For large bathrooms, you can get away with darker, more saturated hues, like navy and deep browns. If your current wall studs are hindering the plumbing fixtures from being placed where you want them, now is a good time to address this. Every window or door has its own challenge, and the best way of waterproofing the assembly may be a challenge. Have your plumber position the drain pipe close to, but not exactly in, the finished position until after you and your tile installer determine the best tile layout for the shower.

Increasing the pitch and using epoxy grouts can help with quicker dry-out times between showers. Notice the detail in the corners of this photo, where the tile has been wrapped around the edge. This allows the grain of the tile to continue around the corner and makes for a more polished look. Most tile is 3/8 inches thick, and this allows for a little adjustment to align everything with the grout joints. A classic style, neutral color tile will stay in style for years, plus ceramic is durable and practical for bathrooms. For example, you can add a backsplash to your vanity, or create a feature wall using a color and style that matches your taste. Cut your tiles to fit your measurements and the size of the project (floor, shower, or tub surround) exactly. You need to be familiar enough with the process to prevent grout from dying on the surface of your tiles. Taking your first (must have) choice as a starting point, use it to make the decisions for the other tiles you will include in your design. If however your first choice is really plain (like a white subway tile) you may want to add an element of interest with a colorful accent tile or even a smaller scale white penny tile to change it up and add interest.

There are so many beautiful tiles out there and a bathroom is a perfect place to show off some of your personality and take a risk with a fun color or pattern on your tiles. Again the colors in this bathroom are pretty neutral, but the focal point is definitely the back wall of this shower.

I especially don’t like to clean the tub and shower so when choosing tile for these very wet areas you will probably want to go with porcelain or ceramic tile since they are virtually maintenance free. If you choose to go that direction, you can use the same tile cut in smaller sizes in a different area of the bathroom. This was my must have tile and would also act as the show stopper since it is a little bit unexpected and has a lot of pattern. If you’re overwhelmed, having the same in each bathroom with maybe a different accent tile or a different use of the accent tile would be a great way to keep it simple but make each bathroom feel like its own. We are going to be remodeling our bathroom in the next few weeks and we want something that will match our bathtub after we refinish it.

I have been talking about what kind of tile and design we are wanting to use when remodeling our kitchen. I have been wanting to redo our master bath for a while now so installing new tile would be really great.

All the walls are a heavy plaster/stucco, and no corners, all inner and outer corners are rounded. You can either bring out a color on the floor or if you love the tile you did in the shower you could do it in a smaller tile on the floor to change it up a bit.

I love the one show stopper tip, one eye popping tile mixed in with other tiles creates a beautiful look for a bathroom.

When deciding on a tile color, there are many factors to consider before installing tile on your floor , walls, or showers . For small bathrooms, consider installing tile in light colors like soft pastels and neutrals.

I find that laying out the tile pattern from the finished ceiling heights makes it easier to get it right. When working with a linear drain that has a tile insert, your grout joints should run through the drain for a flowing look. Make sure your shower or bathÂ’s waterproofing system is designed with the windows in mind. The extra inlay tile detail around this barrier-free shower is tipped toward the shower like a traditional shower curb. Make sure you stay off these floors until theyÂ’re fully cured, and wait as long as possible before sealing the job. Wrapping means that the tile used to finish the wall and return the short corner is the same tile.

When framing in a shower niche, first decide on a finished measurement and then build the shower niche 1 to 2 inches larger. You can always make your shower niches smaller, but making them bigger is a much more detailed and labor-intensive process.

Adding tile to your shower allows you to carry the patterns and style of your floor to the wall. Protect your walls from water damage while simultaneously adding a style element that other tub surround options could not provide.

If you do need to move anything, you should also have a plan in place for how to address the plumbing including detaching and re-attaching water and sewage lines.

Either way, take that dream tile and use it as the starting point for the other tile you will choose for your bathroom design. If your must have is a really unique color or pattern and is going to be the focal point of your design, pull more subtle colors from it to use in your accent tiles.

Typically you will choose a floor tile, a wall tile for the shower/ tub surround or even all of the walls in your bathroom, and an accent tile that will be used as a focal point. The good majority of this bathroom is done in pretty basic white tile, but they added a wow factor with this beautiful tile at the top.

I love the idea of going with a really fun tile on the floor of a bathroom and keeping the rest of the space neutral. If you are wanting to add texture with stone, it may be a good idea to use it on the floor or in a less wet area.
For example if you use 12 x 24 tiles on the floor, you can use the same tile on the bathroom floor in 2 x 2s to continue the color across the entire floor, but creating a more slip free shower floor. I wouldnÂ’t count the floor in this case and count the 3 tiles within the shower enclosure, so seaglass would be perfect!

The third bathroom is the hall bath for the kids so that one was white tile with grey floor tile and blue accent tile.

For personal reasons will be requiring a walk in bath for our bathroom (the baths made for those with disabilities). I know that the bathrooms that really stick in my mind are usually ones that have something that keep it simple and elegant. That way you arenÂ’t getting too confused, and you arenÂ’t using too many different colors or types.

I want this powder bath to really transform from sunflowers to classic casual elegance and keep with the spanish style.

I really like your point on having only one “show stopper” design in your bathroom. I painted the walls a beautiful aqua she picked and the subtle accent of the gloss to matte tile make it beautiful.

For large bathrooms, you can get away with darker, more saturated hues, like navy and deep browns. If your current wall studs are hindering the plumbing fixtures from being placed where you want them, now is a good time to address this. Every window or door...