But acidic foods and drinks etch marble countertops leaving dull spots all over creating extra maintenance. Luckily, if you want marble countertops but not the maintenance problems, you have alternatives.

But kitchen countertops need to be functional and the extra maintenance of marble is irritating to most homeowners.

It’s a good one to take a peak at in your local stone warehouse. This test will tell you how absorbent (prone to staining) the stone is and if it is sensitive to acids like marble. The veining does tend to be dense and the color is usually a touch on the gray side.You may even see it called “granite” instead of quartzite. We see this with granite, marble, and all natural stones.

Names of specific varieties are not always strictly applied and you may find wide variation in the look of any stone with the same name or stones that look identical but with different names.

Looking for a specific color name is a good place to start, but ultimately the name doesn’t matter. You want to hunt stone warehouses for a slab with the color, tone and pattern you like regardless of the name. More likely is that a marble slab was mislabeled as “quartzite” since they can look very similar.

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But again, this is probably how you’ll discover that you have marble and not quartzite. To pick the perfect quartzite slab perform the lemon juice test as noted above to weed out those that etch. The color / pattern won’t show through as much as a polished surface, and a honed finish is more prone to staining, but etch marks are less visible. Install it polished and learn to restore etch marks.

A polished finish is very stain-resistant, but etch marks are more visible. Carrara marble alternative countertop materials presented above. Any etching can be repaired by gently rubbing with fine furniture grade steel wool. The etching and staining is unsightly on a polished finish. All the high maintenance so much work, gimme a break. It can’t be repaired like natural stone, it has to be replaced. Good luck with the warranty department on that and it’s more expensive overall. Everything you hear or see is based on a polished finish. We started out being very careful in cleaning and polishing it but then got too busy (or lazy). The granite took on darker shades in high use areas where it is stained. You don’t even realize it at first until you look at low use areas (like corners or under appliances) that are much whiter and brighter. There isn’t a stain, scratch, mark or chip anywhere. And our family with 3 kids is extremely hard on our kitchen. Granite is a natural stone and thus has a lot of variation. You may have gotten a bit lucky with yours, sealed it well and have cleaning habits that don’t let spills sit for too long. It has a very obvious ‘repeat’ pattern unlike natural stone, it has none of the shine of granite or marble (but much more a synthetic sheen like laminate), it feels warm and artificial (like laminate). It is and it looks man-made, not natural. It’s considered entry-level granite, but it’s not boring like other types of granite in the same category – the gray and sometimes dark purple veins give it character. Kashmir also absorbs liquids like a sponge. One of a very few granites that just should never be installed since it will stain so easy.


Many like the look, but it’s a bad choice. If you are looking for an option of a granite stone that looks like a white marble, then you have quite a lot of options to choose from in the market. According to the marble slab suppliers , most of the people opt for the granite option as it offers more durability and strength, while offering the best of looks.

When you opt for a stone for the kitchen, you have to keep in mind that it should look spectacular while giving you the functionality at the same time. As you get the countertop done for once, and it is not something that you are going to do every year, you must pick the best option for your kitchen. It is more towards a grey tint so it might not be of everyoneÂ’s liking. However, the darker shade may give you a more granite like pattern and it is always a good idea to look at all the shades that are available before you make your final choice. Before you choose the countertop, always take the lemon juice test on the slab of the stone that you are choosing. This will let you know that how absorbent the stone is and how much sensitive it is to acids.

We educate our customers on the different kinds of stones and their pros and cons, before you make a product choice. White river granite. …we have a winner!! One of the more classic marbles, it can be used in almost any setting. Place hot pots on a trivet, not directly on the countertop. Protect your fine cutlery by using a cutting board, not cutting directly on the granite. Your granite countertop is an investment in your home and protecting the granite countertop from food and drink spills will maintain the brand new appearance indefinitely. DonÂ’t use non-recommended, abrasive or acidic cleaners.

A subtle spark that sets off the whole room. The rich history of this magnificent stone helps make it one of todayÂ’s most popular choices when it comes to marble. ItÂ’s marked with a heavier grey vein, which may be darker or lighter, and may even cover the entire stone. WeÂ’ll show you why the desire for this lovely material has stood the test of time. You got a good point of views, lots of ideas and information about carrara marble. Now a days orizzontale marble is also in great demand.

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But acidic foods and drinks etch marble countertops leaving dull spots all over creating extra maintenance. Luckily, if you want marble countertops but not the maintenance problems, you have alternatives. But kitchen countertops need to be functional and the extra maintenance of marble is irritating to most homeowners....