Leave that work to a floor restoration company that specializes in that. The process does get some steel wool dust around but nothing too bad. I have crystallized floors for over twenty years and have never had a problem with the process of crystallization. Natural stone reflects light and does not need a topical coating or wax to achieve this desired finish. You can make kitchen countertops, bathroom floors or even showers with marble. Maybe my contractor was great at crystallization or maybe the people putting it down are trying to scare everyone into the much more expensive old fashion polishing. Since marble is a natural stone, it is quite porous and thus absorbs stains, spills, dirt, and grime much quicker than its non-natural counterparts such as tile and vinyl. Natural stone is a perfect fit for many large vessels and we could not be more excited to have the yachts back in town for their annual restoration treatments. It has scatter gray veins throughout it, some being darker than others. In zones where you suspect lots of food and drink to be consumed, consider a hard surface protection tape which safely covers marble floors and tile surfaces without leaving glue or residue. You can expect to have your stone looking like new again and will be given the proper maintenance instructions for long term care. While natural stone can always be restored to a brand new finish, crystallized marble floors change the surface layer of the marble into something other than natural marble and maintaining this surface can become much more problematic than natural stone. Cutting along the pattern of the natural stone allows a match in texture to be established. As a result, it can be easily cut and fixed in any area, even in corners. You have your marble, limestone, or travertine floor crystallized. Marble is no doubt eye-catching, and most definitely makes a notable impression. Are you aware of the best way to maintain your marble floors?

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The beauty and classic look of marble floors can quickly fade if they arenÂ’t taken care of. In the case that your yacht requires emergency restoration, installation of marble, or perhaps a simple polishing, we will happily take care of that that. Simple everyday cleaning is what is required to maintain the cost-effective and user-friendly travertine floors and table tops. If youÂ’ve been in the industry for that long, then you know that crystallization has always been controversial and not for nothing. They are self-crystallizing and the many hairline cracks are growing in number and size. Often, however, the greater the need, the sooner technicians can be scheduled. This is known as diamond grinding, and gives you better clarity and reflectivity than other methods that can used, such as the use of sanding screens or crystalization. We have slabs on counters and in shower, but only the floors have the problem. With so much foot traffic within your household this busy time of year, your floors are going to be taking some amount of beating. The stone needed to be cleaned/honed, polished, sealed. He cleaned stripped, and polished our travertine tile floor until it shined like gemstones. I am absolutely delighted with his work and recommend him very highly. He made my floor look better than when they were first installed. The popularity and demand for marble are high throughout the world due to its incomparable glaze. Restoration of a honed finish involves using a series of diamond abrasives up until the desired finish is achieved. With bold bright gold and dark veins running throughout, this marble surely demands a second glance. I found if you buy honed travertine and use crystallization to get a high shine it will cost you less than buying polished travertine. We have cared for them appropriately having them professionally cleaned several times. The grout had stained the floor and it looked dirty all the time. All of the furniture is moved out of each room and the floors are thoroughly cleaned and polished. They stripped all the old product off my dull travertine floors and brought them up to a beautiful glass finish. In fact, the previous contractor created additional problems! They came out one day, tried several different products, and then spent 8 hours the next day working on the tile. Provided advice and recommendations for cleaning products going forward. Greg and his team went above and beyond and spent a great deal of time cleaning, restoring and sealing my floors. There is a very noticable difference in the flooring when they are finished. The marble had never been professionally cleaned or refinished until now and it was very dull and dirty looking. Restoring marble floors is one of the best investments you can make. Being so white in color and having varied contrast, this marble leaves a modern yet classic and sophisticated impression when seen. Sealing and protecting marble floors from unwanted staining will prevent liquids from absorbing into it so you can enjoy your holiday parties, worry-free. Marble is actually composed of the mineral calcite which naturally reacts with a phosphate salt water solution to create the hydroxyapatite. A stone floor that has been restored with diamonds will also retain itÂ’s look longer than it will with the use of these other methods. Have you installed marble in your commercial or residential space? Our thinking and that of many stone professionals is that you should do as little as possible to stone. A restoration professional will also take care to protect the surrounding surfaces from damage. Our services are sure to restore even the toughest of stains and revive stone back to its natural luster and shine. One would want to ensure that flammable materials were not around and that ventilation was adequate. We have a large master bath and it goes into my master closet. As you can see, the restoration of each separate stone surface will involve several different methods and techniques. Since the elements within the stone are slightly raised above the surface, the tactile effect when walking on them adds to the uniqueness of it. Maybe a crystallized marble is less absorbent, but the difference is minimal and it certainly doesnÂ’t trump all the potential problems of crystallization. Cracks can develop on the marble pieces due to high pressure or accidental drops. Whether it be the color, texture, or material of your flooring, properly cared for flooring is always more attractive than floors that are weathered and worn looking. Unlike porcelain tiles, travertine is very much eco-friendly and made of natural stone. Kids running around, pets chasing each other, and family get-togethers mean your marble floors are going to be enduring more than average wear. However, there has been some new advancements in marble protection that is very interesting. I have been manufacturing and refinishing natural stone for the last 8 years and have used both powder polishing and crystallization methods in the restoration process of many floors. ItÂ’s been about 5 years since we had our crema marfil marble floors polished. Generally, your stone restoration professional will ask for a minimum charge deposit. With hydroxyapatite, marble can better handle these harsh elements, refraining it from crumbling and degeneration. Most marble restoration companies use oxalic acid to polish marble and natural stone. If you want to start polishing stone it will be in your best interests to take a class are hook up with the local guy. Having this option is a blessing, especially for those used to working with more difficult stone. I donÂ’t know exactly what process he used but it would take one man about 8 hours (1400 sf of marble). You canÂ’t solve youÂ’re problems with the same level of thinking that created the problems. We have been restoring stone for over 15 years and acquainted with both procedures, but must say that crystallization is bad for your marble. This aesthetic aspect enhances the look of the room where it is placed. Marble is the most beautiful stone used in various applications. The inexperienced marble polisher or the lazy marble polishers are the problem. Sand, other debris or dust particles that are rubbed on the surface may cause the marble to tarnish. Marble polishing with a 5x powder provide great results, and requires sealing of the stone. Hello, we just refinished the granite countertop in the kitchen and it looks totally messed up. Standard re-finishing / marble polishing provides “like new” results without any of the risks and problems associated with crystallization. The problems experienced by homeowners due to crystallization are the very reason that crystallization is controversial and has a bad name. They moved all the furniture (living room, main entry, kitchen), removed all doors, and covered areas into other rooms. I had 3 bathroom floors, 1 shower floor and 4 marble tops polished and ‘shined’. They also re-sealed our granite countertops in the kitchen. The following week, his son and another two workers performed their “miracle” on our floors — with minimal disruption and maximum results! The tile creates a look that is incomparable to any other tile in the world due to its unique composition. LetÂ’s take a look at some of the features of the most exotic and in-demand marbles on the market. When it was placed about a year before, after grouting, the floor had several spots all over. I sincerely respect your opinion, your knowledge, experience, and input. The marble is intense to the naked eye and depicts strong movement, seen by the long lines and colored contrast. It last longer and resisit dirt and stains better than the powder polishing alone. IÂ’ve seen work where the refinisher supposedly crystallized a floor when in fact they waxed the floor or applied some other product. The belief that marble can be cleaned like other stones such as granite and natural stones is a big myth. This is a controlled burning of the stone so that the crystals ?pop? creating the unique finish.

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It looks like it has very fine hairy cracks underneath that were not there before and they are filled with a powdery white residue. The fact that a crystallized marble won’t take a sealer doesn’t prove that crystallization is better. There are an abundance of varieties and colors of marble available on the market. As you know, marble is actually pretty dense, does not stain easily (it etches easily and this is confused for staining) and “polished” marble is even more stain-resistant. Only that it occurs at a much higher rate than with marble polishing and it’s much more difficult to fix crystallized floors gone wrong. Cross cutting is a brilliant alternative to working with travertine. Perhaps the contractor did not use the traditional mechanical refinishing method of grinding, smoothing, and re-polishing the stone.

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When all the repairs were completed, they sealed and buffed the floors. They moved alot of furniture, carefully and considerately with no damage to anything. This included moving of furniture, taping plastic to walls and taping of trim next to the floor. Worked throughout the day and kept me informed as to progress. When they were finished, there was a terrible haze left on the tile. Restoration of marble, granite, limestone, travertine or other natural stone involves the removal of scratches and/or other damage from the surface of the stone by means of mechanical abrasion. Marble contains striations and various veins as it is in its natural form. We can install marble floors as well as polish and restore them. Also, contrary to the belief that crystallization can ruin marble it protects marble since when you do it you lessen problems that usually arises due to marble porosity like staining and scaling. If the marble is already dull, tarnished or withered, you will want to seek out professional marble polishing services. These precautions will enhance your chances of finding a reputable floor restoration contractor. But 99% of the time traditional, time-tested refinishing, repair, or restoration methods are the way to go. Each type of stone will present its own unique challenges as will the consumer?s desired result for each surface. Once received we’ll respond with a request for photos of the areas of marble floor tile in question to evaluate. We have years of experience polishing and restoring travertine, marble, and all other types of natural stone. This followed by a careful polishing technique that can only be learned from experience. More can be done in one day, but not with the proper set-up and protection of other surfaces. Whether you have a polished finish, honed finish, or flamed finish, marble floors need more attention during the holiday season. Just that you run a substantial risk of unexpected problems that you simply don’t have with traditional marble polishing. Marble is very porous and absorbent which means it will soak in spills almost instantly. It may also entail the altering of the stones surface to match a desired finish of the installation?s owner or management. So, understand once you crystallize you no longer have a “marble” surface. Our professionals will use the right equipment and products to conduct the polishing, which can go a long way to sustain the looks and enhance the life. We also educate your yacht crew and staff with tips on how to maintain marble in between servicing sessions. Having long-lasting qualities, travertine restoration is extremely simple and easy. It provides the best finish without any of the various possible (often probable) side effects of crystallization. Larger corps have their own services or hire other large firms that fly at night traveling the region, hard to break into that market. Marble is porous and accumulates dust particles that develop stains which are difficult to clean without harming the marble if you attempt to clean the surface yourself. At least there are no more boot prints or smears, and the tile looks uniform. I would have had to strip and reseal the entire floor had it not been for their great work. They were extremely fast to come out and perform an estimate for an area of tile to be cleaned in my entry. His son and worker(s) were there on time and all worked very hard for two long days to get the job done perfectly. I tried several different haze removing products myself as neither my contractor nor the tile installation people had any idea what could be used to remove it. It took 2 days to complete the work, the entire time they walked me through the steps and really taught me about my floors. High-end consumers find unmatched ambience in this posh tile as it adds a high level of atmosphere to a room. Flooring adds a unique feel to a space and can truly bring out the beauty of a property. Being aware of global warming and its dangers, more and more people nowadays are getting inclined towards durable and environment-friendly products for their houses. It’s a quick easy bad solution to restoring shine to stone. A week later it appears my floors are getting worse on a daily basis. Certain types of coatings are now available that will refresh the look of granite, but applying a coating isn’t really “re-finishing” the stone. The limited edition flooring is the definition of luxury and boasts uncompromising thought to detail. A flamed finish can be restored using the same technique used in the processing of the tile or slab. If there are cracks or chips in the marble, get it repaired or replaced. It’s cost-effective and easy maintenance especially in large hotel lobbies, hospitals, churches, and other similar areas. Also advice on how to avoid any future need for restoration for a considerable length of time. Initially it seemed expensive, but once we saw all the different diamond pads and the equipment, it seemed well worth it. When we took the rug up, the rug pad was stuck to the floor. Cleaning travertine is not cheap- but this was worth every penny. If you compare the side of the stone with the top you can see a big difference. I don’t think any respectable stone pro out there is recommending traditional marble polishing because it is more expensive. In my opinion, done correctly and properly maintained crystallized floors look as good as powder polished floors 85% of the time, and correctly maintained neither method is ‘better’ than the other. Whether you are in the market to buy a yacht or simply want to browse the pure extravagance of them, the boat show is always a great time. These stories about problems with marble crystallization abound. Although you can always have your marble floors polished and restored, you do run the risk of permanent spotting if a stain goes too long without being cleaned up. As its name suggests, black wood marble is dark and grainy, having light black and white fine lines running throughout it. If the coating is applied incorrectly, then you could get some awful-looking results. It’s just applying a coating in an attempt to achieve a certain look. A polished marble won’t take a sealer in most cases either. Having your floors protected will ensure that stains and spills sit on the surface and do not penetrate your marble floors, potentially ruining them forever. With so much wear and tear, marble along with all other natural stone is very susceptible to damage. Especially since there are many unskilled people using crystallization that lack any real knowledge of stone, solving problems can be a real dilemma. No way that is more “cost-effective” than traditional repolishing. Crystallization can make the floors look very nice, however, even when done correctly crystallization introduces new potential problems that you will never have if you simply have your stone restored in traditional fashion by a skilled professional. I am trying to find someone to fix them but everyone within my area is telling me they need to be re-crystallized, etc. However, it can be done very poorly (like traditional polishing) and look horribly as well. The people that have it done simply don’t know any better (no reason they or you should of course) and get sold by the sales pitch which seems fine and dandy. This will improve the appearance as it polishes the scratches out, and gives a nice sheen to the marble. A protective sealer will ensure that you can simply wipe away spills and dirt, quickly and easily and with no damage to your floors. I will use them again for the floors in the back of the house. Greg and another employee moved all furniture, worked magic on the floors, and moved everything back very professionally and carefully. Restoration of stone is the restoring of worn stone to the state in which it was installed. Some of the higher traffic areas have lost some shine but most of the floor still looks great. If the contractor does not remove the wire wool then rust accumulate s in the grout and stone. However, in contemporary society, it is widely available throughout the world, making replacement cost easy and efficient. We are here to assist you in all of your yacht revival needs: no job is too small or too big for us. The diamond grinding technique involves large amounts of water and this could be damaging to wood and carpet if measures were not properly taken to ensure the water?s use was kept to a minimum and protection against splatter used. Travertine is a soft natural stone and it possesses great similarity with limestone in context to density. This neutral color marble is popular among kitchens and bath countertops. Traditional marble polishing is recommended on this site simply because our aim is to recommend the best, most effective and proven stone care methods. While the use of diamonds may cost you more in the beginning, having have your floors done every 4-6 years compared to every 1-2 years (as with other methods) costs you less in the long run. They all use standard mechanical grinding, smoothing, and polishing to finish the surface and make the marble shiny. Also, once you crystallize it is troublesome to go back to a natural finish. But the shell also keeps the marble from breathing properly, which could lead to your marble simply falling apart. This naturally occuring stone can be cut and shaped according to certain requirements. Attempting to repair cracks yourself could result in further damage to the marble surfaces. He was very professional, showed up when he said he would and did an excellent job on our floors. They moved furniture, then replaced furniture, after the job was completed. The floors were horrendously filthy with many years of dirt set into the porous stone. Mark and his team were incredibly diligent with our furniture removal and their pride in ensuring our floors looked the best they could. He took great care to cover all cabinets, molding, walls etc. Greg and his guy thoroughly cleaned the travertine, polished it, and sealed it. Marble, being a softer stone, is susceptible to staining, chipping, and even breakage. Lost days of work cost professional restoration companies too much money to schedule work without deposits. Marble, itself, is viewed as a luxurious material no matter where it is used. Not all stone can be treated with the same products; our professional team is well-versed in all restoration products. Depending on how bad the floor is , determines how much work you have to put into it to bring it back! Many aspects need to be taken into consideration, such as where in the building the stone to be restored is located, water and electricity supplies available, etc. Those plastic looking floors that are falling apart, are crystallized nightly. Marble is very porous and needs proper care to ensure that it lasts a long time. As you stated, traditional stone re-polishing is the best solution. In both of the cases, the material can be installed without too many hassles, but the recommendation is to hire a professional. The promise sounds good, but in practice, coatings can cause more problems than they solve and often end up needing more maintenance attention than the granite or marble itself. I was watching a black guy polish the floors one night at the sheraton i was staying at. In high foot traffic areas, stone tends to fade and look worn. Taking care of your marble products is crucial to keeping them looking great. Are you familiar with the process of marbleizing / crystallizing for marble polishing? They have noticed that the stone surface lasted longer this time around compared to their previous stone restoration company, which had used traditional polishing methods. Each type of stone and the desired finish for each as well as the size of the job will set the pace for the length of time needed to complete a project. So, when the marble becomes wet, you need to wipe it immediately. When it comes to availability, travertine tiles are one such tile that is easily available. I restore marble 5 days a week and have done so for over 10 years. Yes oxalic acid is a lot cheaper and faster for polishing stone. Marble is widely popular all around the world for its durability and natural glaze. I’d look for a stone restoration professional with a good decade of experience to come assess the situation and determine what might have happened and what can be done now. It’s unfortunate for consumers because it’s only natural to think that anyone selling or installing marble ought to know what’s right, but they often don’t. Source: www.pinterest.com/pin/251568329160593333/ Source: www.goldstandardfloorcare.com/https://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/how-much-does-marble-restoration.jpghttps://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/how-much-does-marble-restoration-150x150.jpggenaMarble
Leave that work to a floor restoration company that specializes in that. The process does get some steel wool dust around but nothing too bad. I have crystallized floors for over twenty years and have never had a problem with the process of crystallization. Natural stone reflects light and...