It’s strong, easy to clean and beautiful to look at. One important aspect is the vanity including the vanity top.

The two most important aspects of the vanity top is material and color. Here is our ultimate guide to buying bathroom vanity ops for your home. There are several options you must consider before making a final selection, most notably type of material. Your choice in material shouldn’t be based solely on looks.Here are the most popular bathroom vanity top materials, broken down by their pros and cons.

The natural stone is loved for its overall attractiveness and dramatic beauty. It’s available in a nearly limitless variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

Each slab of material has its own individual hues and patterns.

If you find a granite you love, reserve that specific slab. In addition to overall beauty and variety of options, granite is also notable for their hardness.

These countertops are durable and scratch resistant. Granite ise also resistant to heat and humidity . The only real downside to granite is the price. Their combination of beauty, durability, and desirability mean they’re one of the most expensive options around. Yet the high upfront cost pays off in the long run. Not only does granite last just about forever, but they also add resale value to your home. Hire a professional contractor to install your granite vanity top – the material is heavy with a high chance of breaking if handled improperly. Though quartz is a naturally occurring material (one of the most abundant on earth), quartz only contain about 95% quartz. The other 5% is constructed from a variety of pigments, resins, and recycled materials, depending on the specific manufacturer. The top benefit of quartz is its natural durability. Unlike granite, quartz is naturally waterproof and doesn’t require sealing. The material is also resistant to stains and bacteria. Most quartz has a clean, contemporary look. The fact that they’re engineered, however, means there is a remarkable variety of colors and patterns available. Quartz is just about as expensive as granite. The only other drawback to quartz is that the edges can easily chip. Opt for a rounded edge treatment to counteract this problem. The most common patterns are white with streaks of gray (pictured above) or almost black with streaks of white, though there are dozens of options available. In fact, marble taken from different quarries contains different amounts of minerals.

These enable each quarry to produce marble that’s slightly different from any other in the world. People love marble for its stylish elegance. In the bathroom, these countertops have long been a symbol of wealth and luxury . Though marble is still very expensive (even more so than granite and quartz), they’re a little more affordable than they once were. The large variety of marble vanity tops and its classic looks make the material a perfect choice for just about any style of bathroom.

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The main drawback to a marble is that its prone to staining and scratching. Both stains and scratches can be honed or polished out with special cleaning products.

They come in the widest range of patterns, colors, and styles of any countertop material available. A highlight of using this material are the options for integration. You can integrate your solid-surface top with your sink and backsplash for a seamless look. Custom inlays and custom lighting are additional options.

Though solid-surface vanity tops are resistant to water, bacteria, and stains (no sealing is needed), they’re susceptible to heat damage as well as scratches.

Scratches to this material are also more visible than on others.

Solid-surface requires professional installation and are relatively expensive. Concrete is notable for their modern look. They look great in modern and contemporary style bathrooms . Most concrete countertops go through a custom fabrication process.

This gives each slab a unique look that’s all its own. Concrete tops are available in numerous varieties.

These include different tints and textures.

Stone chips are often added for a different look. New manufacturing processes can even create concrete styles that mimic natural stone. Pouring concrete gives it incredible shape-shifting abilities.

You can request a concrete vanity top in a nearly endless array of forms and styles.

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You’ll get the exact shape, size, and dimensions required. Better yet, modern concrete is surprisingly lightweight. Still, they retain the extreme durability concrete is known for. It’s important to note that concrete requires regular maintenance. Waxing and sealing are necessary because of the material’s porous nature. Tile comes in thousands of interchangeable options . Each tile material is available in a nearly endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Your vanity top can be further customized with individual patterns.

Use a tile for a subdued and sophisticated look, a bright and loud look, or something in between. Ceramic tiles are also a good option for backsplashes, shower/tub surrounds, and many other features in the bathroom. Tile is one of the most affordable options.Better yet, individual tiles can be replaced as needed, extending the life of your countertop. Ceramic tiles are also heat, stain, scratch, and moisture resistant. The one catch is that mildew easily grows on the grout between tiles.

This is pressed to more plastic, particleboard, or plywood for a durable base. Laminate is available in a vast variety of colors and patterns.

Though laminate has been used as a vanity top material since the 1960s, it’s come a long way since then.

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Instead of the garish colors and visible seams common in the 60s and 70s, modern laminate is quite stylish. Some of the best mimic stone or wood finishes for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. In fact, laminate is one of the cheapest bathroom vanity top materials.

The only real downside to laminate, other than not having the glamor of other materials, is that they often thin or dull over time. When damaged or worn out, the entire top must be replaced. If you want your bathroom to look hip and exciting, then a color-infused recycled glass vanity top might be your best bet. These consist of shards of recycled glass pressed together into a shape with cement or resin binding everything together. Every single recycled glass top is different. Tons of colors and patterns are available to choose from. Vanity tops made with larger shards work perfectly in a contemporary bathroom. Countertops with ground shards look more solid (similar to solid surface bathroom countertop). Recycled glass is notable for their resistance to heat and scratches.

Their downside is their susceptibility to chipping, staining, and cracking.Though butcher block is popular on kitchen counters (for its food production benefits), it’s yet to make a big splash in bathrooms.

The main highlight of butcher block is the natural beauty. You get more warmth from butcher block than any other vanity top material. Butcher block is created with several strips of hardwood glued together. The downside to butcher block is that it scratches and stains easily. Proper sealing is essential to prevent these issues.

Sanding and refinishing butcher block is possible to repair minor damage. Stainless steel for vanity tops is trending. Different shapes and finishes give the surface a unique look. Pair a stainless steel bathroom countertop with a stainless steel sink and backsplash for a uniform look across your bathroom. Doing so looks great when combined with contemporary lighting, fixtures, and accessories.

Expect a stainless steel top to last 15 to 25 years minimum in a kitchen, and even longer in a bathroom. An additional benefit is just how easy stainless steel is to clean. It’s not porous, so bacteria don’t have anywhere else to go when you wipe your vanity top down. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to stainless steel is that they dent and scratch easily. Another disadvantage for some is its high price. Stainless steel isn’t necessarily expensive, but the high-quality type you want for your vanity top certainly costs a pretty penny. The wood used is most often reclaimed from a barn, factory, warehouse, or similarly old structure. The age of the wood gives it a unique life, boosting its rustic appearance.

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It’s a warm, welcoming material that looks great in many bathrooms.

Those that select reclaimed wood usually do so because it’s a sustainable, environmentally friendly option. Its unique appearance is another highlight. The weathered wood looks so much different than most sourced wood. Finally, reclaimed wood is strong, stable, and sturdy. Unlike vanity tops made from newly sourced wood, reclaimed wood has already expanded and contracted due to humidity and settled into a stable shape. The big hitch with reclaimed wood is its scarcity. And its scarcity combined with its popularity means it’s a very expensive material. The other downside to reclaimed wood’s high price is the number of shady retailers trying to make a quick buck from it. Make sure to buy your reclaimed wood style from a reputable dealer, so you know that it’s not sourced wood being illegally passed as reclaimed. They’re available in numerous colors, hues, patterns, and finishes for a unique finished product. Other benefits of porcelain as a bathroom are its easy maintenance as well as its strength and resistance to chipping, scratching, cracking, and heat. Another nifty benefit of porcelain is it’s one of the only materials you can lay directly over an old countertop instead of replacing it altogether. Like all materials, porcelain has its downsides.

Chief among these are that it’s expensive and requires a professional installation job. The material, lava stone , is extracted from the sites of ancient volcanic eruptions.

The stone is then cut to individual order (so make sure your measurements are correct). Lava stone is easy to install once sink openings, and other cut-outs have been made. They’re strong enough to resist chipping, cracking, staining, and heat. Lava is far and away the most expensive material commonly used for bathroom vanity tops.

Created with synthetic materials (most often cured epoxy, acrylic, or polyester resin), your top can be customized to your needs and preferences.

Resin styles are available in a wide variety of colors, hues, and patterns to mesh with your bathroom style. They are resistant to scratches, heat, and stains.

They’re also non-porous, making them a sanitary option. The final benefit of resin is its low price. They’re one of the most affordable materials available.Along these same lines, paying more for resin almost always nets you a stronger, more durable, higher quality product. Despite its great looks, bamboo isn’t usually your best option. Though it is one of the eco-friendliest options, it lacks strength and durability. Compared to other materials, bamboo is the most easily stained, scratched, and scorched. Moisture can warp bamboo and cause it to change color over time. Simply put, bamboo is better for show than actual use, although their beautiful looks make them a surprisingly popular material in many homes.

Combined, these give your bathroom vanity its overall aesthetic appeal. For a more modern look, try a floating vanity. Their dimensions are largely dictated by the size of your bathroom and the size of your cabinets/vanity. Make sure to double-check and triple-check your measurements before ordering. However, many materials come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and hues.

Adding a finish can mix things up even more. Choose a color or pattern that works well with the rest of your bathroom décor for a put-together look. The edge treatment you choose is largely based on your preferred look and style. However, a rounded edge treatment also helps prevent chipping on certain materials.

Installing a bathroom vanity top isn’t always difficult, depending on the material. You’ll want to for sure hire a professional contractor if you’re installing granite, concrete, solid-surface, or another heavy material. If you regularly use a hair iron or other hot tool, you need heat-resistant tops.

Non-porous materials are best if you commonly use makeup, fingernail polish, or lotion. Non-porous materials are also ideal for bathrooms used by kids since they don’t harbor harmful bacteria. If you only live there for a few years, a cheaper material might be the best bet. If you know you’ll be there for a decade or longer, it might be best to invest in a durable, long-lasting material. Also note that certain materials, while expensive, can add a lot of resale value to your home. Don’t mind providing a little regular maintenance now and then? The cost of labor for hiring a professional contractor to install a vanity top is likewise varied. The cost of labor depends on the material used and the complexity of the project. For instance, installing intricate tile patterns costs more than installing a tile all of the same color and sizes.

The durable stone resists stains and lasts for years.

The surface is heat-resistant, eliminating worries about hot curling irons.

The surface is a practical choice, as it won’t be damaged by water or heat. It withstands heat, stains and scratches.

Since our products are man-made, appearance is completely controllable.Pre-drilled drain and faucet holes make plumbing installation fast and foolproof! Available standard and custom lengths ensure a perfect fit with standard or custom faucet cut-outs to meet your specific needs.

The high-volume discount we receive is passed onto our clients and service advantages to you, natural stone becomes a realistic alternative—without the time hassles and high price! Custom vanity top sizes are also available in widths up to 87″ with depth options of 19-1/4″, 22-1/4″ and 25″. Tops are shipped in a protective box along with installation materials and instructions.

It's strong, easy to clean and beautiful to look at. One important aspect is the vanity including the vanity top. The two most important aspects of the vanity top is material and color. Here is our ultimate guide to buying bathroom vanity ops for your home. There are several options...