Decide on the type of resurfacing material that fits the pool and the budget. We have been exceedingly pleased with the look of these finishes. We can repair your coping or completely refinish your patio. With ultra-strong quartz fortifying the plaster mix, the resulting surface offers tremendous resilience. The pool’s pebble aggregate finish lends the look and feel of white sand to the beach entry yet deepens to an island blue hue as the pool’s depth increases. While white, or anything in the gray spectrum including black is common, exposed aggregate finishes can provide a unique look to your pool. If the coin sticks, allow the surface to dry for another hour or two.

That’s because the blended material creates a slip-resistant surface without exposing sharp or ragged aggregate edges. The pool must be empty and dry before applying the marble dust. The increased cement strength and durability provide a long lasting pool finish.

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If it is not done properly, a potentially great looking pool will have only an average appearance. We will now tie in a steel rebar cage around the skimmer and into the rear of the spa wall. Stone tile finishes are often used to lend a natural look to beach entries and tanning ledges. Australian product, using tiny glass beads set in a polymer modified mortar. It does this by locking up calcium hydroxide, and preventing its reaction with other compounds. The purple plaster gives the pool a deep blue hue, which plays off the deep burgundy red presented in the nearby mountains. We accommodate your style and vision, with space potential and hundreds of re-plastering finishes to choose from. The instructions on the plaster and marble dust tell you how many linear feet each bag covers. Plaster has been used as a swimming pool surface coating for the past 50 years.

Gunite Pool Marble Dust Colors

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Tile pool finishes include ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone tiles. It’s the smoothest, richest and most luxurious surface available, formulated from time proven technology and the earth’s finest raw materials. Here is a wild floor plumbing system we installed to flow enough water to our new 3 hp variable speed pumps while remaining code compliant with what limited space we had. Here we have added our new step entrance to the spa and our new spa floor. We only offer our clients the best quality and highly durable materials. We were not happy with the end result color as it was very light and patchy.

Plaster gives the pool a smooth waterproof finish and provides a non-skid walking surface on the bottom of the pool. These create a smooth surface, although somewhat more “bumpy” than other pool surface types. We sell all types of pavers and stones to give you that unique look. The flecks of colored quartz or granite give the pool finish a decorative sheen and extend the life of the plaster to 12 to 20 years. Notice how all drains are perfectly straight and aligned and all spacing is exact. The most common finish used on gunite pools is plaster and is the final step to complete your pool. With a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and with a stunning appearance, it is an excellent choice for some pools. If all of this choice is overwhelming, you can always just go with white plaster again! Another way to determine if it is dry enough is to toss a coin onto the surface. After the winter , the color above the winter waterline was the shade we wanted but now it looks odd since the top 20 inches is a nice shade of gray and the lower area is the old pale gray and patchy. Plaster is the waterproof coating that is spread on top of the gunite or shotcrete shell of your pool. Above all, a quartz aggregate pool finish will last five to ten years longer than plain marcite! Some foliage is particularly notorious for staining, like leaves with high tannin levels, such as some nut trees and oak trees. A polished colored quartz finish was used to give this tropical pool its brilliant aqua blue interior. It’s among the most visible elements of your pool, and it can affect the appearance of the water color and how the water glistens in the sunlight.

For deep stains and extensive etching, as well as other kinds of serious deterioration, the big gun may be needed: a complete—and costly—replaster of your pool. It is necessary to marble dust your swimming pool when the old finish becomes discolored or worn. Our experienced team can handle any liner change and provide exquisite marble dusting with a wide range of marble dust colors. Beyond its handsome appearance, a quartz pool finish delivers on performance. It strips away a thin layer of the plaster’s marcite material (marble dust) to remove surface stains and some textural abnormalities, such as calcium build up.

This is the “after” picture of the gunite pool after it has received new tile and a fresh new white marbledust. The colors or “specks” help to hide surface imperfections, and can also make dirt and debris less visible on the pool floor. Remove the acid wash solution with an industrial sized mop. The new homeowner decided on a complete makeover of the old spa. This is normal, however on white plaster, a white haze is not noticeable. The following is a step by step guide to making typical pool plaster repairs.

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Our stripping crews carefully remove the old plaster from your pool, leaving the original gunite shell clean and ready to receive the new surface material of your choice. Additionally, the ceramic element in the quartz finish ensures incredible color for a lifetime without fading, bleeding, or chipping. This material can be dyed into many colors or purchased in a specific color and aggregate pattern. They consist of white or colored plaster mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads. Glass tile also has the ability to manipulate and magnify light, which gives pools a bright, clear shimmer no other tile can produce. Darker plaster colors, including deeper shades of grey and black, add depth to the pool and enhance the water’s reflective quality. It doesn&’t change the color or texture of the plaster. Ask your helpers to spread the mixture over the surface of the pool with plaster trowels. While pebbles lead in sales volume, other aggregates like quartz and marble are also gaining more popularity. Gunite is a concrete mixture of cement, sand and water that is pumped through a large hose and sprayed over a metal frame.

This unique interior pool finish is durable, easy to maintain and comfortable to swimmers&’ feet. Jacque works hard to create a kitchen or bath that fits your needs and personal style. With so many colors and textures to choose from in the decorative texture applied to the interior walls and floors of your gunite swimming pool, you’re sure to achieve the look you desire, from simple, smooth and reflective to the truly unique with pebbles for a natural look.

To begin with, this blended finish looks great in any new or existing pool. What it does do, is help preserve your plaster and protect it from etching and mottling. You can take clear photos of the plaster problem and send them to the contractor. Your pool will not look the same as the pictures shown above but will resemble them closely. Plastering a pool correctly is a bit of art and science, and even a good crew can screw it up, leading to a plaster surface much different than what you may be used to. With the right tools, the right�materials, and a little know how, you can repair most small cracks and chips without too much effort. Chip off the old plaster in your pool by using a jackhammer with the flat edge attachment. The surface eventually becomes rough, and stains become more difficult to remove. The pool&’s white plaster finish reflects light around the inside of the pool, creating a brilliant, light blue glow. A pool’s finish will retain its beauty despite years of exposure to sunlight or problems with water chemistry. The old skimmer was in bad shape and it also was installed so that the face of the skimmer was showing inside the spa. It is meant to degrade very slowly, although many factors can affect its appearance and surface softness. Colored quartz additives are very flat and smooth, and the finished surface is likewise. As with polished aggregate finishes, exposed aggregate finishes are hand applied by trained craftsmen. My pool service company is no help even though they sub contracted out the marbled dust work. Rent a plaster mixer and position it near the edge of the pool. Once drained, a powerful muriatic acid is applied to the interior finish. After the aggregate finish is hand applied with a trowel to the pool shell, it is polished to bring out the stone’s luster and create a smooth surface. In addition, the average plaster surface can easily last 15 to 25 years, which makes plaster one of the most economical components of a swimming pool. We don&’t stop there, adding waterfalls and sheer descents is all done by our in house employees too.

Prep entire pool, cut and chip under the tile and remove hollow areas. These are the different shades of blue marbledust the homeowner was given the choice of. White pool plaster is however, the most affordable plaster option you can buy! Or, sanding may be used to buff out a stain or other blemishes, such as eggshell or hairline cracks. A polished marble finish gives this pool a smooth and even luster. Keep in mind, for the most part, these cracks are usually only a cosmetic problem, vs. We are quality specialists and have the expertise of 16 years of the marble dust trade to leave you beyond happy with our work. Applying the marble dust yourself is possible if you rent the correct tools and work quickly. An old, outdated gunite pool can be brought back to look just as good as any brand new pool built today. Variations in hue can occur, and it&’s common for a colored plaster pool to develop a whitish haze over time. After being mined, this mineral undergoes processing that includes permanently bonding colored ceramic to it. A few years later the homeowner decided he wanted a new deck and for his pool to have new rainbow stone coping, porcelain mosaic tile, and a blue marbledust. Then we pour a concrete block around the skimmer so that it stays attached to the spa wall. Its increased performance also makes quartz a bit more expensive than standard plaster, but still less expensive than the aggregate products that are becoming more popular today.

The most popular plaster hues, outside of white marble dust, are light blue, light gray and medium gray. Came out and pulled toilet ( took a whole 5 minutes)and ran his drain cleaning machine 75ft. Another source of unsightly rust stains: garden hoses left in the pool with the metal head touching the plaster, certain backyard children’s toys with metal parts that fall or get tossed into the pool and sink to the bottom. However, because the marcite is blended with quartz, the resulting overall surface becomes more stain resistant—with quartz particles interrupting the stain’s path. Ceramic and porcelain tile are the most popular and least expensive tile pool finish. Plan the marble dust project on a weekend or days when bright, sunny weather is forecast.

Here is the fresh new blue marbledust installed on the pool along with the new mosaic porcelain tile and rainbow stone coping. We have so many options that will surely turn a 20, 10, or 5 year old pool into an extraordinary work of art. The exposed aggregates in the plaster add traction to the pool surface and come in various sizes and colors, which allows for a range of textures and color combinations. Certain flowers, berries, and tree leaves that blow into the pool and sink to the bottom are frequently to blame for a variety of stains—some which form within a few hours. Because quartz goes above and beyond marcite, homeowners should think hard about including it in a new pool or remodel. Tiles are often applied to the pool’s waterline, floor, or steps to provide a colorful accent; they can also be used to finish the total interior of a pool. Apply a second coat of marble dust plaster to the pool surface. New coping, tile, and a fresh marbledust go a very long way towards making your pool look new again. Marble dusting/plaster is all in, and the official refill will begin! These guys were awesome, great sense of

This experience has shown that plaster is a durable surface that can stand up to the environment of proper pool water chemistry. Acorns are another enemy to plaster that creates nasty stains. That creates an unfavorable environment for pool plaster that can lead to a host of problems if not corrected. Whether you want pebble, quartz, beadcrete or traditional plaster we have all the resources to help you make the best informed decision to reflect your style. A plaster surface, in a properly maintained pool, can last 15 to 25 years. We offer simple resurfacing, which takes about 3 days from start to finish. The secret to long life of any pool surface is properly maintained water balance.

Depending on a variety of local factors and your individual pool-water treatment routine, the typical lifespan of traditional marcite plaster is 7 to 10 years. Plaster in good condition is essential for your pool’s overall longevity and durability. Using pea gravel sized river pebbles started as the best way to install a beach front entry, without waterline staining. Rust stains sometimes develop from accessories that contain metal, such as handrails or ladders.

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This type of pool plaster is a timeless choice for gunite pools because after the pool is full of water, the surface becomes a breathtaking clean light blue. Even glass is making in-roads in the aggregate finish industry. Aesthetics, durability and warranty also vary within the finish and color chosen. Colors within each finish are as varied as the names given them by their different manufacturers.

Each custom pool installation project we undertake is given the same amount of care, attention and dedication, just like if we were building our own pool. The problem with colored plaster is that the color may not be uniform. It is an exceptional 98% pure white pool sand that produces and unvaried look that is not marred with impurities. This is usually caused by ground movement and is not covered under warranty by most companies. In addition to the structure of the pool, we also repair and install heating and filtration systems, including solar, gas, and oil heating systems. It’s a mixture of highly refined white cement and crushed marble. Combine the plaster cement and marble dust sand into the plaster mixer.

Marcite starts out bright white, but with colorant, it can be any shade of gray and even other colors. The old marbledust was breaking off in chunks and there were several large holes in the shell of the spa. Wash the pool down with a garden sprayer filled with a mixture of muriatic acid and water. Here we have finished drilling a trio of hydrotherapy jet holes. The only way you can make the pool fancier is to tile the entire interior (which we have never done but look forward to the day when one of our clients wants the ultimate in luxury pools). As you can see the spa was in pretty bad shape when we first arrived. We specialize in coping, tile, marble dust and surrounding pool patios. Blemishes sometimes appear as soon as a few months after your pool is built, or they can show up several years later. Turn on the plaster mixer and then pour the solution into the pool once it combines. If it is not done correctly, trim work will not provide you with the functional and aesthetic quality of a truly fine pool. It&’s not quite as durable as the other pool surfaces with a greater amount of surface aggregate, and it is more susceptible to visible imperfections and staining. A thorough and final cleaning is administered at completion. Each completed pool is a glorious monolithic subterranean monument. In other cases, they will need to come out and assess the plaster’s condition. We use a water cooled diamond bit core drill to go through the concrete walls and steel rebar inside the walls of the spa. Quartz aggregate is engineered to deliver superb color and durability. Then you will start the filter, balance the chemistry and brush the pool plaster daily for about 2 weeks, until the plaster dust is filtered out. The marble dust is applied up to the water line followed by rows of tile of your choice. Our new gunite skimmer that we are installing is recessed behind the spa wall so you can&’t see it. There is no other pool surface on the market with this time tested history. Each stone is individually trimmed and set on a twelve inch footing or on the edge of the deck for support. The problems that plague plain marcite finishes—damaging the surface’s appearance and shortening its lifespan—do not impact a quartz finish in the same way. Using a mixture of concrete, the level of the pool is attained and the walls are smoothed. So monitor any changes in the surface because doing so can prevent larger-scale problems down the road. A dark plaster pool finish is often used to give the appearance of a natural lake or pond. It&’s not done for structural integrity, or to maintain the waterproof barrier, in most cases. A 3:1 ratio of water to acid is sufficient to clean the pool area. We are having our pool replastered and using blue color quartz to plaster. Another reason is that the ceramic quartz aggregate is non-porous; nothing can get a foothold on the material so it will not stain. Though most pools are finished in white plaster, a mixture of white cement and white marble dust, other colors are increasing in popularity and are available at an additional cost. Wait for the first layer of marble dust plaster to dry according to the directions.

Two of the most popular finishing materials are plaster with marble dust or color additives, and exposed aggregate. We work with homeowners and businesses of all sizes to develop solutions expertly tailored to their specific swimming pool needs. I use them on city water too, but not all companies do, if they are servicing the pool also, it doesn&’t seem to be a problem. First and foremost, practice a consistent pool care routine. In addition, if copings are not installed correctly, they will have a tendency to separate from the pool structure at the point where they are affixed. Replastering your pool is done primarily for aesthetic reasons. The quartz aggregate is then blended with traditional marcite (white cement mixed with crushed marble dust) to create the final plaster mix. Stained and dull, pitted and rough surfaces are the usual reasons for resurfacing a plaster pool. Though tile is the most expensive type of pool finish and takes longer to install than plaster and aggregate finishes, it is the longest lasting pool surface.

The color is not just surface coating but continuous through the entire material. Wash down pool, replace main drain cover and immediately begin filling your pool. We will remove all construction materials from your property each day and thoroughly clean all construction debris at the completion of the project. You need not worry that your pool surface will become obsolete. We will provide you with competitive pricing and complete your work in a timely manner. Gunite pools can be constructed in almost any size and shape. White pool plaster is an affordable choice for your gunite pool, and with proper maintenance, will last for up to 12 years.

Much of the existing marble dust was hollow and needed to be chipped all the way down. We offer the following residential and commercial gunite pool services. Your local pool plastering companies may not offer all of these options – some types of plaster are regional offerings. The coping generally makes a greater impression on the finishing of the swimming pool. The floor plumbing system also includes 4 air and water hydrotherapy foot massagers. This ensures that the new marble dust adheres to the surface. Remove all the old plaster by shoveling it into a wheelbarrow and disposing of it. We use only the best white high performance cement and the whitest and purest crushed marble sand available on the market today. After all new spa additions and changes have been completed we install a bond coat on the spa shell so that the new marbledust makes a good bond with the spa and won&’t flake off years down the road. Now its time to cut out a channel for our new gunite skimmer. However, once the application is complete (and while the surface is still wet), the finish is power washed with a mixture of water and muriatic acid to remove the top layer of concrete and expose the colored pebbles or glass beads within. It is important to work quickly while spreading the new marble dust mixture. When a pool is empty, it is like an empty boat- the ground water pushes it up, some pop, others crack or shift. Plaster, being a cement product, is part of the largest segment of the construction industry. A plaster surface can tolerated several of these procedures in its lifetime. When retainer walls are required, they are constructed on previously poured concrete footings. This prevents unexpected rain from delaying the project or ruining your hard work before it dries thoroughly. Just wondering what we should look at for and can we fill the pool right after plastering is done? Because it’s what you see every time you look at your swimming pool and because it acts as a protective layer between the pool water and the structural shell, your pool’s interior plaster finish is vital to both the beauty and integrity of your aquatic retreat. We also can install tile and coping to transform your pool into your personal oasis. Refinishing or resurfacing can extend the life of a structurally sound pool by repairing surface imperfections. The finished color is breathtaking, achieving a soothing and color-intensifying effect. It has come a long way since the “before” picture at the top of this post. With no available room to stand, much of this plumbing system was built hanging up side down. Manual cleaning is a chore, so consider keeping your pool covered when not in use or use an automatic cleaner to help eliminate the majority of stain-causing materials. Available in a range of colors, this material provides a great non-slip surface and an earthy look and feel. Our crews take great care in cleaning and removing all construction materials from your property each day of the project.

Custom colors are available in all aggregate finishes, but medium blue, light blue, black, dark blue and medium gray are still the most popular aggregate colors. While black plaster is sometimes used, a problem with color uniformity, trowel marks and fading make it a more problematic choice.

Pools finished with white marble dust appear blue because the white color allows the blue of the sky to be reflected in the water. Tell them to concentrate on filling any large voids or cracks. We utilize quality experts that have the expertise and experience of the marble dust trade to leave you completely satisfied with our work. Another way that a quartz pool finish outshines plain marcite is with its superior durability. Our thorough preparation of your pool insures that the new surface you choose will properly bond and adhere. Plaster can be done in a wide variety of colors to create any appearance desired. Whether white, colored, or with quartz or pebbles blended into it, plaster makes the pool’s interior visually appealing. One of the most important aspects of the construction of your pool is the installation of the decorative trim.

Before attempting any repairs yourself, consult a professional pool company that specializes in pool remodeling. If they remain unchecked, the damage is often harder to tackle. Another external disruptor to pool chemistry is surrounding landscaping. The joint between each stone is then smoothed, giving it a more defined appearance. Wear safety goggles when removing the old plaster and cleaning off the old surface. Glass tile is impervious to moisture and non-porous, so it does not erode or stain. Quartz delivers a richer color with a multidimensional appearance—vs. As are wear spots in your pool plaster, when the plaster is worn away, and the gunite below the plaster is showing. With proper application and minimal maintenance, tiles should never need to be replaced. Exposed aggregate finishes contain tiny river pebbles or glass beads. Stone tile will also complement pools or homes with a modern architectural style. It also creates a stunning effect where the pool acts like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding landscape or architecture.

Even though they may have the same color marble dust, each will look different due to certain variations in color (i.e. Traditional plaster is the oldest and most common pool finish. Bricks are always placed in the back and front of the wall with a cap on top for the strongest and most attractive appearance. Our long-term employees are the best in the industry and will handle every detail of your remodel with great pride. However they have been known to fade, or the colors may be uneven this is not considered material or labor failure. It has a smooth finish and is slightly upturned to create a good hand grip for swimmers. Gunite’s most common use is in construction of swimming pools. Improper water balance will destroy any pool surface and in many cases, void the warranty of that surface. As time goes on and mistakes are made, a pool surface can become stained, discolored, and/or damaged.


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Decide on the type of resurfacing material that fits the pool and the budget. We have been exceedingly pleased with the look of these finishes. We can repair your coping or completely refinish your patio. With ultra-strong quartz fortifying the plaster mix, the resulting surface offers tremendous resilience. The...