However, don’t assume that just because granite countertops can fend off more damage than other types of countertops, that they cannot be damaged. All it takes is one careless action for the edge of your granite countertop to get chipped.

To help keep your granite countertop looking its best, take the time to maintain it properly. Granite often has small cracks in it that cannot be seen by the human eye. Liquid can get into these cracks and slowly damage your countertop. Apply granite sealer yourself, or ask the company that is installing the countertops to seal them for you.Granite may be harder than other types of countertops, but it’s also less flexible. Stacking them on the granite countertop will not damage it, but a stack of dishes falling could cause a chip in the granite. Be especially careful with heavy pots, pans and mugs.

A child banging their toy on the edge of the countertop may very well put a chip in it. While you’re not likely to chip the edge of the countertop while cutting through an onion, it will put more wear and tear on the countertop, and make it more susceptible to chipping in the future. A small chip can be repaired easily, but a small chip can quickly turn into a big chip if ignored–and cost more money to repair.

Repair nicks, holes, chips, and scratches in granite, marble, corian, porcelain, travertine, quartz, and more natural stone surfaces.

Use granite dust and an epoxy mixture to fill in the chip. In the case of big chips, first try reattaching the lost piece to the countertop instead of just filling it in. Is it possible to repair the edge of a black granite countertop? My wife dropped a bottle and chipped the edge of our solid black granite countertop. It didn’t chip as a solid piece, so it can’t be epoxied back in place. Many slabs of granite are not even perfect when they start out and have spots with epoxy filler in them. Generally you find this in the lower grade counters that are advertised. It is almost more of an art than a trade as color matching can be a task. If you do not see a listing for a repair person you could call a few countertop companies and ask if they have someone they could recomend or possibly have one in house as accidents happen when doing an install and they may have one. Depending on the color you have the repair can almost be invisible. The simpler shapes – simple rounded or flat bevel, can be done in-place by some contractors, without removing the countertop. Of course, you need a top-notch contractor who knows what he is doing, or you can get a ruined countertop. The installer claimed it could not be repaired, sanded or filled because of the exact place it is located. Other than this area, which they claim is a naturally occuring “pit”, the rest of the job was done well. But, the “chip” is obviously in a prominent spot–in front of the sink, in front of a window. My people did the fab of the sink in my driveway. I guess they would have to do this back at the shop. Chips on edges or pop outs of crystals or natural pits are to be expected as part of the normal wear and tear on granite. The only “prevention” is to upgrade the eased edge around a sink to a 1/4″ roundover one, but even that can have chips dinged into it. As long as they are able to smooth it out a bit so it doesn’t cut you, that’s the best outcome that you can hope for. There is no impervious countertop material. You have to pick your poison of what type of wear and tear you are willing to live with. The second group of people that came out to the house smoothed it a little bit, but not much. It looks honed, and slightly indented, whereas the rest of the counter is shiny.

It’s just an incredibly unfortunate place for it to be. They had my sink with them at their shop. One of the guys explained that it happened because it was done by hand versus by machine. I couldn’t understand them that well and they kept talking over me, and insisting the job was “wonderful”. Anyways, my husband speaks portuguese and when he got home, he spoke to them and eased the situation. Frankly, @hollysprings, this is what they have told me. And the guy who came out to the house the second time was lecturing me about how some granites are more soft than others.

Once it is good and dry, use a razor blade to even it up with the counter. We did this to an empty hole, as well as gluing a small piece back on. The fabricator is trying to take the easy route. If they can’t fix it, they should replace it. Hold your ground particularly if you haven’t paid in full! Not only will it ameliorate this problem, it will make future dings less likely. After all, you’re the customer and you’re paying for a product that shouldn’t be chipped. I waited for weeks for my granite and that chip would have pissed me off. I do have a tiny hole inside the sink area but it can be filled and it’s not noticeable. Yeah, granite is a natural stone but chipped granite isn’t acceptable, especially somewhere that is noticeable. Looks like a lot of work, but seemed it can be fixed. A fabricator came in and filled with epoxy and then smoothed it out. You can’t even tell where the chips were. The chip would be eliminated and with the more rounded edge, less likely to recur. No matter what, no matter how much you’ve paid, no matter how experienced your guy is and how many 5 star reviews he has, nothing is ever perfect. If they’re hung over every day, or smell like they had a hydraulic lunch, that just isn’t going to work. If you don’t like the repair and the price, you don’t pay. We radius all our sink cutouts just to make them less prone to chipping. Would you accept this granite chip repair? I am a contractor and that is how they polish your front edge and any others you see, such as around an undermount sink. Use something medium grit and go to a smaller grit after you knock down the edges and then maybe once again smaller. They sell sealer at the tile store, some people use clear nail polish.

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However, don't assume that just because granite countertops can fend off more damage than other types of countertops, that they cannot be damaged. All it takes is one careless action for the edge of your granite countertop to get chipped. To help keep your granite countertop looking its best, take...