Multicolor square mosaic tiles come in four balanced color mixes. To commemorate a loved one or beloved pet we offfer porcelain kiln fired beveled tiles that can be affixed to a headstone, marker or urn. They “photo shopped” the floor of the shower using their magic.

Bihar micro-brick mosaic tiles have eclectic textures and patterns on every tile.

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Pick one of our optional frames for a custom mosaic wall artwork ready to beautify indoor and outdoor rooms. Each image can be reproduced either as a single tile or made into any size tile mural.

Maybe you want your companyÂ’s logo installed in the entryway of your business.

Marble Mosaic Tile Murals

Pre made mosaic tile mural install quick tip. Quick little video to show how a mosaic tile mural plaque can be installed to a tile

We have the largest selection of both kiln fired and digital artwork tile murals available anywhere. If you like wine then take a look at our gorgeous red wine tile murals and white wine tile murals. The color of the tiles remain intact over time regardless of weather and will last a lifetime.

Mosaics are cut from marble, granite or tile and embedded in the existing floor material. Here you will find thousands of tile mural selections for kitchens, backsplashes and bathrooms. For kitchen backsplash and walls take a look at our tile murals and accent tiles of fruits and vegetables. Our exclusive robotic fabrication system assembles custom mosaics with more precision and faster than ever – ensuring your mosaic doesn’t effect project deadlines. Our kiln fired tile murals and accents can be used on countertops, table tops and outdoors even around a pool (kiln fired images are products that do not start wtih the number 15). Our company is responsible for many indoor and outdoor tile mural projects that span the globe.

They look great as kitchen wall tiles but they do need careful maintenance because they scratch easily. Images and graphics of all types can also be displayed using decal style graphics on tile pieces. In a nutshell, this material is apt for tiles in your kitchen area. A glass tile backsplash is sophisticated, affordable, and easy to maintain. We are so excited to offer our hand painting on one of the hottest trends for kitchen backsplashes! The mural size is36 x 24 and it consists of24 ceramic tiles6? x 6?. My life’s work and passion is blending art and technology creating tile murals across the world. Your friends will “ooh and ah” over the undulating trapezoid mosaics in this collection. Stone meticulously records the passage of time and plays it back to us through a visual diary of stunning color and texture for your classic tiles. Quarter round tile is used to trim edges surrounds and where tile floors end at … Mosaic tile can be used to create images of any sort for any setting.

The adornment of metope, ground, and because of the mosaic of the specifications of the small, can spell into all sorts of color of beautiful color, gradients and patterns. We are so pleased at how the tile picture we purchased from you really makes our kitchen something special to us. It is composed of all natural marble and can be used for mural decoration. Because of the different textures of each material – stone, metal, and glass – there is a subtle variation in tone from tile to tile that adds depth and complexity to the installation. Their reproductions and their finish work are the highest quality. Mosaic tile murals are the epitome of architectural tile artwork.

Subtle veins and texture make these understated porcelain mosaic tiles a perfect choice for a spa inspired retreat. I found them on the internet and they have competitive pricing. Our typical lead times for fully custom mosaics are 4 to 6 weeks. The mural size is30 x 24 and it consists of20 tumbled marble tiles6? x 6?. A numbered picture template is included with every ceramic tile mural to ensure an easy installation every time! These above installation methods are suggested and based on our own technical experiences. Show off your own individual taste and stye with our decorative wall tile murals and accent pieces.

The process gives the tile a deeper color contrast and durability. Mosaics tiles on the floor add visual interest and style to any room! Add some flair to your fireplace or texturize your shower walls. Each stone is hand cut and then skillfully positioned on nylon mesh. Beautiful ceramic tile mural measuring 18? x 24?, a perfect fit for the bathroom, shower, pool, or outdoors. Supply your own image or choose an image from the other pages on my website that suits your own style . Tips on installation and cleaning can be found on our tile information page.

Pre Made Mosaic Tile Mural Install Quick Tip.

Brittany Anderson, Conde Systems’ tech support spokeswoman, shows how to add digital images to make a small mural using Bison

We utilize the latest in digital technology to print images on marble and ceramic tile as a sublimate process.

Since the area of the kitchen that you will be covering with the backsplash tile is so small, you don’t have to worry about spending a ton of money to change the look of your kitchen, but it can really make a dramatic change. Usually, the tiling surface is usually masked making sure that mortar won’t follow it.

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Glass, as a backsplash tile material, has come on the scene recently.

The type of mosaic material we use depends on where the mosaic will be installed. Everyone knows that a great wine deserves a great cheese so be sure to check out or kitchen tile mural section for the perfect cheese tile mural. Both our kiln fired and digital artwork tile murals can be used as a backsplash behind your stove or sink in the kitchen and as a tub or shower surround for your bathroom. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the tile images and the brightness of the colors. Mosaic tile zero water absorption, making it the most suitable swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen, etc. I wanted to forward a few photos of the both the “bear” kitchen mural and the egret bath mural. Panta square mosaic tiles alternate between solid tones and textured patterns.

Professionalism, kindness, prompt follow up and terrific finished custom product. From dramatic blends to delicately shaded hexagons, from twinkling crystal to chunky marble, these bold mosaics make a statement you canÂ’t take back. Ask about our durable and high maintenance ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplashes and kiln fired tiles for outdoor use and all hi maintenance areas that require heat and scrubbing and are in the sun. I was thrilled how beautiful the colors in the tile brought together the colors in the surrounding areas. Representing the height of natural beauty, these pearly tiles will add shimmer and shine to master bathrooms and powder rooms. We can help with your outdoor tile mural project learn how.

For your kitchen and bathroom browse through our decorative landscape tile murals and see tile murals of lakes, seascapes, woodland scene tiles, streetscene, tuscan tile murals and tile murals of gardens and flowers. They can also turn an unattractive retaining wall into a work of art.

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A photograph of a waterfall that we sent them was transferred onto the back of tempered glass tiles. Maybe you want a glass tile mosaic of ocean life installed in the bottom of your swimming pool. Our company has created hundreds of indoor and outdoor tile murals across the world. These options include mosaic tile murals, hand painted tile murals, decal and silk screen tile murals. I get compliments on it every time someone new sees it in my kitchen.

The final product truly is an inspiration no matter how large or small the project. Try one to liven up your outdoor patio, grill area, pool, or hot tub. It is splendid to decorate the surrounding walls around doors. We present renderings to help visualize how the mosaics or tile murals will look in the floor. These colorful tile murals are perfect for outdoor use because they will not fade in the harsh sunlight and can withstand harsh environments. An important factor when choosing any type of kitchen backsplash is the particular material, durability and ease of cleaning. Glass penny round tiles continue the theme of making an old style new again. Capture the essence of antiquity and modernity in one backsplash!

There is a wide selection of mosaic tile patterns available for use, but you can also create your own pattern and have it custom made. This mosaic would ideally used in shower tiling jacuzzi tiles or swimming pool tiles.

Small pieces of different colors are used to create a pattern or picture. They can be used indoors or outdoors, be part of your kitchen, decorate your bathroom and the bottom of your pools, cover walls and ceilings, or serve as frames for mirrors and paintings. We provide free, project specific samples so you can coordinate finishes impress clients.

Multicolor square mosaic tiles come in four balanced color mixes. To commemorate a loved one or beloved pet we offfer porcelain kiln fired beveled tiles that can be affixed to a headstone, marker or urn. They “photo shopped” the floor of the shower using their magic. Bihar micro-brick mosaic tiles...