Would love to use this on shower stone tiles, pan and those horrible glass doors/panels! I was looking for a product that would give marble some shine.

Gel spray will cling to surfaces including the most intricate detailed objects.

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Cleans and protects cultured marble, fiberglass, laminates, and acrylic. I am curious if this will also work on a textured plastic shower pan? The smaller bathroom shower is so bad, no one will use it because it makes them feel claustrophobic. The tile in the other two bathrooms looks great, but isn’t as practical. I generally make my own cleaners or use very environmentally friendly cleaners.

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Ideal for glass ceramic shower doors walls wood and most flooring sinks … That’s two steps in my book – it’s not spray on and just wipe off. I hate where water pools up in the corners of the tub and then it becomes discolored and hard to clean. I’ve tried lots of things to clean my shower but with hard water, it looks horrible. Use on all fixtures, shower curtains, enclosures, shower glass, tiles and tubs; not recommended for use on natural marble. And as long as a good quality caulk is used on the initial installation, a leak should be the least of your worries.

Untreated grout lines appeared to have a reddish film over them, likely a result of soap scum and human oil. Pretty much all incorporated into your personal property style sketches and also property beautifying images. One solution to your shower head being stationary is to use a spray bottle full of water or a garden sprayer. I will say this though, if the grout is stained it might be hard to bring it back to the original color.

Removes white hard water scale from chrome, ceramic tile and sink basins. Vinegar is natural and non-toxic, but should still be treated with some care since it’s an acid. For this reason, care must be taken with the spray bottle and cloths – don’t put them down onto natural stone materials. I really need something to clean my shower doors, tub and tiling. I am a natural skeptic, so getting me to try new cleaning products takes a lot of hard physical evidence; which is hard to find.

The bottom line is that cleaning shower doors is a very challenging task, and soap scum is hard to remove without the right ingredients. I cleaned it a 2nd time about a week later and the walls were like new. I did do a 2nd treatment to complete the job but over all it is very good. This would definitely help keep the “pink” out of my husband’s shower. Cleaning out the refrigerator or cleaning the bathtub tile? Great product to use on marble or granite leaves no resodue just a nice beautiful shine. I have new shower tile~honed travertine~and am not worried at all about the solution. If you do the process while showering, be prepared for a strong vinegar smell. Subsequently searching many inspiration shots, colorings, layouts via the web to access comfortable and reliable as required and also desirable.

The outdoor variety has helped me keep our patio and exterior siding looking great. I use it once a week and let it soak for ten minutes and then remove. I would love to try it on our ceramic tile in our kitchen floor. Scrubbing the shower or tub is way more physical than you’d think.

You could definitely see the difference after the cleaning. It gently scrubs like a cleanser yet shines like a fine polish.

Powerful formula easily removes soap scum hard water stains dirt mold and mildew without scratching surfaces. Therefore, in addition to this furthermore can cause rapid immediate depletion of natural resources, and also requires a takes a lot of funds cash. Non-abrasive cleaning agents remove surface oxidation and light scratches while leaving behind a protective carnauba wax coating. This marble cleaner works well on all types of natural and man-made stone surfaces as well as tile, grout, glass, chrome and finished wood. The master shower with cultured marble gets the most use in the house and it is definitely easier to clean and maintain. Also, the mold on only one side of our house (vinyl) is back each year and also on the deck.

Then you can use it as a maintenance product to prevent the mildew or soap scum from coming back. I haven’t found anything yet that gets the grout nice and clean. Also the mold or mildew that shows up in the corners of my shower. It’s one of those molded plastic affairs with molded-in small shelves for soap etc. Preserve your woods floor’s finish and natural glow in one easy step. I tried a few inexpensive sprayers before tossing them all and getting one that works. I hate the builder grade shower, glass doors, trims and caulk. I’m wondering if its possible to keep the tiles and grout clean and mildew free in the long run by exclusively using this. We use a natural bar soap which has oils in it, add this to the mix and you’ve got a film that is a constant battle. Does this work on acrylic shower doors as well or only glass ones? We’re trying to buy a house and it seems like this would help us keep the new bathroom clean. I have not been able to find a natural cleaning product that will remove the mold/mildew and soap scum build-up in our tiled showers or counters. Can this solution be used on grooming shears and blades to remove rust? I don’t like how only a day or two after scrubbing tile grout in the shower with a toothbrush, it starts to turn the horrid orange color. Please change the claims of this being non-toxic and natural. Easy once-a-week application, spray today and rinse tomorrow.

Showers are tough to clean and being efficient is tough these days!! Time that you don’t necessarily have because of a busy schedule with kids, work, etc.

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If you don’t it will just soak back in before you get back to mop it off. But back then only royality had it, and of course they had people to clean those grout lines. Cleans and protects and shines cultured marble, fiberglass, laminates, tile and acrylic. I personally prefer cultured marble for the ease of cleaning. I was just wondering last night how your shower experiment turned out. Spray directly onto surface or onto a damp sponge, soft brush, or cloth. My greatest frustration with cleaning the shower, in addition to the orange stains you mention is the tracks inside the enclosure. This would be wonderful for us since we have many allergies in our family and most of the cleaners affect us negatively. I would use this indefinitely, my husband had the strength to clean the tub and shower. We rent a old farmhouse, the shower is a free standing stall. Is it safe to use the dawn/vinegar solution on the marble or will it pit. It didn’t bother my eyes, and the scent goes away within an hour or two using the bathroom overhead fan and cracking the bathroom window. Give this product a shot especially since you can’t stand up very long in the shower. I sure didn’t want to use it on a large surface and get a scummy look that this product leaves. The grout at the bottom continuously needs cleaning because of mildew.

Named one of the 50 best new cleaning products by family circle magazine. I’m preparing to downsize and need to get this house ready to sell. The jury is still out on this bottle so let me know how it works out for you. The glass gets all soap scummy and the tracks get all nasty with slimey gunk and you can never clean all of the track because the door is always covering some portion of it. It’s formulated with organic acids and biodegradable surfactants. He strongly dislikes our shower as it has nasty white tile and shows every bit of mildew and soap scum to be found for miles around! And then the sliding shower door it’s hard to get that cleaned. You are too funny…not saying anything to your wife…about your adventures in the shower. Also great on brass, chrome, porcelain and cultured marble surfaces. Not only are they unsightly, they get harder to clean over time.

Nevertheless, the employment of generating components really should be also much more selective. We have the option of chosing either and are leaning toward marble for easy maintenance. There are lots of colors to choose from, and it’s also got a sealer in it. Are you tired of disgusting scum or mildew buildup in your shower? It uses surfactants that make it hard for soap scum, mildew, and mold to cling to surfaces. This is a marble countertop cleaner, marble vanity cleaner, marble floor cleaner, marble shower cleaner and marble tabletop cleaner. Good for glass tile stainless steel and chrome bathroom fixtures. I am considering installing either a ceramic tile floor or painting our 2 car garage because either looks great. It’s so discouraging when you see the mineral buildup around faucet handles. Marcia, it did help remove existing mold, mildew, and soap scum. I have a hard enough time keeping the areas of my house that people see clean. Kind of place model by having a minimalist fashion which is expected to blossoms found in 1920, however not even as common now. I did watch the video of you installing the product, and it sure looks like a good solution.

Cleans, protects and restores luster while providing a long lasting protective finish. Brilliant mildew stain then mildew stain remover m armor instant m with instant m. The installer said to apply this every 2-3 months depending upon the hardness of your water.

But if you need immediate results you can spray it on your surface then use a magic eraser to cleanup any mildew or soap scum. My master bath is completely tiled with a barrier free walk in shower due to my disability and we have some of the orangy build up in the grout lines that you talk about. If you use cleaning vinegar there is no need to heat at all since cleaning vinegar (usually 6%, sometimes as high as 12%) is stronger than the typical kitchen 5% vinegar. It would be a blessing to try anything that could help me renew the beauty of my tile shower. This scrub-free bathroom cleaner will revolutionize the way you clean your showers and bathtubs. I just tried this with a generic dishwashing soap and it worked like a charm! I have a 2 1/2 year-old and an 8 month old who keep me very busy, and shower cleaning just isn’t at the top of my priorities! I tried the rejuvenate on small areas of stone, chrome and tile and got the same poor results. I am struggling with very old grout and have been scrubbing like crazy, and my shower door could really use this as well! This simple and inexpensive solution cuts through the persistent film left by soap scum, and it does so with completely natural, non-toxic ingredients. Heating vinegar slightly makes the acid effect a little stronger.

Now that you have your doors squeaky clean, all it takes it a few days a week maintenance. Does this help with cleaning the rest of the walls too, or is it just a glass door cleaner? That’s why this product is way better for us than more traditional cleaners-it doesn’t cause her symptoms to flare. Could this product be used to spray on and wipe off the surface? The powerful proprietary formulation makes rust removal easy and transforms surfaces to like-new condition.

Just make sure to rinse them with water if they’re on the floor as they could get slippery. I have to scrub forever to clean the walls and the bathtub every other day!!!! Using a squeegee after the shower helps a little with the walls of the shower. What’s frustrating is the dirt the man washes from his body and it sprays all over the place. I have tried everything on the market and nothing comes close to touching the crud on those glass doors outside of sanding it off. Peter, thanks so much for letting us know that it works for shower walls too!

The shower gets so much use in all our houses and it seems that everyone is looking for ways to eliminate the headaches that accompany cleaning. I have been using baking soda but it doesn’t work so well on the rust. It doesn’t if the film to be removed has any thickness at all. I am frustrated trying to keep the grout clean in the shower. I just don’t have the time to keep scrubbing the shower. I am a professional car detailer and can guarantee success, all natural products. I have tried everything available in a supermarket, plus all “green cleaners including, bicarb, vinegar, enjos etc. He doesn’t seem to notice, of course, he isn’t the one cleaning the shower. I have always liked shower enclosures a lot, but have always found the glass to be difficult to clean. This doesn’t bother me at all, as vinegar is natural and non-toxic.

My personal favorite is the fact that no matter what you use there always looks like someone came behind you with a water bottle. My poor husband is the one who cleans the shower downstairs, and it does get a lot of mildew. If you’ll use this several times weekly, your shower doors will stay clear and clean, as soap scum will be kept at bay. I followed the instructions in my fiberglas shower and even used a … We also have little shelves built into the walls and everywhere shampoo or body wash sets mildews under them. Any idea how it works on plastic and the metal/chrome of the faucets and shower heads? A cleaner that you spray and let it do it’s magic sounds like heaven, especially if it works! It is so nice to have specific, detailed instructions for this type of cleaning solution. I have not tried this on glass, but it does work on plexiglassacrylic shower doors. But if you’re going to try it on your tiles then spray the vinyl anyway to see what happens. Ok, so, if cleaning the bathtub tile requires more bending, well, you get the picture and there’s your answer!!! I have asthma and most shower cleaners get the best of me even with the fan on and the door open. Under the shower door is a granite threshold and we have small grouted tiles on shower floor. I’ve already bought some to use in the other showers where it is just ceramic tile. The red/orange film accumulates in the hard to get corners. I’m disables so cleaning the shower is hard for me to do. This plant- based formula effectively removes pet odors and stains from a variety of surfaces. Hope you’re getting better and on the road to recovery. Can this mixture sit until the next use or do you have to mix a fresh mix every time you need to clean? I also use the rainx window cleaner from the automotive section and that helps with the build up. I sprayed, scrubbed, rinsed, and repeated twice for each section of the tile and grout. I sprayed and rinsed the inside of my glass shower door about 3 times to make sure to get the scum off. I am sure that another type of mixture would be better for walls depending on the type of material. The light beige grout always looks dirty, even after scrubbing with all sorts of products! I don’t understand why mine doesn’t get pink because both enclosures are fiberglass. I know the feelings you’re having about tile and grout cleaning. Plus, this cleaner is safe for use on acrylic, cultured marble, fiberglass and most ceramic tiles and porcelain. Can this solution cause any problem with granite, ceramic tile or grout? We redid the bathroom several years ago when my father who has a disability was coming to live with us. We also have a tile and grout shower that also has a ceiling of tiles. It cleans and polishes at the same time leaveing a high gloss shine. I tried it in a smaller spray bottle first and was pleased with the ease of use in cleaning. Love how the bath and shower are separate but are in the same wall. I also see a red build up in my shower, and have wondered what caused it. It will save me time, do a fantastic job and not bring on an asthma attack. This seems like a perfectly logical, easy way to keep the shower clean. I was only able to clean about one square foot an hour, regardless of the product used. We have the pink mold problem too despite always running a water softener! I’d love to have this product to help fight that build-up. Shower doors can be tricky to clean, especially when they are mostly glass. Even though we use liquid soap the bottom of the shower has a gray haze over it. Wendy – what is the product that you use on your glass / windows? The untreated tiles, on the other hand, have a slight film on them that you could scrape off with a fingernail.

Recommended by manufacturers of cultured marble and fiberglass. Many different choices given, even though residence is alot more straightforward, nevertheless shows the picture about additional commodious because the arrangement with minimal idea that will carried. It’s great for shining chrome and is fantastic on fiberglass showers and sink tops as well. It also cleans grout and removes hard water deposits and soap scum on stone showers. I did not see any mention of using this product on fiberglass shower surrounds. Cleans and prevents the build-up of soap scum, grime, and oils; cleans mold and mildew stains. Treated tiles look fantastic and have no evidence of any soap film or mildew. Our shower has tile and grout on three sides and a glass door. I don’t have an exhaust fan in my bathroom, the former owner thought that vanity lights were a better use of electricity. I also have a hard time getting the soap scum line out of the kids’ bathtub, maybe this would help? The surround and tub are man-made marble and hopefully this will be the answer to my problem. I know that it is just a matter of time and the stain will be gone. Kaboom cleaned up the kitchen counters, sink, stove, refrigerator, and walls that had grease and grime cakes on them. Spread it over the grout lines and press it in while you’re spreading. Its powerhouse foam spray cleaner removes lime deposits scales soap scum hard water stains and calcium discoloration on grout toilets sinks bathtubs and more. I dread cleaning one of the showers in our house as it has very old tile. My cleaning is now cut in half and my bathroom is clean all the time . I hate the bending over and the reaching and hard scrubbing in the tub/shower. Over time did it remove any mold or discoloration that was previously there? We have hard water and it’s so hard to keep the shower and shower door clean.

High-viscosity liquid detergent for cleaning off residues stains and streaks of epoxy plaster. Cleaner for epoxy residues for porcelain glazed ceramic tile and glass mosaic. That said, thanks for an honest review and taking the chance on this. You can hear it working as this multi-surface cleaner safely cleans tile glazed porcelain surfaces fiberglass and more.

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Do you think this solution would work on the inside and outside of car windshields? Moreover, unlike other better products, water marks remain after rinsing the shower. So do you think wet and forget could work on aluminium windows ?? I have more of a problem with mineral deposits on my shower door and the faucet handle. It is sturdy, comfortable in the hand, and sprays a large surface area with each pull of the trigger. With a broken vertebrae it is difficult to clean the shower appropriately. To say, “..it does so with completely natural, non-toxic ingredients” is grossly misleading (and, some might say, irresponsible). I have a small half-bath and the wide grout and bumpy cobblestone tile are my pet peeves in this entire house! What frustrates me about cleaning the shower is it is a gross and really thankless job. We will be replacing our tub with a tile shower in a few weeks. I have a small hitchen and quot;do not need a case of cleaner quot;. I recommend using a mask if you have allergies or are sensitive to cleaning products. I am a stone professional and tried that product only once – returned it the next day. The red buildup might be combination of moisture, skin oils, and soap. It contains non-harmful abrasive cleaning agents that remove surface oxidation and light scratches, while leaving behind a protective carnauba wax coating. Then using warm water and a cloth simply wipe down the counters being sure to scrub the grout lines as you work.

Mama that doesn’t have time to clean her shower as she should. I will say, what frustrates me the most, is the floor pan and the corners of our shower! This marble cleaner delivers non-acidic detergent and surfactants to dissolve the oils and debris trapped inside pores, emulsifying them and lifting them up and off the surface, allowing them to be wiped away streak-free. Then after waiting 3-4 months we noticed the grime was looking better and better. Yes, it is recommended for use on cultured marble (along with fiberglass). It’s just so tough to keep a shower or tub clean with a family.

No other cleaning was done except for squeegeeing the floor tile. I’m going over gray grout, and this color is a taupe/gray to go with the granite. I received this product for free on smiley360 for free for my honest opinion all opinions are my own . We find it easy to clean and the worries of staining ceramic surfaces are nill. Its unique triple-action formula removes tough stains imparts a super smooth finish and leaves an invisible barrier that repels water and makes cleaning easier.

The instructions only work if you have a very thin film to remove. Then of course he didn’t worry about cleaning to much. I’ll give it a try with this, and let you know how it goes. If the grout is on the floor allow the mixture to sit on it for 20-30 minutes. You can’t use any of the hard core tile cleaners on it because it is a porous stone. I recommend this product as long as you understand that it is a multiple application product unless you have a very thin film to remove. The acid of the vinegar will cause pits in natural stone products. I just spent 2 hrs cleaning the jets from my whirlpool tub. We have a small shower stall with a glass door and a separate claw foot tub that doesn’t get used much. We live in a tiny house with a tiny bathroom and a very small corner shower. No matter what, there is the “water droplet” look. I just leave it on during my shower and wipe it off with my washcloth before getting out. The only surface that it shouldn’t be used on is natural marble because if its porosity. This hardworking formula is specially formulated for use on bathroom surfaces including shower doors tiles toilet seats porcelain countertops sinks and tubs.

Eliminating the oils and debris from your stones pores allows your surface to shine with all of its natural beauty. Its wide spray coverage penetrates and dissolves soap scum. Glass shower doors are notorious for accumulating soap scum buildup. The recommended normal “one step” cleaning for this type of countertop is a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water, which i have made up, labelled and given to my cleaning lady.

Does it also work on vinyl trim on the door that has turned orange? The grout is tinted and most cleaners we have tried have slightly lightenend the grout. Don’t use this mix on granite, travertine, marble, or any natural stone/tiles. This product would be great for the shower as it’s just such a pain to clean; and with four people using it, there seems to be little time when it’s not being used by someone! I have the glass shower doors but have heard from some friends that it works on their acrylic. In addition to soap scum, we have lime and rust in our hard water. There is nothing else on the market that works as perfectly as this. Lastly, my husband uses bar soap and a lot of it and it gets everywhere! This cleaner is safe for use on acrylic, cultured marble, fibreglass, most ceramic tiles and porcelain. I have psoriatic arthritis and have used almost everything in my shower to keep it clean and mold free! Also we have large porcelain tiles on our shower walls ~ think it’s safe for that? With just a couple of hours of work, the floor looks brand new!!! It’s amazing how hard water seams to stick to everything.

Showers are tough enough to clean without extra challenges.https://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/73d83e85-defb-432a-ab4e-c14c5ce85492_1000.jpghttps://www.marble-restoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/73d83e85-defb-432a-ab4e-c14c5ce85492_1000-150x150.jpggenaCleaner
Would love to use this on shower stone tiles, pan and those horrible glass doors/panels! I was looking for a product that would give marble some shine. Gel spray will cling to surfaces including the most intricate detailed objects. Cleaning Marble Shower The Home Depot Community Cleans and protects cultured marble, fiberglass, laminates,...