These fountains are also referred to as interactive fountains. Fountains are used today to decorate city parks and squares; to honor individuals or events; for recreation and for entertainment. This outstanding carved marble fountain feature stands twelve feet tall and includes a sixteen feet round matching white marble pool surround.

Seine with light, and with music from loudspeakers on eleven rafts anchored in the river, playing the music of the leading composers of the time.


A 14 foot diameter x 10 and a half foot tall solid granite fountain! Once inside the palace or garden it came up through a small hole in a marble or stone ornament and poured into a basin or garden channels. We will provide photos for you to choose the nicest possible stone. The beautiful antique gold granite pictured here has a nuetral tone.

Italian Marble Water Fountains

Bring to your home the beauty, charm, and elegance of this one-of-a-kind Tuscan Renaissance style fountain ! For more information

The skin of the dragon is transparent, showing the water flowing within. It had nine large cannons, or spouts, which supplied drinking water to local residents. Italian outdoor fountains garden hyde park cascading water fountain in the section that looks like a bunch of bathtubs flowing into each other photo taken at thanksgiving patio. Paris fountains in the 20th century no longer had to supply drinking water – they were purely decorative; and, since their water usually came from the river and not from the city aqueducts, their water was no longer drinkable. This regal earth toned granite fountain features a quatrefoil pool, fleur de lis finial and four lion head spouts.

These splash pads are often located in public pools, public parks, or public playgrounds (known as “spraygrounds”). Add lighting to feature the amazing translucent effect of natural onyx! Each slab is a natural one inch thick slab of stone and nine halogen top lights with a dimmer control.

Each group of 30 nozzles is located beneath a stainless steel grille.

Roman villa where a fountain began to jet water when visitors sat on a marble seat. Dancing water was combined with music and fireworks to form a grand spectacle. Made from granite in natural tones of gold and beige, this lovely fountain will add new depth to your estate. The water must be regularly topped up to offset water lost to evaporation, and allowance must be made to handle overflow after heavy rain. We are traders, retailers, wholesalers, exporters and importers of all kinds of natural stones. In these fountains, sculpture became the principal element, and the water was used simply to animate and decorate the sculptures.

The water may need chlorination or anti-algal treatment, or may use biological methods to filter and clean water. The water not used often flowed into a separate series of basins, a lavoir, used for washing and rinsing clothes. This small marble fountains is our 2015 summer wall fountain style. We have unswervingly carried and promise to provide the leading assortment of the premium marble to the world all over. This white marble 3 tier fountains is suite for all types of backyard front yard. Water will flow from the top of the sphere and flow over the surface of the honey onyx. Paris featured fountains illuminated by colored lights controlled by a keyboard. Classic 5 ft marble fountain includes marble coping stones.

Sculpted from gorgeous fine marble in natural tones, this double tiered fountain features majestic lion statues at its base.

Many jurisdictions require water fountains to be wheelchair accessible (by sticking out horizontally from the wall), and to include an additional unit of a lower height for children and short adults. Admired for its natural beauty, this granite contains several gorgeous tones. With five different frame options, you can match or contrast the exquisite slate tones to any décor. Palaces themselves often had small decorated fountains, which provided drinking water, cooled the air, and made a pleasant splashing sound. The oiled iron finish on this piece gives it a beautiful sculptural effect and … This amazing granite garden fountain is carved from natural solid earth toned granite. Roman fountains were decorated with bronze or stone masks of animals or heroes.

The simple style could decorative most types of front yard.

The invention of steam pumps meant that water could be supplied directly to homes, and pumped upward from fountains. An excellent choice for a transitional or contemporary application. Decorated with acanthus and other fine artistic detail, you will treasure the beauty this piece adds to the surroundings. This very traditional antique white marble fountain is decorated with cornochopia shells and features four lions heads that spout water. The fountains, located in a basin forty meters in diameter, were given color by plates of colored glass inserted over the lamps.

This stunning solid granite fountain features acanthus leaf carving throughout. The fountains were illuminated with different colors at night. By the end of the 19th century, as indoor plumbing became the main source of drinking water, urban fountains became purely decorative. Also , the pool surround is optional , not only chosoe the round pool in the photo , you could use square or any other shapes you like, just send us the photo. After being used for washing, the same water then ran through a channel to the town&’s kitchen garden. The lowest basin was decorated with carved reliefs of two lions. Lavish waterfalls tumble down three tiers of perfectly sculpted marble fantasy.

This is a fantastic two tier savalged Cast Iron Fountain with boy and fish detailing, there are 4 water spouts in total. Please see the

This two tier marble fountain is made by natural white marble. This grey marble with white veins fountain: three tier small marble fountains is for sale! It&’s an enchanting marble sculpture masterpiece as a pedesatl small fountain. This small marble fountains for garden with a vividly maiden sculpture enpty her vase into the large pol below on top of it. This white marble fountain is unique and we could create this as a self-countained pedesatl fountain without pool surround.

C Fountains

A bas-relief of the dragon is fixed on the wall of the structure of the water-supply plant, and the dragon seems to be emerging from the wall and plunging underground. From comfortable outdoor sectionals to fire pits, hammocks and more?you?ll find everything you need to transform that outdoor space into an entertaining paradise.

This amazing piece shows the remnants of original paint and gilding. The water from the spring flowed down to the fountain, then up a tube into a bulb-shaped stone vessel, like a large vase with a cover on top. Featuring a quatrefoil shaped pool surround and including solid granite floor. In addition to providing drinking water, fountains were used for decoration and to celebrate their builders. The fountain also has extreme shooters, not used in every show, which can reach 150 meters (490 feet).. Italian patio fountains water garden insider tour fountain wall. We have long termaffiliation with the manufacturers, mine and quarry owners all over the globe. A contemporary one tier granite fountain shown in a beautiful earth toned granite.

Roman aqueduct which had brought clean drinking water to the city from eight miles (13 km) away. This sophisticated fountain adds a magnificent feeling of timeless elegance to the landscape. By the end of the 19th century fountains in big cities were no longer used to supply drinking water, and were simply a form of art and urban decoration. This amazing antique white utopia fountain consists of winged horses, 8 bowls, and a stately finial. A substantial size pool surround make for an impressive looking fountain. It&’s main column is square , with four marble carved lion head on each side of the column , makes the travertine water fountains unique . A pineapple finial and unique basins add subtle beauty, as does the ovolo and palmette decor around the matching pool. This classic water feature lends a traditional tiered structure to a more contemporary appeal. With our proficient and skilled team, we are competent in supplying natural stones in blocks, slabs, and various sizes as per the clientÂ’s requirement. Spiral columns and a pineapple finial add to the obiance of this majestic fountain. It shows a dragon, in stainless steel, glass and plastic, emerging and submerging from the pavement of the square. Accentuated by a natural peach gray combination of marble to enhance a variety of surroundings.

You could see the hand caving decorativing pattern all over the fountain column and water basin. The drinker bends down to the stream of water and swallows water directly from the stream. The water flowed into a basin, where the courses of a banquet were served in floating dishes shaped like boats.

This amazing white marble small 3 tier fountains is highly smmoth polished.

You may need aquarium cement to make the pieces water tight in some areas. It&’s like another era awaits you outside your back door or front yard! We could customize the size of the fountain according to your room in the garden. Alhambra, built from 1362 to 1391, is a large vasque mounted on twelve stone statues of lions. The second and third parts depict the arch of the dragon&’s back coming out of the pavement. Greek fountains were made of stone or marble, with water flowing through bronze pipes and emerging from the mouth of a sculpted mask that represented the head of a lion or the muzzle of an animal. In our efforts in maximizing the stakeholders, we strive in building a sustainable future while considering economic, social and environmental needs of all stakeholders in each and every step of the way. Provence and were used for ritual washing before religious services. Choose from multi-color rajah slate or green slate for your water panel, and select either rustic copper, stainless steel or blackened copper for the fountain trim.

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These fountains are also referred to as interactive fountains. Fountains are used today to decorate city parks and squares; to honor individuals or events; for recreation and for entertainment. This outstanding carved marble fountain feature stands twelve feet tall and includes a sixteen feet round matching white marble pool...