I can install them in a location that should keep them protected from rain and snow, but the temperature will be below freezing every night. Perfect for that skinny wall space or just lean it against the wall. But do the hooks take off the finishing on a wood fireplace?

The hooks generally do not damage the walls or paint when you remove them, but do follow the manufacturers instructions and use at your own risk. Falling on either the head or our new stone hearth would be a disaster!

How To Hang Stockings On A Marble Fireplace

DIY STOCKING HANGER!! No Fire Place ?! No Problem!! Today i’m going to show you a SUPER cute easy way to hang your

You definitely want to make sure the area you are going to put a hook on is clean and dry (and dust free!). Where are your beautiful glass gold silver and turquoise ornaments on mantel from? It’s lovely, really traditional looking, kind of matches the other two, and is very heavy. Fireplace and details in hot rolled steel panels polished concrete floors white painted roughsawn wood ceilings. They also work to hang garland on and around doors or windows, too. This blogger updated her 90s fireplace faux marble with modern tile and a surround with mantel. I love how simple yet festive it is – itÂ’s just right! Our fireplace has no mantel, and even the strip on top of the fireplace is stone, not wood. I donÂ’t make mistake holes in my walls anymore and neither should you. ItÂ’s hard to see, but that stone that looks like a “ledge” doesnÂ’t stick out enough to hold anything. I have taken a few of your ideas here and will add them to some of my ownÂ…getting to work on that today! In one house we hung them from just below the top of the wet bar! I will look into your suggestion and it looks like sippimom has provided a link to something similar. I donÂ’t think they stick as well if they are too near the heat of the fire (sometimes mine have fallen down, probably from the adhesive melting!), but if decorations are that near the heat they probably shouldnÂ’t be hung there just for safety reasons. They have clear grippers to hold tightly onto the mantle and protect the mantleÂ’s surface. I was looking for something to hold up garland and decorations on the walls for my engagement party. I can actually sort of wedge them into the crack between the iron bit and the marble – but not safe when the fire’s lit and no good for when they’re full. We are renting the room, so canÂ’t take any chances of damaging the walls. They have a slip resistant foam pad on the bottom to protect the mantle surface. Hanging them on the bedroom doors solves that problem and keeps the kids busy in the a.m. How to build a custom mantel and attach it to a stone fireplace! No one needs another fridge magnet, especially someone who agonized over the fridge finish. I had no idea it would be so easy to drill into brick and create a fireplace mantle diy project. I know you have stone, but wondered if something along the lines of a brick holder/clip would work? They were quite tricky to remove if you don’t want them up all year, but not impossible.

Diy Stocking Hanger!! No Fireplace.. No Problem!!

If you have weird mantles like mine, and have trouble hanging stockings from them, this is the product for you! You can buy them

Hang Stockings Without Mantel

This book presents seventeen apartments, lofts and penthouses recently completed by renowned (interior)architects. Wow, this could have saved me many holes in the wall this season – time to get out the drywall compound! Instead, we hang them from the bannister going up the staircase. If you havenÂ’t used them yet, they are little hooks with a non-damaging adhesive double sided tape on the back. IÂ’ll show you that soon along with my front porch which is all done and photographed to show you next week! Just unfold them and theyÂ’re great for hooking wreaths and garland over picture frames, headboards, armoires, etc. I used the command strips for a few things, but theyÂ’re just so dang expensive. They are special ones hand made by a friend and look so cutie-patootie in their special place each year. I want to hang natural cedar garland across my front entry. I’ve wrapped a small piece of red fur round them which covers the plastic perfectly. I have put on the wall hung by a command strip filled with makeup, candy, etc. We have wooden hangers that can be used on any surface and hold a lot of weight. You don’t need a mantle to have a spectacular fireplace. I used two command strips to hold my heavy stained glass on a window sill for five years and they never tipped or budged. Do reindeer prance or lights dance above your fireplace during the holidays? Growing up, we just lay our regular socks on the hearth of the small fireplace. I use them to hang holiday wreaths, swags, and the lighted garland on my fireplace mantle. This fireplace mantle diy with a floating wood beam is perfect!
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I can install them in a location that should keep them protected from rain and snow, but the temperature will be below freezing every night. Perfect for that skinny wall space or just lean it against the wall. But do the hooks take off the finishing on a wood fireplace? ...