eating, should be 120 or less.

The exact figures can vary depending on the technique being used, but that gives you a reasonable idea.

South Hill In Spokane, Washington!

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Bonhomme said several shells fell in the vicinity of the gleaming white presiden¬ tial palace which stands in the centre of the city about 1, 500 yards from shore. Baker radioed for help, and half a daw hwfceepers artrved to repair the cracked hives.

Irwin was killed by a shotgun blast fired through the side window of his car. In repairs and increased efficiency when these are replaced. The new fire hall, the training centre and the emergency fire access lane will improve our fire fighting capability. More than 220, 000 vehicles use them each day. And next year there will be at least 10, 000 mare! It said the sentry fired a warning shot into the air when eight youths attempted to gain entry into the hall. The rates it pays are well in line with current prices for top-grade provincial securities.

The chief of these is the very natural indifference of the financial institutions to handling securities of guarantors with whom they are not on good business terms.

If there is not a good aftermarket for bonds, h£ said, the public is not attracted, and this it would seem is the main road block the new authority will have to face. Campbell may not realize this danger when he suggests the financial industry should be by passed by local selling of the bonds, but he is likely to learn. In the recent past, his council has sold direct to the public more than one issue of local bonds at favorable terms, and the over-the-counter sale of these securities at the municipal hall has been popular because it gave residents satisfaction knowing that what they were lending was to be used directly for their own good. He simply ceases to be a rifleman, a role which distinguished him among his army fellows.

Sfo, in effect, all that is being done is change the name of a unit. But for most there is a gradual acceptance of the system and inevitably an adaptation to ite demands and strictures.

Wallace, basically, were right in one important wants greater control by the respect. Ben¬ nett, obviously breaks the rules that now exist with such gusto. In these circumstances it’s difficult for the opposition, who are just as politically motivated as those on the government side, to stand by and watch without getting ino the act by flouting the rules themselves.

That, fortunately, only happens once every three years.

But then the next government may decide reforms look less attractive from the driverÂ’s seat. Duncan claims to have received “a tremendoua amount of co-operation” from the royal family, though the book is not officiary author¬ ized. The previous president was 309 yean old at death. The society has a president, vice-presidents, committee of elders and a group of illustrious individual specimens—all trees too.

Humans associated with the society have adopted as a standard of acceptance for membership any live oak measuring at least 17 feet in girth at a point four feet from the roots.

Historical reoords help authenticate applications for membership. Queen has political views of her own and to not just a cabbage,” he added. Separation, divorce, parent-child conflict, financial pressure. Rogers will share ideas to help you meet any human relation¬ ship problem. The fire department nebed to the burning building and put out the blaze. The depth of started talking to the inspec- the body has not been deter- tors and court was told the mined, other went in the back door of the building, spread gasoline on the floor and restarted the blaze. Away can that were in tr of catehing fire and 1 them to safety. You get a greener, better nourlshed lewn. And you get to epend more sunny afternoons with ? caddy cart titan your fertilizer spreader. Inspections were a oof of’ town, afternoon. Olympic range that was threaten the quality of life. We recommend that you avail yourself of his services.

Canadian governmnet is actively supporting this.

The question is how to dispose of chemical agents that range from tear gas and irritants to the more lethal nerve gases, she said. Roy would welcome the oppor¬ tunity to be of service to his friends and business associ¬ ates.

About 20 paces away stood another rifleman, resplendent in a rifle green uniform and a shako, a combination that looked more familiar, but also had the look of history. Going with the historic uniforms will be trophies and other mementoes of the regi¬ ment, stretching back over the years.

Leoo gave toe youth 314 and then shot him in the leg as he left.

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Valuation for capital gains tax to be retroactive 10 years but not to be claimed for at more than coat. Exemp¬ tions to be tagged to the cost of living index. On some other pro¬ perties as many as 100 pros pec tars are swarming over the land, driving around in noisy vehicles that bring up the dust and frighten the cattle. People with a licence to prospect for minerals may enter private property. They pay neither their living coats at the school nor the price of tuition. Job that is dangerous but lucrative the job of driller’s assistant on oil rigs.

And in an office where com¬ petition to stiff. Industrial and government planners are at the midpoint of a 10-year c h a ng e over to metric roe aaurements— metres, litres and grams.

Central, sewered location with easy care grounds.

Present owners have operated for five years and property shows excellent return. A guild spokesman said, however, that release of the report was “definitely not” made officially by the guild.Davis said the report points to tugs carrying two-man to five-man crews as the vessels in irwatisfactory condition. No company names or vessel names are given in the 40-page report, which criti¬ cizes working conditions, in¬ adequate living conditions on vessels and inadequately trained crews operating in conditions o f carelessness condoned by masters.

The report did not exempt the guild from its criticisms.

There was inoper¬ able firefighting equipment on towboats under 15 tons.

Fire drills were often nonexistent and crews were ignorant of drill procedures.

There is no evidence of formal training, no effort to retrain or update knowledge of mates and masters.

Police Investigate Spokane Stabbing, Attacker On The Run

KXLY 4 reports on a Spokane stabbing.

The boats inspected were chosen by the labor depart¬ ment. Unsafe work practices, in¬ cluding failure to use protec¬ tive equipment, were dis¬ covered in all types of operations and vessels.

Carries out engineering field surveys using topographic and hydro- graphic survey techniques.

Kershaw missed out only on trophy dash honors in toe meet, which was run at a slower pace than expected because of water on the track. Well, it and other leagua which do the same can at least claim • amateur” status.

.. Louis, leading 2-1, is at odds in their favor. To him, criticism is like water running off a duckÂ’s back — and it’s certainly the attitude to have under’the circumstances.

He plays angles, but backs into the net as the player approaches and does a flop — as the saying goes, at the last second smothering the puck. When he loses his timing somewhat, itÂ’s not a rest that is needed, it is extra work to sharpen him up again. The results: eight goals in his first game back. Gamble was there, and his family was there, so he thought he might as well give it a try for the rest of the year. These were the players who were around, but didn’t play. Gamble said he also did a kit of bicycle work — plus some running — in (he building.He was overweight, and we practically had to get all his teeth pulled. Negro, who identified him th® second hole, chipping in -.-from 60 feet. Winds at first pushed flames across the track towards bams but firemen kept the blaze from spread¬ ing, with the help of a shift of wind. American record for 1% miles, on the lakeside turf course. Taylor and his retirement to see the horse woiioroo. Kids thought (hat teachers who hit you on (he wrist or finger¬ tips were cheating. The poor kids had bowl jobs — tether cut off all the hair that showed under the bowl. This sometimes demanded a cir¬ cuitous route home. The only sure way to miss school was to get mumps, measles, chicken pox, or scarlet fever. Parents came out of & primitive world. Maybe feed tile chic¬ kens, dig the garden, bring la tiie wood, take out the ashes.

Rover rode fee running board — flayed by flying stones, choked by dust. You are deeply sorry to read about such doomed young people. He has even taken a crack at polo, although he admitted suffering from saddle sores.

He will discuss aspects of junior bowl¬ ing and anyone interested is invited to attend. Highest league average at the end of toe 1969-70 season will be used to calculate handi¬ cap, based on 80 per cent of the difference between average and the scratch figure of 270. Same handi¬ cap system wfll be used with the scratch figure set at 250. He’ll be pleased to discuss your travel plans with you—givs suggestions and recom¬ mendation! Rich enough though so the homes have plenty of open space between.

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Enough deer to keep a few mountain lions hanging around. The valley floor ia full of paired- off quail now. Look through the village grocery store and you sea who the valley residents ere. So it’s getting harder to get into the camp grounds.

There are also a lot of privately owned camp grounds.

A lot of it is like setting up camp on a lawn. Evening oocktails are mixed in portable bare. And gourmet dinners cooked over smart little camp stoves by campers in the latest sport clothes.

Plus we use only new de luxe, chartered, restroom, air-canditiaaed. Chartered, alt-expense tours are our only business since 1960, not a sideline. One big problem is trans- buildings inside the fort des¬ poliation. The popularity of their aervlca nuke, early booking. One big problem is tram- buildings inside the fort des¬ poliation. The castle sits atop troyed on the grounds they a 600-foot rock. One of the castles has just been sold for 12, 08. It’s like two holidays for the price of one. The results at these chess events were interesting, to say the least. Any other names, due to late mail, will be published next week. More about this outstanding chess publication soon. Even the colors vary these days, but the traditional eolor is blood red. You have the assurance that everything is being, taken care of by specialists.

Authorities tried — and failed — to prevent “sound storm” festival, which attracted 15, 000 spectators, 40 rock groups and some bats.

Why, if there is an awakening of interest in the arts, is toe theatre slipping? It looks more like a company bringing indifferent theatre to a community that chooses to ignore the effort. To take it one step further, is it not possible to enjoy an unknown dish just because it happens to appeal to your own personal taste? The fact is that most of the people who blast modem art, whatever that is, haven’t been in a gallery on a regular basis for years, if ever.The razzle-dazzle stunts that once made this the colorful capital of cockeyed promotion have nearly vanished. Moat razzmatazz now has gone down the drain. Statis¬ tics show that sane 13, 000 behind-the-camera movie and television workers are jobless.

One studio and most of another are up for sale. Sober-sided young business types are in charge. Stars make gruelling per¬ sonal-appearance tours, direc¬ tors address college students and screenings benefit chari¬ ties.

There is room on the tables for about eight cards in front of each person. Along with the sounds’ go the facial expressions of the players as they win or almost win, become anxious or impatient, show the smile of victory or the long face of defeat. Peihape the commonest expression they show is concentration as they pensively ponder their cards.

Wien these pictures were taken, about 800 people were playing on the two floors, balcony and stage of the club. As numbers are called they light up on a board so the customers can see as well as bear them. About 40 members are training for boxing.

Mid County Journal V 24 No 6 Jun 15 1950 By Pacific Lutheran University Archives

Everyone knows that diets alone simply don’t get the job done. Rely on the water temperature, water level controls, and the automatic fabric softener dispenser to do the right things at just the right timet. The inner mechanism (helical drive, poly pump, precisian gears and more) are naturally dependable. And there’s no additional charge for colour. The dolphin made no effort to leave after the fence was cut away. Playtex wardrobe of 5 bandeaus and a long line bra. Winners will qe notified by phone or mail to answer a skill testing ques¬ tion. In line with the present library board’s emphasis on efficiency and economy, the operation has been revamped to provide tor more centrali¬ zation than before. The board considers the move a temporary one until such time as the section can be relocated in the basement. Although the books will be kept together within the children’s section, this move has been condemned by school groups and parents as a backward step and one which will discourage young people from using the library. Another section which fell to the efficiency axe was that containing the fine arts books.

These have been moved into the general circulation on the main floor and their stacks will occupy the space which used to be filled with die card files.

The regis¬ tration desk, reserves and overdue books division will also occupy thia area. The east side of this passage will be a work room for library staff. The reference section, which remains in its present location on the second floor, has been reorganized to allow more public access to the stacks.

Among the rejected sugges¬ tions were those calling for the establishment of an audi¬ torium, the abolishing of the book return chute and an extension of hours in the children’s section to bring them into line with the rest of the library. The changes were com¬ pleted during the past week when the library was closed. Hydro line have organized a rally so that all members of the community may hear of their plight. His hohbiei are sport car racing and radio controlled aero¬ plane models). A committee of the joint fire committee is studying a proposal whereby fire protec¬ tion would remain a joint operation, but each munici¬ pality would finance a local fire department.Sidney fire wardens’ com¬ mittee has suggested splitting the department. Noticed one of these in turquoise, too, with yellow and white contrast. .. Anyone who can’t complete the aeries is a hopeless case. After three weeks an the job she began to talk — mostly about her little boy who was born out at wetlock. Then she began to bring pictures — every other day. Boots are supple and well-fitting as shoes.

Undoubtedly one can live without fish plates.Any of these would make attractive cake plates.

.. It contains marvellous recipes tested and jmdorsed^ for family appeal, practicality and deliciousness for a shower gift. Expect a new kind of subdued sparkle in bright prints, com¬ pletely overlaid with a thin shell of plastic sequins.

We built a good business and although it seemed as if we were killing ourselves, we enjoyed it. When we received an offer to sell out at a handsome profit, we took it — thinking the time had come to take it easy. So my husband went on a job from 9 till 5.

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My husband is de¬ pressed because he doesn’t have enough to do. I hate having him around the house so much. Now, from 5:15 till midnight, we sit around and look at each other. Are we too old at 54 jo start a new business? Neither you nor your husband are happy out of harness so my advice is to get back into business — on a smaller scale. Their winter population is 900 but this swells to more than 1, 800 in the summer when city relatives visit kinfolk. She makes all other house calls on foot, summer and winter. This spring the new styles are particularly flattering, we think. In white with either tan or grey tip and heel. Priscilla had cancer of the thyroid gland twice but doc¬ tors tell her her second operation nine yean ago was a complete success.

Which leads us to think that you girls who enjoy playing around with hair and hairdos.

Not only will you learn the very best and latest in hslrstyling, perms, coloring, etc. Believe us, once you graduate from this school, you’re ready far a good job in aay fine salon! Centre front, just below cleavage, is the spot to wear an important pin.

It’s a real treasure bouse of beautiful materials just waiting to be turned into all manner of attr ac t i ve clothes 1. These are tumble dry, and 36 inches wide. Abstract patterns and smart color combinations like navy with red or green. Ideal for bridesmaidsÂ’ or little girls’ dresses, too. Saw some smart cotton terry towelling in solid colors and prints.

As tubs multiply, so do sales of bath preparations.

Industry sources say they will soon reach the 3250, 000, 000 mark. The season has been so ad¬ vanced that these flowers have finished blooming. We are allowing to deteriorate the only antidote known to man for disappointment, pain, dis enchantemerrt and sorrow. She definitely teaches where to find it — or at least some places to begin looking. The girls get the goods on things like bathing babies (a newborn is held in something called the football position), what books to read to whst age children, and how to discipline a child without •tifllng his creativity. And the child care girls are learning to operate that way with children — other people’s right now.https://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kitchenles-spokane.jpghttps://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kitchenles-spokane.jpggenaKitKitchen
Everyone — merchants, wholesalers, the army — then gets back the legal right to his foodstuffs. In a three-step plan to eliminate mercury pollution which caused the area to be closed. Also, they are prohibited from eating any yeast-fermented foods such as bread or beer during the week-long...