Each of these looks will make quite a statement when used in a kitchen. For the floor we chose a solid ¾” walnut using 5, 6, and 7 inch widths keeping the sapwood in to show contrast in the color.

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The custom cabinetry includes one-inch thick recessed panel doors with a smooth, non-beaded inset frame. Quartzite is a natural material and the qualities can differ depending on the exact type of quartzite.

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Each plank was pre-finished in the factory with a satin stain making it extremely durable. It is possible to have the stains removed every so often if they get bad over the years. Take some time to view the kitchen visualizer below to help guide you towards choosing the right color stone for your countertop. The perimeter is a hand-painted white cotton finish, which shows the actual grain and brush strokes. On the right side of the baking counter, is the area for the small appliances. No matter how beautiful or well-crafted, stains and wood styles come and go quickly. White kitchen cabinets are stealing the show as the top requested color in recent years. Accents like light fixtures, hardware, and decor can really shine against a white kitchen.

This can be helpful if you are looking for measurements for scale. We only installed the bottom of the dutch door to leave the top open.

Thanks for this tour and for inspiring me to clean up my utensils drawer! It is so great to have everything for setting the table, just across from the dining table.

So if you’re looking to brighten up your space, or want to make your remodel last for years to come, consider white cabinets—you won’t regret it. I love that it is a couple of steps away from the rest of the kitchen. So, instead of planning for the ipad to have a spot on the counter to charge, we planned for a spot that would put away – charging.

Most brands can withstand some heat, but not as much as natural stone. Depending on the brand of quartz, some of the selections can appear manufactured; while some have mastered the natural look, which can be quite appealing. Choosing the right countertops depends on your needs and taste.

That same metalwork is duplicated on a larger scale on kitchen island’s side table.

There is also a wide variety of colors and tones to choose from. I’m glad we chose inset for the kitchen (and our master vanity, we used overlay in the mudroom to save) because it really adds to the finished look of our kitchen and the “old fashioned” “built-in” and “original” look we were trying to achieve. I think great millwork details are really what makes our kitchen feel completely custom. It will be more susceptible staining and the surface could potentially etch if exposed to acidic foods such as lemon juice.

Not only is cooking in this kitchen delightful, but working here is so much easier and more natural. As you can see at the end of the baking counter is our coffee and tea station. I love the tones of your marble and your kitchen is beautiful! We always had to move it out from underneath the cabinet for it to work.

The finish was wire brushed to expose a little more of the grain.

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Marble represent synonym for elegance and sophistication. In recent years, marble elements are used a lot in decorating interiors

This is a great spot to store anything from root vegetables to linens and is a favorite addition to kitchen islands. Often times it’s easy to date a natural wood kitchen, even if it’s only a few years old. I’ve been meaning to write this post since we moved into our new kitchen last summer. They’re bright, fresh, and coordinate beautifully with any decor.

Kitchen Countertop Marble

Do you mind sharing the information on the kitchen island chairs and the chair in your mud room. I am a big advocate of pairing down your kitchen to the essentials – it makes being in the kitchen so much easier if you don’t have to dig around for what you need.

The set to left is a silver plate set we received for our wedding. Lighter granite tends to be more porous so those colors can be more susceptible to staining.

This is the hutch that holds all of the pretties and everything we need to set the table. We have wooden brackets accenting the cabinetry around the range, also, which adds to the “country kitchen” feel. We had to plan extensively for this, making decisions on the mouldings before the cabinets were built to make sure there was room to fit the 10″ crown treatment that wraps the walls, cabinets and the beams. Splitting the island’s outer doors with center mullions created a furniture-like detail. We had our electrician hardwire an outlet and powerstrip in the back of the drawer. White cabinets also allow flexibility to rotate styles easily as trends and styles change without the need for an entire remodel. It is also conveniently located across the way from the dishwasher for easy unloading.

There is absolutely nothing like a white kitchen – love yours. It includes custom file drawers and a built-in computer printer station. In this post we’ll compare granite versus marble versus quartz to help guide you through your next kitchen remodeling decision. Some have several thick striking veins on each slab, where other types of marble have lighter veins that seem to merge and blend in with the background.

Creative drawer and cabinet storage can revolutionize your kitchen experience entirely. We often look around at our kitchen now and say, there were probably one thousand decisions made in this one room.

So much better than this tangle of cords on top of the counter. Does it stain easily if pasta sauce or wine accidentally gets on it?

The service set next to that with the wooden serving spoons and knives are antique, and were an old family friends’. I am curious too about your marble and if you sealed it yourself or had it professionally done?

Granite can hold up very well to heat and it is highly resistant to scratching.

Hideaway storage is key to keeping a kitchen looking well organized and clean.

Frequency of sealing will be determined by how porous the material is. Quartz materials will be quite durable and hold up well against staining. We also added a beaded detail in the island’s door panels so that when everything is closed there is a consistency around the appliances. I wanted the kitchen to feel built into the room, not added or separate. We keep all of our dishes, china, platters and glasses in this cabinet. You can see into the mudroom/my office space through the dutch door.

Ken added another set of doors to finish the inside so it looks equally attractive in the open position. I have a thing about not having many plastic or colorful utensils – just looks neater when everything sort of goes together and has a place. We were sure to have the above cabinetry at a specific height so that we could open the top of the kuerig machine – which was not the case in our last kitchen. The classic look and universal appeal of white painted cabinets make them increasingly popular, but most importantly, they withstand the test of time. What cabinet storage addition has been a lifesaver in your kitchen?

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Each of these looks will make quite a statement when used in a kitchen. For the floor we chose a solid ¾” walnut using 5, 6, and 7 inch widths keeping the sapwood in to show contrast in the color. Design Rooms Kitchens Marble Kitchen Countertops The custom cabinetry includes one-inch...