There are more than 80 national chess associations use our chess products for the chess tounament in the world. We will also providing every kind of marble slabs and tiles in quantity.

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Customized services are provided and please feel free to share with us your ideas and it will be the only special your stone treasure and partner of life. Made from optimum quality wood obtained from our trustworthy vendors, the chess boards are applauded for its excellent cut and finishing. Wooden chess boards offered by us are handy and quite commonly used in offices.

About 14% of these are chess games, 1% are other toys & hobbies.A wide variety of granite chess options are available to you, such as wooden, metal, and plastic. The basalt stone bench is just one of our many existing tables and chairs.

What’s more, the lovely outdoor stone table will keep your mind active. If u interest in our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. A wide variety of granite chess set options are available to you, such as free samples.

When not in use the pieces are safely held in the internally padded wooden box.

16×16 Marble Chess Set

Here is a 16 x 16 Red Onyx and Coral Marble chess set. I ordered it off of It comes with the full chess board and all …

The hinged lid makes up the playing board, with a checkerboard of colored stone securely embedded in the wooden frame. In that case, the set works perfectly as a high-quality ornament too. Included documentation about hand-crafted artisan product. Tapping the board has a plastic-sounding feel; wood board frame seems sturdy. It looks mostly like the picture but the quality isn’t quite as good as what the picture shows.

It’s an attractive little set but it smelled so bad. Maybe it was a chemical used in the wood or the lining. We put three dryer sheets in it and left it closed for several days.

When we opened it back up, the smell was as strong as it ever was and instead of the box taking on the smell of the dryer sheets, the dryer sheets took on the smell of the box. We gave up on airing it out and sent it back since no one could stand to be close to it. Very disappointing to have to send it back (and pay the shipping to do so). However, the wood constructed board/box was very poor quality and actually collapsed during shipping. So the set arrived crushed and splintered into pieces.

Perhaps this was a shipping issue, though the construction and materials of the board was lousy. He has just a cheap plastic game to play with. He loves how all the pieces fit back in their own places when you’re done. Got it for someone who is wanting to learn chess but wanted something other than a cheap plastic set. However, there are many other alternate forms of chessmen. In this blog post i’ll be looking at stone chess pieces and sets.

While these sets can be fragile, they are also absolutely fantastic display pieces that can add a great bit of character and flair to any furniture display. Stone chess sets are a favorite of collectors and laymen alike as a great option for a nice, luxurious item that is a little different. The most popular type of stone chess sets are made from marble or onyx. The wide range of options combined with the relatively affordable price makes marble a great option. The different options allow marble to be a great choice for any home display.

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One popular question in regards to stone chessmen is whether or not you can purchase the pieces separately from the board. Most of the time this is unfortunately not possible. Marble chess sets, however, are a bit of an exception. This means there is a solution for all of the folks who have marble boards without pieces or are just looking for marble pieces to compliment the wood, metal, glass, or other chessboard they display in their home. Each piece is different because they are all hand carved. These pieces are still quite obviously traditional, yet charming in their simplicity. These stone pieces are smooth, and very carefully done. Just like the sets, they come in a large variety of color combinations.

This size works well for 1 1/2″ – 1 3/4″ squares.

Unlike wood sets, they are much, much more fragile. A marble or onyx chess piece dropped from a few feet above a marble board could cause them to break. Obviously a drop to a tile or wood floor can do the same. The one saving grace is most of the time these breaks are clean and some superglue can repair the piece – at least in marble chess sets.

Marble replacements, at least, are much easier to come by – we import literally several hundred of these guys each year, so it’s easy to take a piece from another set and worry about getting our own replacement later. However, as it is with any natural material that is hand carved, sometimes a replacement piece is slightly different in color or carving. One final limitation on marble chess pieces are that they are almost all in the same size. The marble chess sets are usually 16″ (although there are one or two 18″ as well). We have some boards (you can see them on the website) but they are stone only with a 1 3/4″ square size. There are a number of colors, but no built in storage options.

Marble Chess Sets Chess House

If you want to get fancy, tile/stone cleaners are available – but we find traditional all-purpose cleaners work fine for marble and onyx chess pieces.

A lot of sets from other countries are highly detailed or interesting, but they’re not from a famous artist or company so it’s hard to value them well. To be honest with you, there are a ton of those onyx sets floating around – they don’t really cost very much because they still make them to this day. Of course, there is some variation – they came in different sizes.

The most common were chess sets around 12 – 14 inches or so. We actually have a lot of those on the website. We used to carry them, but the pieces broke often and we could never get good replacements ourselves.

They’re still made all over mexico and pretty inexpensive, so you might be able to find a replacement set of chessmen on the internet. That way uo have more spares if any others break in the future! If you’re willing to sell those pieces to me and they match my set (the bishop is 3 inches long and the pawn is 2 inches long and they are a rectangular shape with faces on them). Each piece is ceramic and them resin poured over it.My son loves to play chess with his 14 yr. The bishop is 3 inches long and the pawn is 2 inches long. Marble chess sets are best for display and casual, slow games of chess.

So far we’ve helped 109, 358 people find the ideal chess set. The board already has some scratches after the first time playing. I read the review prior to purchasing and did not fully believe them.

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This chess board came beautifully boxed and every piece is beautifully made.
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There are more than 80 national chess associations use our chess products for the chess tounament in the world. We will also providing every kind of marble slabs and tiles in quantity. Customized services are provided and please feel free to share with us your ideas and it will be...