These finishes relate directly to what happens to the marble over time and therefore the proper care. I am looking forward to a big before and after reveal – it’s still a little too early. Honed finished does require more frequent re-sealing than polished finishes do. Once the template is approved, the slab is placed on the huge table saw and your countertop begins to take shape!

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Have you ever noticed that some rooms just seem magical, and somehow elusive?

Honed Or Polished Marble Countertops

It’s an exciting day as the kitchen really begins to take shape when this happens. Since the scratches on honed marble are not upsetting a polished surface, they are less apparent. What are some of the properties of marble and why is it so desirable? It is important to note that regardless the finish you chose you should always ensure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly prior to re-sealing. I’ll post a bigger reveal as the kitchen continues to come together. Visualizing the small region that produces both stones is a good way to understand how one could be more prevalent than the other.

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All in all, honed granite requires more maintenance than its polished counterpart. When shopping for honed granite, have in mind that the degree of honing can vary from slab to slab. In case you like neither the gloss of polished granite, nor the dullness of honed granite, you can use a color enhancer on your honed stone to give it depth and richness.

Polished granite requires more grinding than honed granite, so it makes sense for the polished stone to be more expensive than its honed counterpart. Inviting too, in that you can get in there and use the workspace. Both are done in a fabricating workshop, and the stone supplier will work with the fabricator to arrange the transport of the slab. A good fabricator will set it up masterfully, but it is your responsibility to approve the template. From a sheer practicality standpoint, the popularity of marble in kitchens can be puzzling, because it is a relatively soft and porous stone. The honed marble has a satin-like feel and is more scratch resistant than polished marble. The space just outside the squares must be similar as they will become the countertop on either side of the sink.

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The benefit of polished marble is that it is more resistant to staining, because the porous surface is ‘sealed’ by the polishing. Natural materials also have the most beautiful patterns and imperfections.

There is no definite answer – both types of finishes have their pros and cons. Honed granite is your best option if you are looking for a subtle, contemporary appearance. Its surface is very smooth and velvety to the touch but lacks the shine and the high degree of reflection characteristic of a polished finish. It greatly enhances the richness and elegance of the interior décor and has rightfully become a symbol of opulence and splendor.

These pads apply pressure to the stone, grinding and buffing the surface. A polished finish seals or closes most of the pores on the stone surface, making it very sanitary, easy to clean, and stain-resistant.

You can choose from several variations of honed granite finishes, such as satin finish, velvet finish, diamond smooth finish, and machine smooth finish.

The smooth honed marble with distinct veining ads luxury to the opulent power bathroom. Before the slab is cut, the template for the specific counter layout is laid over the stone.

Therefore, it does not show the color and texture of the granite stone as well as a polished finish. The polished stone easily repels moisture and doesn’t harbor bacteria, so it is an exceptional choice for food preparation areas, such as kitchen counters and tabletops. It reveals all of the granite’s natural beauty and results in unparalleled grandeur and elegance. And when scratched, there is a highly visible scar because there is suddenly a non-polished line crossing an otherwise glassy field. If a marble slab is accidentally dropped, it will shatter like glass, which is of course unfortunate and potentially quite dangerous. Werks and check out our showroom for your natural stone needs today!

Because it’s not always possible to cut the entire run of a countertop in a single piece, it can help to think of the total counter space as individual puzzle pieces which must all fit onto the stone surface you have to work with.

Heavily scratched polished surfaces can be brought back to life by having a professional sand down and re-polish the entire surface.

Regardless, even the most diligent households are eventually going to have spots and rings on a marble countertop.

So the finishes are one thing, but what about the various types of marble? I am willing to bet that the space had prominent natural materials, great lighting, or both. The goal is to spy a way in which you can align the variations in the stone so that even if a portion of the countertop has a seam, the patterns on either side align. By comparison granite varieties fall between six and seven, and diamonds are a ten. On a less severe scale, if you place pots and pans on marble too assertively, or ding the edge of the counter, it can chip.

Have in mind that dust, grease, and hand imprints will be very apparent on the honed surface and quite difficult to remove (a color enhancer can help minimize the dark spots and fingerprints). As a result, polish granite tends to be cheaper than honed granite because of its high availability. Often fabricators do backsplash installations too – ours did in both cases.

Polished surfaces are what you’d expect – slick and shiny. I don’t love polished marble for kitchen counters because besides looking harsh, cold, and kalidescope-y (as light bounces off the glossy surface every which way), they are slippery. Don’t use regular soap to clean honed marble because it will get absorbed and affect the color of the stone.

The surface appears smooth and flawless and the colors seem richer and darker. Acidic liquids like fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and soda may even etch the surface. Many homeowners, however, prefer this more subtle appearance over the glossiness of polished granite. The type of surface is determined by where the finishing process ends. Honed surfaces are less slippery than polished ones, so honed granite is mainly used for floors, stairs and other areas where water might be present and pose a risk of falling. This scale paints a grim picture, in that it means that marble scratches easily. But for all the reasons above, choosing which piece to use for the countertop can also feel like a lot of pressure. The major challenge with honed marble is that it is prone to staining and etching.

Picking out material for the countertops is one of the most important components of a kitchen project – it makes the biggest impact in the space, anchoring the look and feel and taking the entire room in a given direction.

Using a mildly abrasive detergent with bleach is appropriate for cleaning. That’s why the first step in caring for honed marble is treating it with an impregnating sealer upon installation and every six months after that. It has a much gentler appearance and makes a space glow but not shine. Carrara is generally grayer, with softer, sometimes feathery veining. When it comes to granite, the rough stone slab is subjected to a number of finishing processes. Honed surfaces are also preferred for high-traffic areas where heavy foot traffic may cause a polished finish to wear off or deteriorate too quickly (a honed finish is less likely to show evidence of traffic patterns or wearing).

To prevent honed granite from absorbing water and staining too easily, you need to reseal it rather frequently – preferably, every few months. Sprinkle the solution over a wet sponge and gently scrub the surface in small circular motions, taking care to work evenly.

Flag one other favorite, and then get ready for the fun part – the showroom will move the slabs for you with a forklift or small crane with a strong clamp so you can compare your final options side by side. The fabricator will come to your kitchen to measure for an exact template before cutting the stone, and then return with the finished product to complete the installation. In fact, the polished finish highlights the depth of the stone and makes the colors look crisp and vibrant. The polished surface finish is considered the finest finish available. They evoke a relaxed and casual vibe while still retaining the high class character of the elegant natural stone. Therefore, even when treated with a sealant, honed granite is quite susceptible to staining – when spilled on the surface, strongly colored food and drinks can leave stains and lead to dark spots or discoloration. One more thing to keep in mind – fabricators will need to have your kitchen sink in their workshop so that they can cut the stone to match the rim of the sink perfectly.


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These finishes relate directly to what happens to the marble over time and therefore the proper care. I am looking forward to a big before and after reveal – it’s still a little too early. Honed finished does require more frequent re-sealing than polished finishes do. Once the template...